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Do You Feel Me? (September Feels)

Holding on to every last moment of summer, I feel that when I put on those jeans and those stupid thick winter yoga pants, I am almost defeated. 

Sad, pathetic looks from my children.  August is done. Kaput. Finito. Summer is almost over too.  And what does that mean? School.  My children love school, but it so hard to let go of summer.  The warm, sometimes even hot days, the never-ending walks on the boardwalk. The hours upon hours spent in the pool.  I have to admit, that sad, pathetic look can also be found on my face.  I don’t want to let summer go. Staying up late, not having to get up early.  Enjoying late sunsets and drinks on the deck.  Fun evenings out with friends that I wish wouldn’t end.  But you know what they say?  All good things come to an end. Well, I am not doing it. I am not having it.   I will protest if need be, but summer is staying if I have anything to do with it.

I will wear shorts and capris and sandals until October if I can. Holding on to every last moment of summer, I feel that when I put on those jeans and those stupid thick winter yoga pants, I am almost defeated.  As if winter wouldn’t have approached so soon if only I had tried harder.  Resist. Always resist. Here in Minnesota, we often have six hard months of winter. Frigid temperatures, mountains of snow and a sheet of ice cover everything. I do not participate in any winter sports.  I do not enjoy any aspect of winter except for cozy fires by the fireplace.  And that isn’t enough to merit 6 HARD MONTHS OF WINTER! I am not doing it. I can’t be the only one.  Do you feel me?

Last winter was a hard one. Lasted way too long.  Those six hard months of winter felt like an eternity. Our last storm of almost three feet of snow came the middle of April this year.  April is supposed to be spring and flowers and green grass and buds on the trees.  Nope. Not in Minnesota.  It was closed schools and waiting for snow plows and wishing I had stocked up on groceries from the store.  It was praying our furnace would keep up with our need for heat and hoping the heavy snow wouldn’t knock out the electricity.

So September, God Love You, I am just not feeling it. I am not doing it. I will remain in denial that September is here because I know that winter will follow.  And I just can’t do winter again. Nope.  Resisting. With every fiber of my being.  But don’t worry, I have a sweater in my car just in case.

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Kelli J Gavin
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