Discrimination / Gender Equality

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TO: People of the Republic of the Philippines

FROM: Students of National University

SUBJECT: Discrimination/ Gender equality

Discrimination based on gender (sex) is a common civil rights violation that takes many forms, including sexual harassment; pregnancy discrimination and unequal pay for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans genders who do the same jobs as others. Unfortunately, most Filipinos are all too familiar with all these inequalities. Many studies over the pas years show that having an equal treatment depending on gender can increase the productivity and harmony in the society. This is to promote equality through community initiatives. Gender equality requires strategic interventions at all levels of programming and policy-making. These levels include reproductive health, economic empowerment, educational, and political empowerment.

Gender equality is the view that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be dominated against based on their gender. The goal of gender equality is for people to acquire, if they so choose, equal treatment throughout society, not just in politics, the workplace, or any other policy-designated sphere. If we address this regardless of ones gender, it can lead and point to empowerment and participation as a necessary step if our society is to overcome the obstacles associated with a lot of issues like poverty and development.

Gender equality empowers all people to actively participate in their community. When in comes to community leadership and engagement, everyone should be able to work with community stakeholders, officials and others to eliminate discrimination and exploitation and open opportunities for all, regardless of the gender. We should promote and recognize everyone’s leadership in, and contribution to their communities and ensure sufficient representation of everyone in any community consultation without questioning or doubting ones gender. The decision to implement this has always been at the discretion of all genders, may it be lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or trans gender. So accepting and understanding this has varied over the years.

We ask everyone to make it as part of your understanding and awareness to accept and embody gender equality. A key issue towards insuring this in the community is respecting of everyone’s rights, access to and the control of resources, social and political participation are still not guaranteed in many social and legal institutions. Imagine a world where people are free to pursue any constructive contribution to society with dignity regardless of the way they are born. This equality will foster the participatory community, which is necessary for our society to reach its fullest potential.


An Advocacy from ECE152 Team Ironman

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  1. The importance of this social movements is to spread the knowledge and awareness to our society that being different like gay,lesbian,trans and bisexual is not a problem on our society that if you’re belongs to the third sexuality you can work and contributed to your job, school,organization etc. as they look as a normal people because I was belonged to this society as a bisexual. Before I suffered from different types of bullying that tend to act like a manly guy because I know how it hurts to be on that part. But now , years pas by the world is still changing as the world changed the Philippines so. The Filipinos are now more conscious and knowledgeable to this aspects.

    This society needs to change because even though it changed a little bit but the discrimination are still there. This program and advocacy will lead people to know the score and appreciate us as a human. That we can empowered our society and help them to continue to develop and grow to have a great world with a great people.

    “You define beauty for yourself,society doesn’t define your beauty”
    – Lady Gaga

  2. Filipinos should wake up from this kind of crab mentality, Gender Equality is one of the most talked about issue not only in our country but in the whole world. People are always pulling each other when they see that you achieve your goals/ become successful. There is a kind of mentality that if you are a woman, you can’t do what man can do or vise versa. Like for example, from the workplace there is a certain job that only a MAN can do but., Today in our society there is a WOMAN (whether it is a lesbian or not) who can do the jobs of a man.

    I believe that if Rizal was alive he would support this advocacy because in the first place he wants our countrymen to have an equal rights whether they are rich or poor and regardless of their gender. He would not let any person to be discriminate about their gender, social status, or physical looks. Dr. Rizal and the other heroes of our country fought hard just to have the freedom that we have right now. The capabilities and skills that we have as a person can not be measure by our GENDER.

  3. In june 2015, the third sex population of United States of America has victoriously celebrated the legalization of the same sex marriage. However, in the late 2016 and early 2017, due to the government changes and soon political changes, the LGBTQ+ or the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders community plus pansexuals, asexuals, heterosexuals, demisexuals and all kinds of sexualities are reluctant to show who they really are. Moreover, The fear of flaunting themselves out has unbelievably increased. The homophobes, biphobes and all kinds of inhumanly phobias against the dissimilar sexuality have increased as well. The endless movement of promoting the gender equality to the whole society is to give the people a gist or a whole idea rather that, no matter what your sexuality is, you shouldn’t be afraid of living, you shouldn’t fear the people who discriminates your sexuality but you should sympathize them for how pitiful they are.

    As what have been mentioned, this advocacy is important to make people aware, to gain an idea and to have an information about the current situation. To let everyone know straight or not that no one deserves to sleep or wake up knowing that some people are against them for being themselves. To let everyone know that love is broad, it is was not just focused on two things but in several things. No one deserves to be questioned for who they really are. The importance of this advocacy is to promote peace and equality not just for the world but within ourselves.

