Dear YOU,


You will realize that no one’s perfect, that loving them wholly includes their imperfections. Your parents accepted you for who you are, and if someone can’t love your flaws, that means they don’t deserve you.


You deserve more.

You will understand that you don’t have to be accepted by everyone. You won’t need anyone to love you just the way you love them.


Love yourself more, dear.

You will realize that you should love yourself before you love others. When you love yourself, you can give love to other people. No one can judge you, because you are the only one who really knows who you really are. On the other side, you should not judge anyone, too. For a man can’t criticize another man until they have walked a mile with them.


You will realize that not everyone will stay. There are people who will pass by for you to learn something from them and for you to be stronger. They will just come and go, but there are few who will stay. Those people will always be by your side no matter what, until the end. You should keep them.


“There is a ‘Yes’ somewhere in your life, but for you to get it to it you may experience a lot of ‘Nos’, but don’t be discouraged.”


That’s the beauty of life, our journey. We will realize things. We will get tired, we will fell down, but we will stand up again. We will learn from all our mistakes and use them in the future.


I may look like someone who already lived a whole life. I may look like someone who knows everything because I can tell you those things, but it’s because I also use those words to be motivated every day. You may have heard these words many times, but maybe you just need to hear them again. Because, that’s what good about chaos, you can see the beauty in them.


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