Seven minutes

Seven minutes

With shivering hands,

Heartbeat racing

You confessed to me

That you loved me

And the moment you said it

I was thrown off to an imaginary world

For 7 minutes

I dreamt of us together

Living under a faulty roof

struggling to make ends meet

But fighting for each other’s

Happiness and comfort

I felt us holding hands while sleeping

For 7 minutes

I saw us speaking white lies

And hiding extra money in tins

Only to take it out when full

And buying each other new stuff

We both needed to have but didn’t

I saw us growing deeper in love

For 7 minutes

I cried, I laughed, I yelled out

Joyful words that left my mouth

I visualized our entire lifetime

In these mere minutes of

Paused Imagination,

I was undeniably committed to you,

For 7 long minutes!

Sweedle D'souza

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