The things I wanted to say

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the ugly writers

The things I Wanted to

I hate myself for being
unsure on someone,

I get close to people

Thinking  that they will always be by my side ;

but eventually
they always leave.

I hate myself for
being easy to love people a little too much

when they don’t love
me back;

when they leave my heart

feels like someone
threw it from far away.

I hate myself for being
so caring for people,

even they don’t even
care about me at all;

When they saw my eye,
I can deny the scar

That I am hurting inside.

I feel tired, tired
of hurting my self

I always fall for
everything and let it destroy me;

It’s my fault after

But I still hope that
one day

I will find a person
who won’t ever hurt me.

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