When the battle is done.

Throughout our lives, we struggled so many battles together.  Were fighting against all odds, believing that there’s nothing we can’t go through  as long as we’re together. I could still remember how blessed I am to be in your company.  Holding each other’s hand would give us a strength that no one could ever break. And I am confident to face more battles with you. But all of a sudden, this day came. All I can see on the battlefield is you and me. You who wants to leave and me who are trying to stop you and hold onto our relationship. You’re casting heavy spells towards me and it was like cannon balls crashing my soul. Without hesitation I pulled your hand, trying to stop you from moving. Then you said you can never love me again for I’ve done a mistake you could never forgive. It went fast through my heart like a bullet trying to kill me.  I kneeled down and begged for forgiveness. But you never listened.  As I heard you say ” I can’t do this anymore, let’s cut this off”. Those words served as a sword that killed me from deep within.  And tears started to fall from my eyes. I could feel the heavy pain all over my body. How I wish you mean we should stop fighting and cut this misunderstanding. I wish you embraced me instead of pushing me. I wish you walked towards me to wipe away my tears but you don’t. You took your back and walk away. The hand who once held mine and the one which has been my strength is now gone.  Now I can feel the pain of defeat as I see the back of the person I love… walking away from me.

Now I can say… that the battle is over.

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