    “Honestly, I hate labels like why do we need them? we’re all humans who love other humans at the end of the day.” — Raman, 2017

  4. Gender discrimination is one of the major social problem of our nation. The importance of this social movement is to give awareness to those who keep on discriminating people because of their gender. Also people should understand that gender should not be a hindrance for a person to reach his/her dream. Every person regardless of their gender orientation should be treated with respect and should have equal rights for work. They should not be and never be discriminated because we are all created equally and perfectly.

    Society should change for the embetterment of our nation. This advocacy serves as an eye opener for those who are close minded and homophobic. Our nation should be more open minded regarding gender orientations to avoid discrimination. Everyone can excel on their chosen field regardless of their gender. Through this advocacy we can make it. We can make this society get rid of gender discrimination.

  5. Gender equality is now legal across the entirety of the United States. After a historic supreme court ruling that declared attempts by conservative stats to ban them unconstitutional. So why not here also? Many of us still believe it’s because Philippines can’t handle this kind of case and where still not ready for it because of our culture. Equality is more than a goal itself. It’s a precondition for meting the challenge of reducing poverty promoting sustainable development and building good governance.

    What a country needs to do is be fair to all it’s citizens whether people are of a different ethnicity or gender. The importance of it’s social movement is to give ideas of being an open minded to LGBT’s. We should be aware of it’s issue and discriminating them is not the right thing to do. Gender relationships which are tough for people to deal with are key to whether a society orients to domination or partnership in all it’s relation. We should respect them for our equality because all love love equal and it must become a lived reality.

    It’s time that we all see gender as a spectrum of two sets of opposing ideals. – Emma Watson
    Dianne Carlex M. Del Mundo/COE141

  6. Gender equality should be given a second look in today’s emerging social diversity particularly in terms of fashion, trends, even in music, and in culture. All these should be respected otherwise, this could result in retarded progress of the ever-changing culture and social diversity. Gender discrimination also means underestimating one’s capabilities. This social movement is important to give equal rights to the people who are being discriminated by the society. It is also a way where people can express themselves with what they want to do. Ending gender discrimination is important in order to create a harmonious environment for everyone.

    Discrimination in any form is divisive that could lead to hatred and anger. A combination of these feelings may lead to something that would be regrettable in the end like conflicts and isolations. Gender discrimination should be put into an end because it could lead to greater conflicts. This advocacy is important in order to change the mindset of the people and especially to lessen the conflicts that our society is facing. This advocacy can help our society end the discrimination as early as possible before anything gets out of hand.

  7. So long before the Spaniards came to colonize our country, there’s peace and harmony. Our forefathers, despite of differences showed respect and their love for one another. It was proven by the men and women who led a certain community or the so-called “barangays”. But the situation changed a lot during the colonization where the women were treated to be inferior to men. In fact, gender discrimination was not the only issue in this era but also the racial discrimination. As the time goes by, we, Filipinos, tend to adapt this conduct up to this modern day. It is said that through gender equality, there would be balance and productivity in every aspect of the community. Gender Equality is needed in our country not only because it promotes harmony but also it avoid chaos in beliefs and values of every gender and thus, giving everyone an opportunity to have an equal voice in the community, better access to resources and greater understanding among the people regardless of gender and race- that would bring unity in our country.

    Dr. Jose Rizal was a reformist who wanted improvement in our country back then. It can be inferred that he was not in favor of the discrimination and other inequalities that the Spaniards were doing to our ancestors. In fact, these issues were revealed in his writings whereas he used different characters as a symbol of the Spaniards’ corruptness. During his time, he was already fighting for the rights of his fellowmen and thus, if he is still living in this era, he would still be the one who will lead the advocacies opposing discrimination- may it be racial or gender. It is because he has a lot of respect and admiration to each and every one given the fact that he was raised to be a righteous man by his beloved mother whom he loves unconditionally. Furthermore, his love for the country and countrymen serves as an enough reason as to why he would and will always lead, uphold and fight for the rights of the Filipino people.

  8. Gender inequality is one of the issue that rises in our society nowadays.
    Since many of women, girls and those who belongs to LGBT are suffering from discrimination, much wosrt, violence in different aspects, most specially in terms of employment opportunity. Having equal human right is a path towards a more peaceful and sustainable society. It brings unity of people knowing they are treated.the same way as others, they are treated as human, as people regardless of their religion, race, and gender. Women can also do what other people thinks is just meant to be done by men.

