I don’t want to be temporary.

Published by Fatima Mae Mendoza on

the ugly writers

Sometimes, we feel unwanted by the people we hold dearest to us. It sucks to feel unimportant. Temporary.

I don’t want to be temporary.

I do not know where should I go.
I do not have a permanent spot on your side.
I do not have a permanent time with you.
I do not have your big hug.

I hate this feeling that I’m just temporary.
I hate that you don’t have the right to fight for me.
I hate that I’m asking for your attention.
I hate when I feel your hugs were fake.

You just do all the temporary care because you want to show to everyone that you love me. But deep inside I was a barrier of your happiness.

Don’t feel so bad because of me
It’s your choice,
You love him but you have me.
Sorry for having me.
Sorry that you feel uneasy to move.
Sorry for having a daughter that was unfavorable of the things you wanted.
I’m so sorry.


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Don’t feel sorry. It’s not your fault. All that matters right now are the people who accepts you and who will always be there when you need them, just as you are there for them.