A man and a woman thought they were deeply in love.
Planned of their future while they were trying to enjoy the days that they have together.
Days turned to weeks, to months, to years of getting familiar of each other.
Familiarity made them finish each other’s sentences, good or bad.
Also, familiarity made them quit of feeling love with excitement.
Nothing new. Smile shared started getting few. Day by day.
Still, they drifted with the urge of commitment..they lived together.
Feelings, time and space were taken for granted, just because they lived under one roof.

They slowly drifted apart.
The man turned to his friends for fun.
The woman left alone to cry out her tears while waiting for him to come back.
He returned with anger on his face upon seeing her tears on their pillow.
He confronted her. He let out anger for making him feel not enough.
She did not say anything. He left. She let him walk away.
The man was in tears when he left.

They were badly hurt, that they chose not to talk.
They were badly hurt, that they chose not to hurt anymore.

The irony of feelings took place.
The sarcasm of togetherness, the love that they have both neglected.

A love full of regrets.
A love that will never be whole again.

If only they have talked more under the same roof, if only they have cherished their time.
If only they have not taken for granted.
If only they have not forgotten how they loved.