    Rizal would surely support this advocacy because I know how much she values her mother and how great he believes her mother is. Her respect and admiration to his mother can be enough basis on how much she values and believes to women capabilities and skillsm Women can also be great people, women can also be known CEO’s, they can be best President of a country. Women are very influential, if only they were given the opportunity to showcase everything that they can contribute without rules, without standards, without gender norms.

  9. Gender inequality is one of the issue that rises in our society nowadays.
    Since many of women, girls and those who belongs to LGBT are suffering from discrimination in different aspects, most specially in terms of employment opportunity. Having equal human right is a path towards a more peaceful and sustainable society. It brings unity of people knowing they are treated.the same way as others, they are treated as human, as people regardless of their religion, race, and gender. Women can also do what other people thinks is just meant to be done by men.

    Rizal would surely support this advocacy because I know how much she values her mother and how great he believes her mother is. Her respect and admiration to his mother can be enough basis on how much she values and believes to women capabilities and skills. Women can also be great people, women can also be known CEO’s, they can be best President of a country. Women are very influential, if only they were given the opportunity to showcase everything that they can contribute without rules, without standards, without gender norms.

  10. Gender equality is something that our country needs right now. There are lots of Filipinos who are closed minded in this matter, and they only see the people of the third gender as someone ‘less’ of a person, someone who is only there to provide them with comedic relief. The Fight for women’s rights can be traced back to 1800’s. Before, women were not allowed to vote, go to school, work, and the fight is still continuing until now and is not just for women but also to the LGBT who are struggling to be treated as equal. As we progress into the future, it’s time for the Filipinos to open opportunities for everyone despite their gender. Everyone has their own skills and abilities and it should not be shrugged off just because they’re women or an LGBT. Having equal rights in our country will increase our productivity rate because people will be able to use their skills in the jobs that they want. If a woman wants to work as a firefighter, no one should be stopping her. If someone who belongs in the LGBT wants to be a preschool teacher then let them be, they won’t be implanting negative ideas to the children. If more, they can be the ones who will shape the children to be an acceptable citizen. Profession should not dictate gender, and gender should not dictate the respect that they will get.

    Rizal will definitely support this advocacy because first of all, he wants the Filipino citizens to be unified and what’s the best way to achieve unity? For everyone to be equal. Rizal also has lots of sisters and I’m sure that if someone were to discredit the hard work of his sisters just because of their gender, he’ll be greatly offended. Women had a great impact in Rizal’s life. His mother was a respectable woman who shaped him as a great person. It shows that women can do lots of great things, they’re not just someone who is supposed to stay in the house and do house chores. I’m sure, that with all the fights for gender equality, Rizal will be fighting with us through pen and paper, influencing the Filipino citizens to accept each other as equals.

  11. Gender equality is something that this country needs right now.There are lots of Filipinos who are close minded in this matter. They only see people of the third gender as someone ‘less’ of a person and someone who is only there to provide them with comedic relief. The fight for women’s rights can be traced back in the 1800’s. Before, women are not allowed to vote, go to school, or work for themselves and this fight is still continuing up to this date in different countries. Alongside with the fight for the women’s rights, the LGBT rights are here too. As we progress in the future, it’s time for the Filipinos to leave their 1800-ish mindset and actually start thinking as someone from 2017. Everyone has their own talents and skills and these things should not be shrugged off just because of their gender. If a woman wants to be a firefighter then let her be. If an LGBT wants to be a preschool teacher then let them be, they won’t be corrupting the minds of the children. A profession is a profession and it doesn’t have a gender. Gender equality in the Philippines can result to a more harmonious relationship and a high productivity rate because people are actually using their knowledge and skills in the right jobs.

    Rizal will definitely support this advocacy because first of all, he wanted the Filipino citizens to be unified and what’s the best way to achieve unity? For everyone to be equal no matter what gender they have. Rizal also has sisters who worked hard and if someone were to discredit them just because of their gender, he’s be greatly offended. Women also had a great impact in Rizal’s life, a perfect example of this will be his mother. His mother shaped and influenced him as who he is. Without his mother we won’t Rizal to be our hero. This shows that women can do great things, they are not limited to staying in the house to take care of children. They can make a huge difference too, and as we all know, there are strong women behind the most powerful men in the society. We have to let them shine and use their strong power to make a difference. Today, with all the fights for gender equality, I’m sure Rizal will fight with us through pen and paper, convincing the women and LGBT not to hide anymore.

