It’s the time when you thought
you’ve got everything.
But when you open your eyes,
you’ve actually got nothing.

Its when everything
seems so perfect.
But in reality,
It was all in a dream.

Just when you thought
someones’ gonna make you happy.
You’d realize
it was all just a game.

I keep wondering
was it just me?
Or was it you and me
should be blamed for challenging the “fate”

I almost believed
it was perfect.
But towards the end,
One thing was gone: Respect.

I almost gave in.
Another time wasted.
I should have not believed.
For you are just make-believe.

Perfect in my heart may be,
You’ve got me so damn crazy.
I should’ve just played
fairly in your game.

And never believe
in any word, you’ve said.
I thought it was perfect.
Yes, it was! Almost.

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