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I don’t want to be temporary

Sometimes, we feel unwanted by the people we hold dearest to us. It sucks to feel unimportant. Temporary.

Sometimes, we feel unwanted by the people we hold dearest to us. It sucks to feel unimportant. Temporary.

I don’t want to be temporary

I do not know where should I go.
I do not have a permanent spot on your side.
I do not have a permanent time with you.
I do not have your big hug.

I hate this feeling that I’m just temporary.
I hate that you don’t have the right to fight for me.
I hate that I’m asking for your attention.
I hate when I feel your hugs were fake.

You just do all the temporary care because you want to show to everyone that you love me. But deep inside I was a barrier of your happiness.

Don’t feel so bad because of me
It’s your choice,
You love him but you have me.
Sorry for having me.
Sorry that you feel uneasy to move.
Sorry for having a daughter that was unfavorable of the things you wanted.
I’m so sorry.


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  1. Don’t feel sorry. It’s not your fault. All that matters right now are the people who accepts you and who will always be there when you need them, just as you are there for them.

  2. We don’t need anyone to actually outshine the path towards knowing ourself because knowing oneself is a challenge on how we people should understand the meaning of being independent on what we can and cannot donor provide.

  3. Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If you quit, however, it lasts forever.

  4. Don’t beg for someone’s life, just wait for the time that their will be a person who will truly with you forever

  5. Do not fit ourselves to the things we’re not really deserve to be at.

  6. Know your value. Claim your worth. Work hard and then stand up in what you’ve earned. Be unapologetic about your dreams and your accomplishments. It’s only out of your reach if you believe it is. <3

  7. Sometimes you don’t need to push yourself to someone who don’t want you. If your in a not so healthy relationship, it is okay to stop it already before it gets worse. hihi

  8. There is nothing permanent in this world. No one wants to be a temporary but we don’t have a choice. Don’t settle to a person who made you feel unworthy, wait for the person that will stay.

  9. Trust in God’s plan, he just showing you the hard way because he knows that you can do it. Even better plan is coming to you just wait and just trust God.

  10. Most of the times those people whom we love the most are the ones who hurts us the most. Because of our emotions and feelings towards them, when they turned out to not reciprocate our feelings, we ended up being disappointed and hurt.

  11. “Every flaw, scar, or mark you may have adds to your beauty.”
    -Raheem DeVaughn

  12. No one wants to be someone else’s temporary, cheer up. Be patient because there’s no too much with the right person. ✨

  13. It hurts to be temporary… But what makes life a challenge is how you see and experience it and seeing something good in it… Cheer up!

  14. What matters here is there’re people who accept you as a whole and you should give your attention to them.

  15. In the right time, everything will make sense. The pain, the sadness, and everything that caused pain in your heart.

  16. Hope to find your happiness. There’s so many people out there that will care and love you truly.


  18. No one want to be a temporary and also don’t say sorry to them. It’s not your fault.

  19. Don’t feel sorry about yourself… We are all worth it. No matter what!

  20. [Immarence Del Castañeda] [ESE191] Rule of Thirds [MQ2] Rule of thirds, color, moment, bokeh.

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