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Adorned With Perfection

You illuminate with grace Across Andromeda’s face. Like the cedars of Lebanon Flourishing in their perfection, That’s where your heart is Without envy nor deception.

Adorned With Perfection


Dear G,

You illuminate with grace

Across Andromeda’s face.

Like the cedars of Lebanon

Flourishing in their perfection,

That’s where your heart is

Without envy nor deception.


Like Sirius on a starry night,

You outshine your flaws,

Adorned with perfection

You in-bred Elysium.


Like waves clasping at confluence points,

You create melodic memories,

Yet defrost abhor, gracefully.

You’re a star in Orbit, G,

Shimmering in your zenith,

With no gasps left to spare,

Onto Nature’s Earthlings,

Best Wishes,



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  1. let us be thankful and grateful to the creation of the one who created us.

  2. Reann Harel Pagal
    Reann Harel Pagal


  3. Sebastian Campos
    Sebastian Campos


  4. Raven Tricia Nicolas
    Raven Tricia Nicolas


  5. Nehemias Alcanar
    Nehemias Alcanar


  6. Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.

  7. Ana Milen Dumaguing
    Ana Milen Dumaguing

    Be thankful always.

  8. Dominador Jr. Costillas
    Dominador Jr. Costillas

    Wow cool post thanks for sharing

  9. Always be thankful.😇

  10. Eurica Mae Alevio
    Eurica Mae Alevio

    love the earth for this where we belong

  11. In our lives with God, we should be contented and learn how to appreciate little things in life.

  12. Princess Mae Inopia
    Princess Mae Inopia

    Always be grateful and appreciate what you have.

  13. ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Marc Irvin Camba
    Marc Irvin Camba


  15. Thank you for being the reason I smile and the reason to those who inspire you (pinger hart)

  16. Our creator is just simply astounding, let’s never forget our thanksgiving.

  17. Glarence Cammayo
    Glarence Cammayo


  18. Sharina Lyn Naynes
    Sharina Lyn Naynes

    Be thankful in everything you have

  19. Appreciate what you have

  20. Dear G thanks

  21. ❤️❤️

  22. Let us all be appreciative on all of the things God has given us

  23. Cyrel Julian Pili
    Cyrel Julian Pili

    Accept and be thankful

  24. Gian Glenn Baldomero
    Gian Glenn Baldomero


  25. We need to take care our environment..

  26. Always be thankful for the things you receive.

  27. the poem talks with the wonders of uncertainty that leads to destined choices

  28. Aubrey Joyce Ferrer
    Aubrey Joyce Ferrer

    This was the great poem I read so far. May our Mighty God blessed us even we thought the we are not worthy for it. Appreciate the things he already done for us.

  29. Dante Franz Lalata
    Dante Franz Lalata

    Always be grateful

  30. ❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Amazing

  32. Charles Darwin Lado
    Charles Darwin Lado


  33. Mhar Jhane Lampitoc
    Mhar Jhane Lampitoc

    Illuminated with grace.

  34. This gime we guts!

  35. Isabelle krizia Segundo
    Isabelle krizia Segundo


  36. Good!!!

  37. Thanks to the creator.

  38. Thanks GOD ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  39. Isabelle Krizia Segundo
    Isabelle Krizia Segundo

    Isabelle Krizia P. Segundo, CIV192, Art Appreciation,Lights, MX

  40. Judith B. Ramores,CIV192, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX

  41. Marie Stephanie Nicole D. Concepcion, CIV192, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX

  42. Louie Jay Bajado
    Louie Jay Bajado

    Louie Jay D. Bajado, CIV192, Art Appreciation, Colors, and MX

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