Dating Apps and Online Prostitution

​A bit of a background. I have two active Skout accounts (don’t ask me why or how).
So I got this “invitation” from this girl recently on my secondary account (which has always been active but unused).

3,000 for two rounds

Playing naive, I asked what is that? She told me “sex for sale”. Damn, I never expected sex can be promoted like a detergent soap. Bottomline, I asked for pics as “sample” first. She said she can’t. So I disregarded her offer and message altogether.
Now, on my official account, the same girl messaged me starting with “hi”
To catch her off-guard, I asked her how much and that I needed a picture. She was obviously surprised how I managed to hit the right nerve. 

The conversation stalled and after a few cold minutes,  all I got from her was a simple uncompromising “ok“.

The next few exchanges were too boring to rekindle. But the line that got me was “I don’t usually do this but because you insisted…

I was like ‘Whatda–, you just initiated the same deal on my other account’. But I decided to keep mum.

I just said that I’m not interested because of the lack of photos just so she won’t take it against me.

Anyhow, the bottomline is, no wonder our society has a different view on online dating is because of people like her, and people who patronize such act online.

There are a lot of great people online. Some just wants a good conversation, others just want to have new friends. It’s sad how being in a social networking/dating app is being frowned upon by society all because of this. 

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