To the girl I have forgotten

To the girl I have forgotten

To the girl I have forgotten


Hey you,

I know life has been tough on you. All the mishaps, unfortunate losses, mental breakdowns, even though you think you deserve those, you don’t. Everyone deserves happiness. Sorry for forgetting how to be happy. Sorry for being too hard since the day he left. You didn’t deserve to feel worthless. Please stop basing your own happiness on people’s petty judgment. Give yourself a chance to feel again, to love again. Stop building these high walls. Start to trust again. Don’t push every single person that attempts to make you feel that you are important too. Be content with what you have and give yourself a chance to be free. I know most times you pity yourself but I really do admire your heart for always trying to venture and conquer the world.

Try to feel alive again



Kea Ortega

Full time medical student and part time fashion blogger from Manila, Philippines. I've been blogging since I was 14 years old. I've gone through friendster, multiply, tumblr, and now blogging at


Ely James Bala

i relate this article

Richer Waje

Your goal will become your purpose in life. If you want to feel more alive, you need to appreciate and be thankful to everything that you have in your life spread the love you want and people will return you the favor.

Jennifer Asilo

I believe in the saying “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” How can somebody accept you if you, yourself don’t really accept it. Sometimes, happiness is only achieve when you are able to know yourself. Happiness cannot be seen to anyone else. You must feel it within yourself.

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