A Mirror of Soul

She was the lady everyone likes to see. As I kept on staring at her I noticed that she has slightly big eyes paired with long lashes and a pointed nose, her cheekbones are really attractive and her lips are perfectly shaped, I can’t deny, it is something any man would love to kiss. And when she smiles, you could see the beautiful braces holding her white teeth.  She has a great curve as well. You can compare her boobs into a baby’s butt. Her long legs are so flawless that it can make every man drool. Her butt helps her achieve an hourglass body. Her alluring looks never fail to capture the eye of anyone she will pass through.  She has a tan skin. And she smells really great. She walks like a model and her elegance was enough to satisfy this world.

She is way far different from me. She will never be me. But, in some way, I dreamed to be like her. Society comes after her. Everyone likes her. Unlike me, I am a silent voice hiding in a dark corner. And in this society filled with fake people, face faces and judgemental citizens…people like me is not accepted. Though, we exist physically… we emotionally wanna disappear. People used to love faces and curves. They are into physical aspects.


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