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Every now and then, we will definitely mess up and pick the wrong decision. Life is all about choices.

Life is all about choices.

Some things don’t just happen. It’s a cumulative result of our actions, a result of free will. We will definitely mess up and pick the wrong decision. Not all of our choices will be right, and there will be situations where we have to choose right and make it better.

Our actions, words, and decisions will have an equal reaction. Being good doesn’t guarantee you will be treated the same, but stay good anyway.

We can’t value people because they are worth it, but we value them because of love. But don’t let that goodness in you be abused, let your goodness radiate love and kindness. Love begets love they say, but love is giving, without expecting anything in return.


Editor’s Notes: Choices is an encouraging short essay by the newcomer but equally talented Sharri Shen. Look forward to more entries from her this July for the theme Breaking Boundaries, only here at The Ugly Writers.

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the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers

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Sharri Shen
Old school.
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John Angelo Baisa

Life is all about choices, so whatever the result is you must continue to paved the way whatever happens

Deniece Irish Nicole Macaraig

For me, choosing something is not actually about determining whats right, because sometimes wrong choices bring us to right places.

Gio Macalino

“we can’t value people because they are worth it, but we value them because of love” SO TRUEEEEEE

Vincent Tolentino

wow cool poem thanks for sharing

Kean Nehemiah Pascua

Every choice we made are faced with different consequences, may it be good or bad we, we should strive to break through 😉

Giovannie Antonio

life is a matter of choice, but you must face the consequence of your actions.

Danielle Beatrice Permejo

Its really hard to make choices that is why we need to think of it before doing 😊

Prince Cortas

Nice one

Immarence Del Castañeda

correct, very inspiring 💕😍

Jein Rex Narvaza


Judith Ramores

something that i can reflect ❣️

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