365: Artist and Writer

Within 365 days, this journal will be used,

Mostly to write something about us,

My Artist, my lover, my darling tiny muse.

I would write about us, maybe not every day,

But I would write every time you made my day.

Yours will be the name that this journal will remember,

About your smile, your frowns, your cute changing demeanor.

365, it will contain the scribbles and snippets I write for you,

Maybe not every day, but something that’s always about you.

And when we meet, within this 365 days, I will not write,

I would give you this journal, your arts will make it bright.

Your sketches, your doodles, even your snippets too,

I want you to engrave in this journal a little part of you.

So, within 36 days, this journal will be used,

To be the remembrance of our year together

A journal between an Artist and a Writer.



the ugly writers

This is Ma. Cristina Romero’s entry for the 2019 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Journal Giveaway.