unsettled surya teja m


I awoke from my sleep on a starry night;
It was old like my heart and quiet like my love,
The stars were huddling tight and twinkling bright,
I ambled to window sill and perched like a waffling owl.I beheld-
Wind swirling, tree quivering
Clock ticking and waves swaying.The tree gravitated me; quivering and rustling
Standing strong against its heart to fly-
Reminded me of my job of my young-hood;
Duties and desires waged war against and leaves fell apart.Turned my eyes and swaying in the waves
They swayed me to the corners of happiness,
Resting me in the chasm of gloominess
It was like then me-
Walking on same path and dreaming for the wondersSeconds hand in clock beat in my ears
Once, I loved creating, perceiving and pursuing
The freedom and independence I grabbed from choices
Allowed me to exist like me out of anxietyThe call was too late;
The breeze entered my dress,
Crept over my body,
Stalked me to death,
Decomposed my corpse,
Diffused my soul into the dust.


This piece also appeared in All Poetry.

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Surya Teja M
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