Purple Love


I descended from the moon

Covered by angels,

Onto this land

Searching for you,

Barefoot in the garden

Of our love,

Searching for my sparkling intoxicated blue eyes

Which makes me blind in you,

Searching for my hot jasmine skin

Which makes me adorable,

Searching for my dreamy brown hair

Which heals me,

Searching for my eternal heart

Which makes me imperishable,

Your presence in every glimpse,

Running across you underneath the purple tree,

But this nature misconceiving me,

These purple flowers onto my white frock

Turning white to purple,

They are shaping you

Even in the wind torrent,

Once I felt you are in front of me,

What an artistic nature!

This wind touching me as you do,

This nature influencing it’s magic on me,

Even I don’t stop searching you,

This thorns stopping my every step towards you,

This twigs tying down my hair

Wind obstructing me,

Even though this heart don’t stop searching you,

Suddenly I stopped

Heart beats faster,

Wind with your fragrance,

Sound of horse steps,

A hidden face in the smoky air with purple flowers,

Those eyes,skin!

You on the white horse near to me,

Those astonished eyes watching me,

You stepping from a horse onto my heart but your land,

Your hands onto my waist,

Your touch makes me forget this world,

Feeling the heat from your strong heart

Onto my chest,

These eyes don’t stop watching you,

Your endearing little grin

Blushing me,


Those purple flowers to igloo

Covering us from this world,

Where you can only feel me

and I only you,

None disturbs us,

we make true love.