The normal price of college tuition fees rages from 30,000 to 100,000 pesos per semester. Most families in the Philippines cannot afford to pay large amounts of money that is why young individuals are forced to stop studying and start working at an early age. I think that by giving free college education with the support of our government. We can achieve low rates of unemployment because, it is easier to find a stable job when you are a degree holder.

Although there are some schools that offers scholarship. Not all people can achieve and maintain an above average grade. By giving free college education students can study at their own pace and graduate to have stable job and provide for their own families. All of this is not impossible because we are the highest tax payers in the world. And other countries such as Germany has been successful on achieving free college education. We can even make future nation leaders through free education. With the right leader In our country we can all be directed to the betterment of our country and ourselves. Education leads everyone to a better place and hones us to be a better part of our nation.

After having education we will also help the next generation achieve their dreams because in the future, when we are the ones who are working. It will be our time to pay our taxes and our time to help people in need for proper education and care and it will be a chain reaction to achieve the same goal.



An Advocacy of Mr. Antonio Cruz II of HRM161