Everything is worth-risking and worth fighting for, right? Even things don’t turn out the way we want it to be in the end. It is the process, it is how we go through the things. It is the memories of the journey that makes it worthy. But what if that person you risked and fought for regret everything that happened between you two? Do you still think it was worth it? Or do you want to start regretting it too?

It hurts, doesn’t it? The memories that you treasure, remember and play again and again in your head are the memories he wants to forget. All the marshmallow-cupcake-sweet-to-the-max words that he said are the words he’s using now to stab you on the back. All the heartbeats and roller coasters you shared are the experiences he doesn’t want to repeat again. So, do you still think it was worth it? Or do you want to start regretting all of it too?

If we can just unplug the circuits to reset if we can just change the memory chips for new ones and forget what happened just like what he wants. But we can’t, we just have to accept it, that things will never go the way it used to be.

We will just let him,

but it was still all worth-risking and worth fighting for.


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