  12. Gender equality is a fight that the whole world is fighting against. It is a battle that is not easy to win because the idea is rooted in our past. It is very important to be aware of what is happening now in our society about the issue because it is a hindrance on our development, for the improvement of our nation. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian or transgender because they are just being true to themselves and what is wrong is when they abuse their rights. We should not treat them as other people because they still have the capabilities of doing such things and they are part of the key to success.
    The advocacy is not only for the Philippines but for the whole world. It is very timely because we have to educate the youth to respect all the people regardless of their gender or sexuality. As part of the society, we have to act, not only for ourselves but also for the others, to help them in building their self-confidence and building their real identity. Respect is something that everyone should receive and not something to beg for. Lastly, we, Filipinos should learn how to act to make the difference and to create a solution as one in order for us to have improvements.

  13. Discrimination & Gender Equality have been two of the common problem most people are experiencing nowadays. Discrimination not only to status but also to races. While economic gender equality should be said that man and woman must have an equal rights in the society and not only man to be seen superior from woman. This advocacy is needed by the country since it doesn’t promote equality among the Filipinos and tend to degrade and be little a fellow Filipino as well

    Rizal would support this advocacy because even he, himself experience discrimination and with that, I think be doesn’t want also to happen this kind of situation to fellow Filipino too. But rather do something to uplift their lives

  14. I was nominated as a representative for the Supreme Student Government during high school. I went all out with the campaigns and carefully planned the projects that I wanted to contribute to the team. Everything was going steady if it wasn’t for my rival who happened to be a guy. Let me rephrase that: If it wasn’t for the headlong votes majority of the students dropped in the box. I would accept if the reason was that they thought he would be a more effective leader than I would be, but it was nowhere near that situation. I have lost over the reason that I am a girl. As a lady in this type of society, I found this very alarming that I start asking myself, what if all the other people rejected a position in something because of their gender were actually the ones who could have made a significant change?

    Gender inequality has never taken anyone to success and so it has to stop. Being a girl does not make you weak and being a homosexual does not make you any less better than anyone. People stopped focusing on the more important things when the lie that human abilities vary in gender was implated on their minds. This kind of thinking has to change because each of us are different and we must respect that. The moment that we learn to accept our diversity is the moment that we allow societal growth.

  15. The importance of this social movement is to promote equal rights, and equal treatment- equality itself regardless of gender in the society. It’s serve as an instrument by giving people an idea, and a guide of what they can do and don’t. The gender is not a reason and not a basis in every path of success nor failure to become a better person. It helps us to remind that gender is not a hindrance on what people capable to do and what they want to be. No matter what gender preference, everyone deserve the equal rights because we’re all part in the society and we are equally created by our creator. A reminder to all, differences in the society makes us one and unite until differences doesn’t make any differences.
    “The only constant in life is to change.” It is important to change the society to have a better society. We need to change in order to achieve the goal that the society aims to meet. Mindset and behavior of the people is one of the factors to change the society. Mindset, for changing the perspective of the people on how they look at things. Behavior, an act to reflect and to think that the action needs to change when it’s wrong or to improve when it’s right. Showing respect and love in differences makes the one society equal. Change may bring the society to become success and change will start within our self. “We must become the change we want to see.”-Mahatma Gandhi

  16. Discrimination has always been a big issue. We are being discriminated is many ways; gender, age, skin color etc. But as this article discrimination is based on gender which is never new. Article tackles about being discriminated mostly among lesbians, gay, bisexuals and trans gender. It is also about issues concerning sexual harassment and early pregnancy. Even before women has limited opportunities in the society but we all know that women sometimes can do much better than men and there are some works wherein women can accomplish it better than men.

    Rizal will support this advocacy because during his time he has seen how women are being discriminated and being kept at home to be just a housewife. Rizal also experienced being discriminated for being a Filipino, short and dark. He experienced being discriminated because of his experience. So Rizal will support this advocacy against discrimination/gender equality.

  17. Basically, gender equality is a human rights that most of the people failed to acknowledge. This inequality serve as an addition to the barrier in all humankind– gender being one. Here in the Philippines, we have been experiencing a lot of discrimination, especially if you are a part of the third community, (Bisexual, trans, gay, lesbian…) and that is not good because this, said, community is continuously growing. The importance of this movement is to help us give an acceptance, especially to the male gender community, that every community is a part of our nation. Moreover, this kind of discrimination experienced by, not just some member of the third community, but also women. People across the Philippines should realize that every Filipino, men or women, has an exact job to our nation… a job that cannot be completed without one another. Furthermore, the basic foundation of the community is a family, and this family consists of men and women. So this movement is a perfect representation that every community works as a nation. This movement will also give us some realization that we are a member of a community, and we have been accepted since we are born.

