Two Puzzle Pieces

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Two Puzzle Pieces

We are all different. You have something that they don’t have and they have something that you don’t have. There are things that you are good at but others can’t and there are things they are good at but you can’t. God gave you an identity or something so he can distinguish you from everyone, those flaws, imperfections, makes you ‘you’, that makes us unique.

I have many flaws, and I’ve learned and still learning to love them.

You have flaws, that I learned to love.

We both accepted our imperfections.

You have something that I don’t have. And I have something that you don’t have. I can do something that you can’t. And you can do something that I can’t.

We were perfect.

We were like two puzzle pieces brought together as one.

And now that I’ve found out, that we were mismatched.

I want to meet my other half,

soon enough.


The one who writes anonymously.

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