I’m already NINETEEN

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the ugly writers

I’m already nineteen, yet I am only 4’11.


Others may see me as cute.

Others may see me as an elementary student.

Others may feel lucky to be tall.

Others may discriminate me.

Other may bully me because of my height.

But, that doesn’t mean I won’t reach my dream.


Others may not see me as a college student.

Others may get shocked when they knew my age.

Others may laugh at me.

Others may feel sorry for me.

But, that doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be this mini-sized lady.


Others may call me a dwarf.

Others may talk behind my back.

Others may always assigned me in front.

Others may rest their arms above my head.

But, I am not kamiela if I am tall.


I am not who I am today if it’s not because of all the things you say, the way you react, and the way you act towards me.

So laugh all you want,

Say what you want to say,

Bully as much as you want,

‘Cause, I still won’t hide that fact,

that I am already Nineteen,

and I am 4’11.

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