    It is important, not to change, but to give some acknowledgement and acceptance that we are in some sort of deficiency. People can’t expect someone to change abruptly, but for them to acknowledge every part of the nation is a big thing. Things have been rough in this issue, but imagine if things change, and both community settle and acknowledge one another! This is one of the causes of bullying. If this will resolve, the rate of the bullying might decrease, and the rate of drop-out student, that is a member of third community, might also decrease. Imagine the things that could end in just this kind of movement.

  18. Through years discrimination of sexuality was a poison to the society. Equality for work and opportunity was prohibited to those person in third sex (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and other sexuality such as pan and demi sexual).

    In the Philippines we have this crab mentality which keep us from moving forward. They think that when you belong to third sex society you are “salot sa lipunan” or “no right to live free”. How come people think about that? The reason why, is they base it from the bible which then stated that there’s no such thing as LGBT because only Adam and Eve were created. Here’s a thing, how ’bout the thought “love one another as you love yourself?”. We are all humans, we all have the right to live and to be free. No matter where they belong, they’re still a wonderful creation of God, it is just that they chose what they want to be. What we have to do as a human being we need to be open minded and to accept them as what they are for us to move forwward and live life to the fullest without anyone being stepped on.

    I believe this advocacy to stop discrimination will definitely be supported by our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal because he himself fought for us, Filipinos to be free from being slave of the colonizers which is the spaniards. He fought for our freedom to live a, freedom from criticism and equality to each one of us.

  19. Nowadays, the community tends to discriminate, segregate and to judge others as if they’re nothing to be criticize in them. Ability, physical matters, emotional matters, neighborhood courses and so forth will never attest one’s gender whether you are straight or not gay or lesbian or an a ugly being. Everyone should respect others as much as they respect themselves because they’re judgement for other will only reflect themselves. Human rights claims to set individual’s equality exclusive to human race. In order to achieve humanitarian character we should encourage and promote respect and freedom for all distinction as to race sex language or religion in our community as a social movement.

    Human rights pertains to conceptualize practice and issues civil and political rights to every individual living in the Philippines. Equality allows a person to live with dignity and peace away from the abuses that can be afflicted by institutions or individuals but remains that there are human right violation around the globe. Concede yourself not as a disparate but as a community component that has ability partake to artistry and uniqueness that we all have. Unfortunately many people build barrier to protect themselves instead of accepting others as they are that leads to misturn and mistrust regardless of they’re color, religion and differences. Tolerance is the key but you can still maintain your own identity and valid view towards the degree of respect as we like to treated and to embrace ourselves knowing that we are within a further memoir.

  20. Dr. Jose Rizal would support this advocacy because he is an advocate for freedom. He believes that everyone should be free from discrimination whether it be race, color or gender.

    Gender equality requires equal enjoyment by women and men of socially-valued goods, opportunities, resources and rewards. Where gender inequality exists, it is generally women who are excluded or disadvantaged in relation to decision-making and access to economic and social resources. Therefore a critical aspect of promoting gender equality is the empowerment of women, with a focus on identifying and redressing power imbalances and giving women more autonomy to manage their own lives. Gender equality does not mean that men and women become the same; only that access to opportunities and life changes is neither dependent on, nor constrained by, their sex. Achieving gender equality requires women’s empowerment to ensure that decision-making at private and public levels, and access to resources are no longer weighted in men’s favour, so that both women and men can fully participate as equal partners in productive and reproductive life.

    Taking gender concerns into account when designing and implementing population and development programmes therefore is important for two reasons. First, there are differences between the roles of men and women, differences that demand different approaches. Second, there is systemic inequality between men and women.

  21. Gender inequality is one of the most debatable topic nowadays. A lot of people agrees that everyone deserves the same treatment no matter what age, gender, nationality or color but not everyone acts on it. There are still people out there who thinks that only a man and a woman have the rights to live a fulfilling life. They, of course, have their own reasons like the church, thinking that God only created a man and woman and nothing else or maybe it’s just their personal opinion. but whatever reason that is, not everyone thinks the same. There are women that are happier being a man and there are men happier being a woman. Do you want to take their happiness away? Imagine someone telling you that you don’t deserve this and that because you chose to be yourself. Not very nice, right? Well, that’s what this society does to the LGBT community. Treat others like you want to be treated, isn’t that what we always say? Then why do we treat them like they don’t deserve anything in life? Is that how we want to be treated?

    Dr. Jose Rizal have always fought for freedom. He’s always been against inequality and any inhumane act. If he’s still alive today, I think he would fight gender discrimination like how he fought for our country’s freedom. The Spanish took our freedom then, the same way how we are taking the freedom of these people. This is their life, their choices just like it was our country, our freedom, our life. Do we want those things taken away from us the same way it’s taken away from them? I think not. Rizal is our national hero now because he freed us and gave us our life back. We can all be heroes by giving theirs back. Fight gender inequality and be a hero.

