I wish I could be the Sun
To light up the path of men
And my rays quicken their race to success
I wish…

I wish I could be the moon
To be the  light in their dark moment
And my fluorescence give men the essence to smile
I wish…

I wish I could be the stars
To be the guide that lead men home
And my illumination give them inspiration to move on
I wish…

I wish I could be the cool gentle breeze
To be the humidifier that cool their temper
And my sphere of solitude give them the atmosphere to think
I wish…

I wish I could be myself
To dish freedom to the captives
And by my impact thousands will pass the test of time
I wish my wish, your wish, our wish.

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Johaifah sharif

Johaifah M. Sharif, CIV192, Art Appreciation, Lights, MX

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