Chaos and Sweet Misery

Published by Amber Siddique on

the ugly writers

Chaos and Sweet Misery

She was wild and reckless.

But her soul was gripping tightly to the hollowness at the heart.

Was she battling? Yes, she was fighting chaos.

Her mind was occupied with a sweet misery.

Or you can say a loving memory of someone she loved with pure soul.

The ‘nobody’ of her life.

It keeps reminding her of the days she felt alive.

Now, when it is gone.

Scars are wide open – screaming in her face.

Meanwhile, far away in the woods, she saw hope.

“Would you dare to stay?” She asked anxiously.

She doesn’t want to bother anyone – but there is a desire to hold somebody close.

Maybe someone to help her choose between chaos and sweet misery.


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