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Lazada Online Revolution Sale: The Aftermath

A product review for the iPhone 7Plus case and LG V20 charging dock plus our conclusion to the Lazada Online Revolution gadget haul!

Most of you have had sleepless nights just waiting for the biggest equivalent to Black Friday Sale here in the Philippines. And it didn’t disappoint!

Lazada Sale

The Lazada Online Revolution last November 11 was a hit with both seasoned and casual online shoppers.  Many of us have checked out numerous blogs listing down sale items but only a few actually did cover items they bought from the aforementioned sale – save from ShopzadaPH which you definitely have to check out!

I was very excited for the event but I tried to limit my spending to what I really needed at that time. I managed to order an iPhone 7 plus battery case and a charging dock for my LG V20.

Lazada items
The LG V20 charging dock and the iPhone 7+ 7500Mah battery case – delivered to my doorstep. Well technically, the university’s main entrance.


Unlike previous shopping spree I had where the sky’s the limit, I tried to keep it below Php. 2,000.00. I actually have a different model for each item. I just wanted the latest. (Hey, I geeked out!)


First is the charging dock for the LG v20 that doubles as a battery charging dock. The LG v20 is known as the last great smartphone that has removable battery (and a spare one just because they want to). I previously bought the Php. 330 model a couple of months ago. It plainly charges your spare battery while you use your other one. Nothing fancy. So when I saw an upgraded design, I couldn’t wait to buy it and install it on my work area. The old one is programmed to stay at home, beside my trusty Unitek 10 port Charging Dock.



The unit looks sturdy and while it may not look too premium, it definitely serves it’s purpose by it’s functionality. The front showcases the cut-out with the protruding USB Type C.


side view

The existing space will snugly fit the LG v20. But for those with cases and wouldn’t want to be bothered in removing their expensive case whenever their batteries are running dry, fret not. You can eject that fitting and will allow for the case to fit along with the phone unit.



Looking at the back side of the unit you will see some nifty IOs. There is the standard USB 2.0 port so you can use those extension cable lying around in your office, a Micro-USB Type B  so you can actually use your standard phone charger*. Lastly is a switch to activate OTG on your device (if connected with a PC/Laptop).


The existing one I had was the cheap-o 4000mah model.  While it does the job, it was really intended for the iPhone 6s Plus and not the 7 Plus Model. After selling our iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus consecutively, some accessories were left behind and we managed to still maximize the use (although it scratches the back of our iPhone 7 Plus whenever we install or uninstall the case no matter how careful we were).

For comparative purposes, here are some side-by-side shots of the cases for the iPhone 7 Plus:

front case

Do notice that the newer version saves a tad smaller footprint as there is almost no chin at all compared with the one for the iPhone 6s Plus. The latest model had the LED indicator at the back which actually is more convenient.


Other than the LED Indicator, you will also notice that the cut-out for the camera is wider on the new model. This is a guarantee that it fits perfectly well on the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus. The new model also boasts better grip and comfort with it’s curves as compared with the old one.

Here are some photos:

From this shot alone, it is obvious the 7500mah version is slimmer than of the 4000mah.

The red is classy af. I even went out and applied the Forshe Enterprise wallpaper to go along with it.

overlay 1

The brushed metal feel compliments the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus.

read shot

The matte finish avoids the usual problem that came with any iPhone 7 Plus reiteration. It is not a fingerprint-magnet. Also from this photo, you can see the cut-out is on-point with the 7 Plus but allows for the 6 or 6S Plus users to also enjoy this case.

profile 1

Ample thickness protects the phone from average bumps and accidents.

Installing this specific case is almost invisible in this particular angle. A far improvement from the long chin for LED indicator of the previous model.

The mandatory phone-beside-case shot. Black and Red theme is strong on this one!

This particular model is again, 7500mah. It is almost double the size of our old model. To add to the enhancement, it is fast charging too!

So far, I only had this for a few hours. I’ll update this as I spend more time with these babies.


So if you want to check out these products, just click the following screenshots below. Price may vary.

lazada charging dock lazada case


Bottomline, I managed to only spend Php. 1,797.00 out of my initial Php. 2,000,00 budget.

So these are the purchases I made during the Lazada Online Revolution that started last November 11, 2017. What did you buy during the sale? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to Like and Subscribe!



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