The UNITEK 10-port 2.4a Charging Dock

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Today, we will be reviewing the UNITEK Charging Dock I got from BB Corner (where most of my tech stuff are from) in Robinsons Galleria.

As you can see even the sales lady from BB Corner is excited to open the bigass charging dock/station herself.

At first glance, it looks like a laptop cooler.

The moment I got home, I immediately opened the package and checked the contents. Watch the clip as we go for a break.

Here is the brief unboxing video of the UNITEK Charging Dock.


Welcome back! Going to the review proper, this enormous piece of hardware costs at around 3,450PHP.

Made up of sturdy white plastic, it brags of the unique 10 USB slots available and a number of slots for the partition allowing the user to create a layout of his own.

The Package

The UNITEK Charging Dock is simple to set up. It comes with a black laptop-like charging cable, the actual unit,  eleven removable partitions and sticker set for labeling.

Why should you buy this? 

* This’ll be good for your PC setup. If you are a Hardcore PC Setup aficionado, the sight of an unruly or poorly managed cables would turn you off. This dock would eliminate desk clutter.

* Managing cables have never been this convenient. Roll ’em up and you are okay to go.

* Minimal desk footprint. If you have two tablets, three phones, Bluetooth game pad and headphone, like me, it is a must to have this monster!

* 2.4amp isn’t fast charging but this assures you that your gadgets are in safe hands. You can leave it charging overnight without worry of random explosions.

* 10 Slots. All conveniently laid out. If you have sleep overs or are sharing office desks with a coworker who has the same number of gadgets as you but only have three power sockets, then this one is a godsend.

Verdict: If you have multiple devices of everything (more than one phone, tablet and accessories),  then shelling out 3,500php is a good investment!
But don’t just take my word for it, check it out at BB Corner located at Ground Floor, beside the Samsung Boutique at Robinsons Galleria.

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  1. Great detailed review! This is a must have for those techie people who has lots of gadgets and would really be a good investment for that price, I think this would definitely live out to its expectation and would really work wonders for people like you. I like the design also, very sleek and not too big, the white color makes it more classy. .

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