Totally Different

the ugly writers

Totally Different


You are the alpha and omega.

You are the beginning and the end.

You were the most beautiful star in my constellation.

You were the dream, I never wanna leave.


Your smile gives light to my dark world.

Your speeches are my inspiration to keep going.

Your smell is the sweetest fragrance for me.

Your warm breath keeps me calm.


You were the reason…

for this joy, I have every day.

And now, even the reason…

for a sudden change in me.


I finally found the edge of “endless love”.

The end of forever.

And the time where infinity last.

Where darkness and sorrow enslaved me again.


As of now, I still don’t know where to go.

Or even how to step forward.

Still cornered by the past.

And gifted with this hope for the future.


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  never enough  IMG_20180719_100017_468000  when the battle is over

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