Objectifying women like putting a price tag on them is chauvinistic at best. It doesn’t add value to them but rather make them feel belittled and underestimated. Women are independent and strong. Never gauge a woman’s worth with a price.


Some guys put a tag price on women as if they can own and make them their property, do whatever they please and whenever they want. Some women are okay with that, some even think they are loved and cherished more than anyone else. They ignore their own worth and pretend they are valued more. Strong women, however, don’t tolerate such treatment coz they know they can’t be bought nor be given a tag price. They are complete being themselves and having a man with her side is a bonus. Women who know their strengths and even weaknesses can always take every challenge. They are women who pursue their dream with the utmost caution, follow every chosen path without fear though it may seem rough, accepts defeat but never quits.

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