Let go and walk away

Let go and walk away

When can you tell when it’s already time to let go?

Can you really tell that “now” is a perfect time?

Can you tell yourself when are you finally ready? Here’s the truth, you can never tell when is the right time to let go.

To make careless and selfish decisions is part of growing up. You let yourself fall into a pit and somehow love being trapped in its madness. You play the game and hold your cards because, at the end of it, you know how to get yourself out from the mess you began. But what happens when you loved the game too much? You even fell in love with the sight of yourself losing because emotions came kicking in and it wasn’t even part of your game plan to begin with.

You denied yourself of emotions that people insisted you had from the very start. You kept feeding yourself lies just to satisfy your hallucinations that you’re not really investing feelings to this game you play and still went on with it. And when it’s time to call the game over, how do you let go?

Why not let go from the moment it ended?

Because even though things came to an end, you succumb every ounce of possibility that maybe it wasn’t a game. Hoping that somehow half the time you were in it with him was real because it was to you. You were playing the part wanting it to be real even though at the back of your mind it will never be. You settled for less because less is all you’ll ever have compared to the real thing of being in a real relationship.

And for every day, week, or month that you decide you’ll move on, date other people, you find yourself going back to square one; wishing that it was still him. You find yourself giving parts of you to everyone you meet but can never fully give anyone the parts you gave him. You’re there, waiting, every night, that maybe he will miss you and give you a random text at wanting to patch things up, until you’re waiting for hours that turned to days, to months, to never.

You let yourself wait for things that can never be yours. And now that you thought of all the possibilities of your happy ending and all other make-up stories that will never happen between you and your imaginary prince charming, you get exhausted of reality. And this is the time to let go and walk away.

When you see yourself acting like a fool, watching his life go on perfectly without you there, stalking every facebook post, instagram story, and reality kicks you straight in the face knowing that he moved on. So why can’t you?

You have walked away many times, even ran away from every bad decision, leaving this one behind will surely ease off the burden from your shoulders and most especially your heart. Your heart that you kept locked in the arms of someone who didn’t even care for you. The harsh reality is he is not to be blamed because he played his cards right, and you cheated yourself with lies of your own feelings.

Now, it’s time to walk away because you find yourself worthy, not in his eyes nor in the eyes of others, but worthy in your own eyes. You look at the mirror and realize that you are capable to be loved without putting up someone in such a goddamn game.

It is time to let go and walk away when you find yourself capable of loving your flaws and stop finding ways for people to see reasons why you are deserving too.


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Kea Ortega

Full time medical student and part time fashion blogger from Manila, Philippines. I've been blogging since I was 14 years old. I've gone through friendster, multiply, tumblr, and now blogging at www.keaortega.blogspot.com.


Micca Ella Tuiza

It is not easy to let go the feelings and person that caused us too much happiness to the point that we became addicted to it. Many people can’t let go to the cause of their pain and that’s because they don’t want to stop it, they don’t want to choose themselves more than it. When you fell in love you became blind on your partners flaws, and as time passes by you discover and understand the real him/her but because of the time you already spent together for example is your relationship already took 8 years and even your partner used to abuse you, you don’t care anymore to it because you used to it already and you are scared to start all over again to other person and repeat the same cycle that’s why you just act like everything is normal, nothing to worry in you which is very wrong.

A relationship that does not seek improvement and growth in each other is not healthy so better think about on the person you are with today. If he says he loves you, he should be prepared to change his bad ways and vices for the betterment of your relationship, do not let him manipulate you. Both of you are different individual that have different identity and if one of you choose to not cooperate then let him be. You must train your mind to be stronger than your heart, because a toxic relationship would never reach your goals. So better reflect about it if 5 or 10 years from now, he/she is still the man or woman you want to marry and build your life with forever.

Reymart Bien Octa

Learn to love yourself first. Don’t set expectations that will make you regret later. It is okay to think about the person you loved, but don’t let yourself lurk into them that will change your personality. Be positive and ask for guidance from your family and friends.

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