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I Have A Dream

An inspiring poem sent by Lawson Elijah about youth, positivity and dreams.

I Have A Dream, It’s about the future.

A future where Young minds are encouraged,

Regardless of naiveness.

Where I will never be considered a minor,

Irrespective of my age.


I have a dream, it’s about today.

Where pesky fellows would understand us, children,

Where we practice the art of conscious living,

Where we do what is right,


In replacement of what is convenient for us.

Where positivity is embraced,

Irrespective of the circumstance.


I have a dream,

It’s seeing my dreams becoming a reality,

Along with it; peace, love and joy,

Where good things never cease.


Hold fast to dreams without wavering,

For if they die,

Life will become a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.


Do you have a dream?

Best Wishes,



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Lawson Elijah

Lawson Elijah

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