I catch fire more often than I care to admit

I catch feelings that fan the flame

I wonder if others burn the way I do

I wonder if they have pulled all the alarms

You can only fuel the fire for so long

You can’t watch from afar


I burn up rather quickly

My throat tightens

My hands wring

My eyes wince from the smoke

I wipe the soot from my skin

My feet tread carefully


Not sure where to turn

Not sure if the floor will hold

The beams crash behind me

The flames shoot up each wall

Five alarm fire I am afraid

No one cares to respond


The flame is extinguished

Usually by me creating distance

The ruins are all I have left.

The embers continue to smolder

I have to work at regaining my composure

I don’t have anything to cling to


It must be obvious

I sweep up the remnants

Nothing left to piece back together

At  least the walls have been scrubbed

New rugs have been laid

All prepared for the next time I burn


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