When you brace for the impact

You don’t experience the whole effect

Your muscles tighten and eyes squint

Hands balled into fists

Feet press down on invisible brakes

You hurt yourself more than anything

Maybe you should embrace the impact

Fully take it all in wanted or not

Accept every last bit coming your way

Take a hold of the good and the bad

Release what isn’t needed

The impact comes sooner or later

Choose to embrace rather than brace


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fully me  trying to heal I need a sign i don't mean to brag the ugly writers

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Jake Yñota

i now realize that Im not ebracing the impact of what im doing

Sim Soria

Let go of the things that makes you unworthy. Always be positive in life and release the bad vibes away ?

Rodel Cabil

Avoid unecessary things, only absorb positive things that can make you feel better and happy.

Rohm Mendoza

Hold the positivity and throw the negativity.

Cezhmita Lei

1. I think why people are settling for a long distance relationship is because they only thinking is about their future. They already know that it is hard but it is a little price to pay for a lifetime chance relationship.

2. Once my current boyfriend went into his house in batangas to take care some business. At first, it is hard for me to grasp our situation, it took days for me to accept it. I’m quite used that we are always together so this kind of new environment is new experience for me. I’m sure afraid and doubts about him cheating on me but later on I learn to trust him and he didn’t disappoint me and break my trust. Both should have love to each other truly to survive a long distance relationship

3.The migration rate in philippines is higher than an average migration rate of the western countries. The main reason is because of work, our own OFWA seems to see this as a opportunity to settle and migrant their selves in other country hoping that they will earn more money when they start living there. The opportunity and high salary is basically all the reasons why people choose doing that knowing that they will left their family and love ones. This one of the reasons why long distance relationship is occuring.

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