  22. The problem of the society in this matter, affects most likely womens because of some saying that, Wives should only stay at home because of their lack of “skill” as verbalized by others. Little did they know that gender doesn’t affect anything regarding this matter. Nevativity does, But it doesn’t make sense at least. Surely there’s just this thing why mothers stay at home because someone has to, But it doesn’t mean that it should. In fact there are many ways why women could stand up as much as the men can do. People go through discrimination everyday, but they might not make a big deal about because they may not think about it or the impact of their wrongdoings to other races. There’s also an issue about being gay and being a lesbian. Why does this kind of discrimination made a big effect on making it too popular. it’s also because of our society. It’s notching much of a deal actually, people are just being controversial, and being too immature on taking this kind stuff. Why does discrimination made it worse, it’s because of the people itself that destroys their image without evidence, They just started rumors for what?

    Equal treatment for both genders is important because it develops more independence in terms of race and discrimination through their effort and effect as well. I supported this Gender Equality because I believed that gender does not define a person. We are all human beings and women should not be inferior to their male counterparts so as other genders they don’t have to show that they’re low or not accepted in the society. I must say that everyone can do what others can do. Gays and lesbians should not be abused or discriminated.We need an act that’s why I’m supporting this advocacy. To make things more equal to each one of us with our rights.

  23. It is observed that there is an inequality among gender we are facing even up today. This social issue has been arising like a cancer that is very difficult to cure or should I say difficult to be give a remedy. But why? There is big why coming into my mind when I heard about this issue. Do people in this society need to be rude and act like a homophobic and destroy the confidence of an individual who’s having a different gender preference?
    When we talk about inequality it is followed by discrimination which literally degrading the humanity of an individual. Discussing this social issue gives us a relevant information about the voices of the LGBT community and to what they are fighting for. Different sides of this society is being surrounded by the growing population of the LGBT which can also be seen that they are the one who are contributing a lot to the progress of their country especially the Philippines. Lots of businessman and famous entrepreneurs are members of LGBT but then some people kept on destroying their rights.
    Relating it with the past, Dr. Jose Rizal fight for what he believes in and I can assure that he will support the advocacy and voices of the LGBT, why? Simply because Jose Rizal used his pen rather than sword to fight against the hands of the Spaniards and relatively the LGBT community believed that “gender is not the measure of what you can do but rather to pursue the best version of an individual”. And I think that is the qualification that made Rizal supports the advocacy of LGBT.
    Finally to end this statement let us all remember what Pope said “”A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will – well, who am I to judge him?” . That’s it and let us practice gender equality for the betterment of this society.

  24. Philippines’ religion are mostly Roman Catholic that really affects our daily activities. For gender equality has been the most debatable topic these days. For example senator Manny Pacquiao argued against a legislative proposal prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity. “Even in the Bible, we can read na ang babae, dapat magsuot na pambabae; at ang lalaki, magsuot ng panlalaki. That’s what I believe” Senator Pacquaio said. On the other a representative Geraldin Roman, First District of Bataan said “I respect his religious beliefs, but the basis of our laws is not the bible. It is the Constitution where the tenet of equality is enshrined.” Being also a third gender, I believe that we should also have our own law ( anti-discrimination ) not for what gender I posses but for being a person. A person in this country. A person who also have a knowledge and skills that we can also contribute to the country.

    And my religion is also Roman Catholic. I believe also in words of God. But Equality is not an LGBT rights issue, Equality is an Human Rights issue. We all deserve it. We should all have it. Gender does not define me as a person, it defines my gender genetalia. That’s why LGBT’s flag is rainbow to show that whatever religion, gender, what even country you are from. We also deserve to be free. A love that should spread. A love that will make the world unite and have the peace that longed we’re all wishing for.


  25. The 1987 Constitution, specifically Article II, Section IX of the Philippines, states that “the values dignity of every human person guarantees full respect of human rights.” The Philippines has also expressed its commitment to the international community to include gender equality in its national agenda for development particulary in Suistainable Development Goals enacted by United Nations. However, stories pf discrimination and stigma against the LGBTQIA remain prevalent in society.

