What are We?

What are We?

In the start, I thought I knew,
I wasn’t even expecting things from you.
I used to go here,
You used to go there.

We’re different from each other
Yet, we are so fond of each other.
Part of me hopes its real,
But can’t even admit what I feel.

What am I doing
What were you proving?
Why so charming?
I never saw it coming.

I see someone so true
Every time I’m with you
You’ve never held my hand,
But hey, you’ve captured my heart.

Late night talks,
Late nights strolls
A movie
And early morning walks.

What are we?
What could this be?
I know it’s wrong.
Can’t help but sway with your song.

Please help me see,
What are we?
What could this be?
Anyhow, Thank you for making me happy.

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