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You are your own hero. You are a wildflower. You would always bloom no matter how much the storm tries to destroy you.

Don’t become small for people who refuse to grow. Always choose to bloom

The past few months have been a storm; a nightmare that I never thought I would experience. But what I learned in that pithole is resiliency.

Some things are your fault, some things you just screw up and you have to pay for the rest of your life. But then again you don’t stay in the pithole, you rise above and fix yourself. Sometimes life leaves you not much of a choice because it is not fairytale and reality is not a garden full of flowers. You will be wounded with thorns and eventually get used to the pain until it numbs you. When everything else is falling apart, you have to hold on to even the tiniest ounce of faith just to pull yourself together.

The key is, you don’t dwell on people who spend tons of their time pestering your life and vulturing every single failure you’ve done and forgetting the million things you did right. Think about this, if they have all the time throwing useless critiques behind your back, maybe the problem is not really with you but within them. People can’t be happy for others if they aren’t happy themselves.

So darling, hold your head up high because you are doing a great job. The mere fact that every single day is a battle you defeat is enough. Recognize your small wins and at the most, all the people who never doubted you even in that split second you faltered. You are your own hero. You are a wildflower. You would always bloom no matter how much the storm tries to destroy you.



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Kea Ortega
Full time medical student and part time fashion blogger from Manila, Philippines. I've been blogging since I was 14 years old. I've gone through friendster, multiply, tumblr, and now blogging at
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Shulamita Rivera

“You are your own hero” thank you for writing this. thank you for the reminder. 🙂

Danielle Beatrice Permejo

Thanks for giving me an inspiration

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