    In this year, we support the passage of Sogie or Anti Discrimination Bill. Deplorable situation of discrimination, from kin and kith alike, we experienced by then. Stories of bullying as well those who are alienated by their own relatives were tearfully shared as a few example. These experiences are unfortunately, common challenges face by many faces of LGBTQIA community. Such narratives are not merely fabrications, but rather a sadly true-to life anecdotes faced by many Filipinos in real life.
    There is no force mightier than the idea whose time has come and it is only but a respectful duty of government, ourselves to heed the calls of a long marginalized community, whose standing in society has been constantly relegated among the least, the last, and the lost. We have to support this for us to be accepted by the community and avoid being discriminated by the society. All we need is to be ACCEPTED, RESPECTED AND TO BE LOVED.

    Always remember, like what Lady Gaga said, “it’s always wrong to hate, but it’s never wrong to love.”

    – Raymundo(NUR151)

  26. Discrimination/Gender equality is one of the major problems in our society that I am firmly against of. Who would actually want to be looked at by persons with judgmental perception for freely doing what you want that is not even against the law? Of course, nobody does. Apparently, in the Philippines it is common for men to be expected to always give way for women as they call it as chivalry. If you fail so? Then these people around you will call you gay and “bastos!” without hesitating to look for your point of view. Same goes for the women who are having less work opportunities because of “pregnancy leave” and their abilities that are not believed to be capable of doing their job. Lesbian, gay and transgendered people are judged for being what other people see as abnormal.

    It is important to support gender equality as it gives people being discriminated the equal opportunity to prove to the society that his or her gender preference will never hinder their capability to perform their duties well. And it should also be taken into consideration that words of discouragement and belittlement can affect a person on a long term basis. That’s why our society should be more open to these types of persons. The government and the society itself should do their part in giving support to these kinds of people for they are still part of the community. They should be given atleast equal opportunity and be given a fair chance of achieving what a normal person can achieve. For all we know, they may be the one that can do the job right despite their difference in sexual preference, and at the end of the day, doing your job the way it’s supposed to be done is the only thing that matters in the working industry.

  27. Discrimination or gender equality is one of the huge problem of our society nowadays. It is chronic here in the Philippines that many of our countrymen suffers day by day. As a part of LGBT community being judged by people who don’t know something about me hurts me a lot, but I must prove that even though I’m different form them I can do what they can do or even exceed what they can do. Women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender etc let’s stand for our rights, let’s stand for our freedom to live freely, to live without judgement, to live without limitations and boundaries. We must show them our importance in our society, let’s make a stand together as one, let’s show them that being different is not a problem.

    I think when Rizal is still living with us, he will support the war against discrimination and gender equality. As we all know Rizal’s love for our country is very unconditional that he only wants peace for our beloved country. Discrimination or gender equality will only bring chaos among fellow Filipino citizens instead of unity and for sure Rizal won’t be happy seeing that scenario. We must unite as one to be able to make our country better as what Rizal wanted to do at the first place.

  28. This is one of the most problem in our country. I’m not against this. Because gender equality is a human right. Women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. Gender equality is a precondition for advancing development and reducing poverty.

    Because we can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of it’s women.

  29. As our Pope Francis says in one of his interview, “If a gay person wants to be close to God, who am i to judge?”. This sums up everything on issues about gender equality and discrimination. Pope Francis is the Bishop of Rome and, therefore, the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. He is the one who is on top of promoting catholic views and values on Earth. God is on top of everything here on Earth, if you want to be in heaven someday, then you must be good, you must follow our God’s rule. Since our Pope promotes that gay is okay, then no one must be discriminated if he/she chooses to be one.


  30. Gender equality, also known as sex equality, gender egalitarianism, sexual equality or equality of genders, is the belief that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender. This is why I strongly support Gender equality. Growing up a girl, I myself, experienced how lowly society can treat you. You should be prim and proper, you should be like this and like that. there are lots of do’s and don’ts. Same with the boys. If you were born a boy, society expects you to be what you ought to be. Being born a boy means you should always be strong, dependable and you should always ‘man up’. I support gender equality because I believe that every person is entitled to have their freedom to choose what they want to be, do what they want to do without society judging them because of their gender. Today, we are living in 20th centuries. But there are still people who think that Women are inferior to men and that Men are superior and responsible for women. I oppose this thought because I believe that we are all born equal. Same with gays and lesbians. Society should stop treating them like they are some kind of a sick joke. They shouldn’t be experiencing those inhumane treatments from the closed minded society we live in. You don’t need to be a boy, girl, gay, lesbians to do what you want or to be what you want to be. Because being a great person doesn’t require sexuality. Every one is special no matter what their sexuality is.

