“I love you myself”

By: Vanessa Enfectana

I am excited to wake up in the morning, not to read your “good mornings” but to greet myself a great and fresh morning to start a new chapter. I no longer need your ”Have you eaten” messages for me to realize that I should not miss a meal. And even you don’t tell me “I need you” I know deep within me that I was needed, not by you… but by those people who surround me. I no longer need you by my side for me to enjoy the world. I had realized that somehow I should make time for myself. I should date myself and know more about me. Treat and exert effort to make myself happy and complete. I will  hang out, chill, laugh and smile without you. I will reconstruct the phrase “You made my day” by “I made my day”. My life doesn’t revolve on “you” anymore. The “Im happy with you” is replaced with “Im happy”. The term “with you” is gone because I can finally be happy even without you. And when the night came, I can greet myself a “Sweet Good night” and I can tell that I can finally sleep well…without you and the worries you bring.

And before I end this note, I just want to thank you for those days you told me to “Take care” though it actually means “Take care of your heart cause I might break it”… Baby, I swear that this time around I’ll be extra careful so there will be no one who can break me again. Cause baby it took me time before I could finally put the pieces back together.

You are no longer my world nor the sun where it orbits. And finally the chain that once held me is gone. Im completely free.

Baby, I no longer need your “I love you’s” cause I realized that there’s no such love better than a love you can give to yourself. So to those people who are still imprisoning themselves with their past.. it might be the time for you to realize that the key out of the cage is already in your hands. You just have to use it.


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