Sorry My Future Me

Sorry My Future Me

Dear Future Me,

These past few days I have always thought of quitting because there’s nothing going on in my way. I feel so depressed because I can’t understand a little thing and all I know to stop this is to quit it. I felt that this is not for me that maybe something out there really suits me and not this. This is really hard, should I quit? I am sorry my future me for disappointing you.

But then, I reflect everything from the start and boom! It slapped me real hard. There are people depending on me, supports me and who believes that I can finish this course. My mother who works hard to support my needs and all I have to do is to study hard. The course is not difficult, it is me to blame because I always find it hard without trying. I don’t understand even a little thing because I don’t put any effort to know and study on it. And quitting should not be an option to take, because that will only make you a loser.

I will study hard not for me but for my mother and my family who believes in me. I won’t quit because that’s not what a real woman would do. I will take chances and opportunities. Double my effort and focus on my goal, because I know in the end There will be a sweet fruit in all of my efforts.

I may disappoint you now but I will not fail you my future me. See you!

Sincerely Yours,


Marian Lourd Asinas

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