I used to write a lot. Like a lot a lot. Poems, stories, blog posts, and basically anything that I could think of. Over the years, I’ve accumulated notebooks scribbled with words and more words. None of my friends and family knew about this but I used to join online writing contests and even won some of them. I kept most (if not all) of my writings private. I guess being homeschooled and having so much time on my hands gave me the liberty to express myself through writing. That’s where I expressed myself best, anyway.

Then college happened. I stopped writing creatively in my freshman year (except those required by the school). I got busy with this new world I was in, I had no time to stop and write about it. After graduation, I thought I would write again, but I didn’t.

Six years of hiatus is a long, long time. I think it’s about time to take up my pen and write again. Maybe having the CBTL 2019 journal would give me that extra push and spark the desire to actually go about it. Here’s to hoping that I would finally be able to write creatively and faithfully for the next 365 days 🙂



the ugly writers

This is Arvie Norella’s entry for the 2019 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Journal Giveaway.