Woke up from a warm embrace.

I smiled as I see your face.

I stood up, you held my hand.

She’s trying hard to understand.

Begged me to stay for one more day,

If only there’s another way.

Tears began falling from your eyes,

and it’s killing me inside.

Forgive me I must leave you now.

I love you and my country.

You’ve known from the very start,

I have to join the army.

You should go on and live for me.

You said you can’t leave without me.

My dream is to see you happy,

right now I’m setting you free.

My heart was torn into pieces.

Sorry, you have to endure this.

You will find another man,

to love you and always stay.

I know someday you will forget.

My heart is full of regrets.

I packed my bags and ready to go.

I saw you staring by the window.

Months passed by after I left

I received a call from a friend

The news exploded in my head

She hanged herself beside the bed

My mind went blank I want to scream.

My hands trembled is this a dream?

Goodbye my love, I’m sorry.

This is a tragic story.


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