Life of working from home

Life of working from home

To be honest, I can no longer remember the time when I stressed myself out in commute to work. Add the fact that stress from actual work is a totally different story. All I know is that I dreaded going to work. I dreaded heading out, battling it out with fellow commuters, only to be bombarded with work when I get to my work area. Ever since the pandemic, me and the missus have made us a humble, yet comfortable work station right in front of our bedroom. And it made such a difference. Stress in commuting is nonexistent. Work may be the same but we get to do more stuff together like dining out, gardening, or playing video games indoors just because we spend more time together.

I often find myself looking forward to our next food trip, whether via GrabFoods or dining out.

Above are photos from our recent find, Cafe Mediterranean in BGC, Taguig. They serve awesome Shish Taouk and Grilled Chicken. When indoors, we often rely on our trusted McDonald’s.

Having just moved in a couple of months in our new home, we decided to take on gardening to make our abode more welcoming. One thing I learned is that I suck at gardening. I let her do her thing and just make myself her assistant available for her every beck and call. She loves it. In a way, I do too. Before landing our own home, I never thought she would be into gardening. Apparently, she has a green thumb, and I love seeing her plants grow as the days passed by. It is hard work, yes. But it is highly rewarding (and therapeutic) along the way.

Here in the Philippines, we call this plant 10 o’clock (alas dyes) because it blooms in the morning til 10, or flirt (alembong).

Unfortunately, the rainy season is upon us and it has prevented us from going out to garden. Lucky for me and lucky for our plants too as they will be continually get soaked as compared during summer when we had to water them consistently.

So we just spend the rainy season indoors playing video games. As a ’90s couple, we’ve never tried out modern expensive online games. Plus, we’re old school. We play Sims on our iPads separately and have our characters interact with each other. We’re that kind of couple haha. Other than play with our imaginary worlds, we also do competitive gaming. We play 2Fuse a lot recently and we often compare our scores by the end of the day. So it is a breath of fresh air that we came upon the site and found some classic games we used to spend countless hours on.

What’s nice about this site is that whether playing on my M1 MacBook Air or with my wife’s Intel Celeron windows machine, the performance is the same. We started playing the classic solitaire for fun but later on became a competitive match as we compared scores. She was good in numbers. And I am such a sore loser. But then I discovered a dozen different games of Hidden Objects. So off to the next series of games. This is right up my alley. I love how it functions just like the games we used to buy and download on our iPad. They have sound and volume controls as well as function to go full screen for better immersion.

The Hidden Object section is a trip down memory lane. What we noticed here was these game from can be playable in both laptop or iPad. Tomorrow, we’ll try to access the site on our iPads to see if we will get any better at these games. Just try to avoid the Princess/Palace Hidden Object as it is extremely difficult. It honestly gave us a headache. 😀

Playing these games made us rethink how simple life should be. No hefty system requirements, no expensive monthly subscriptions. Like food trips and gardening, playing games should just be fun and enjoyable, bonus if it is free! Hence our life working from home. Are you working from home like us? How do you spend it?


“It’s not more time you need. It’s more quality use of the time you already have.”
― Alan Cohen


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