No One

No One

No One is a poem written by kamiela and is shared via The Ugly Writers under the theme Just Barely for the month of October.


No One


We all want to be somebody someday,

We all want to work hard and pay back those who we owe.

So we work our butts off to chase what we want to be.

Some are still looking for their passion,

some are doing what they love, and

some are just doing anything and everything to feed themselves.


And one day, at some point in our lives,

our bodies will fail us, and we wait for our hearts to stop.

We go back in the days, reflecting, asking ourselves

“Did I spend my time or my life right?”

“Did I do what makes me happy?”

“Am I somebody now?”

Those are the heavy questions but the easiest to answer.


We have only one life, a lot of chances, a lot of surprises,

but we have only one life to spend it with.

The time comes and goes,

And we go like time as well.


We would have regrets.

“I hope I did this or that instead.”

But it is too late now,

the time has come, and we would have to go.


The time continues, but we stop.

We all want to be somebody someday,

but don’t forget that life goes.

The world continues and forgets us too.


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