  31. I strongly agree with this advocacy. Gender discrimination is one of the hot topics in most of the country and specially in our own country. We should always have respect to all gender because no matter what you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, homosexual and etc… we should always give them respect because we are all human beings and we are all love by God and i think that’s what’s important. Discriminating them will never give you a reward and disrespecting them will never give you plus “pogi” points. If you are a straight person it doesn’t mean that you are better than a gay or a lesbian and vice versa a personality of a human being will never be judged by his or her gender because gender is not a base of personality so why do we discriminate and disrespect other genders. Perhaps its because of the close mindedness of people and being too judge mental of other people to other people that aren’t straight. In my opinion gender equality is a must specially in our county because no matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, homo/bi sexual we should respect one another and stop the discriminating because the world is created for me and for you and for all of us we are all love by our Lord and savior.

  32. Men and women are equal. If you have sons and daughters, will you tell you daughters they are worth less than your sons? Wouldn’t you send both to school and often times the most brilliant in a class is a girl. More and more women are becoming CEOs and even politicians globally. If you have children, be an equal parent : Be willing to take paternity leave and stay at home to care for your kids when they need you. Divide childcare responsibilities with your partner and also ensure that both of you get to spend an equal amount of “play” time with the children. I myself, know how to threat people equal. Because I think everyone deserve anything they want and they deserve to treat equal.

  33. Ang gender equality ay isa sa mga major issue hindi lang sa pilipinas maging sa buong mundo. Kahit na may mga ilang bansa na ang nag legal. Still may ibang mga bansa parin na hindi sumasang ayon sa gender equality na to. may ibang mapang husga na hihilahin sila pababa pag alam nila na successful sila sa buhay. CRAB MENTALITY nga ang sabi ng iba. tigilan na natin ang gantong sitwason. At hayaan na lang natin ang buhay nila. Tutal may buhay ka din naman gusto mo bang pake alaman ka sa mga trip mo sa buhay mo? diba magagalit ka at mag kakaron ka ng sama ng loob. Kaya wag kang basag trip. Hayaan na natin sila,kasi ika nga YOLO You Only Live Once hayaan na natin sila sa mga gusto nila.

  34. First of all, gender equality means men and women both held in equal context. It doesn’t mean a woman living in a man’s world deprived the chance for progressing. It also doesn’t mean a man, living in fear of rules being abused which were applied to protect women in the first place. Before your hate starts bubbling, I’m not taking sides here. All I’m saying is, Gender equality should cover its literal meaning. Both genders considered equal.

    It is essential to bolster sex correspondence as it gives individuals being segregated the equivalent chance to demonstrate to the general public that his or her sexual orientation inclination will never upset their capacity to play out their obligations well. Furthermore, it ought to likewise be mulled over that expressions of demoralization and belittlement can influence a man on a long haul premise. That is the reason our general public ought to be more open to these sorts of people.

    Sharing the information is important start by your close friends and family, little steps do make the difference.

  35. Everyone wants equality, but why can’t we have it? is discriminating both genders enough to have the qul rights we wish for? I support the thought of gender equality. There are lots of people whom i andi don’t who support this so i hope that someday people will see that men and women are in the same picture

  36. I believe in this advocacy because some people may see gender equality as a minor issue but in reality, it has a big impact in our society. By simply accepting each and every men, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, as who and what they are I can support this advocacy. Take economic development as an example. Labor issues about gender inequality to be exact. There are certain jobs that are only offered for men but not for women and vice versa. Imagine if gender equality is implemented in every job or occupation, there would be more workers or laborers that can contribute to one’s economy. Another example is that women, who grew up in a stereotypical society that we live in where women are treated inferior to men has a big chance that these women already had their minds set that they can’t pursue or surpass things that men does. This makes them incapable of striving and pushing their selves to their limit and as an outcome, they can’t contribute enough for our society. There are women who are jobless because of this inferiority that people set in our minds. They are belittled and only a few of these women are hired because they believe that they lack in skills especially in physical labor.

  37. For us knowing that god made only two genders, but how about the gays and the lesbian? it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or lesbian all we gotta do is to respect them and accept them for who they are because they are also a human and part of god’s creation, We’re all created by god and none of us is perfect.

  38. Gender equality is an important issue,as gender equality guidelines improve education for both men and women.
    Let us take action together to put a stop to discrimination.

  39. some filipino dont understand the gender equality the church dont even understand how gender equality is.Filipino gay groups say they have to overcome discrimination first before gunning for same-sex marriage legislation in the face of stern Church opposition that, according to a retired bishop, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam, nor Eve and Eve. and as a gay student respect the people who give respect to…

  40. Sang-ayon ako sa advocacy na ito, dahil pare-pareho lamang tayong tao at pantay pantay ang paningin ng maykapal sa atin. Marami akong kaibigang lesbians at gays, iba nga ang kanilang gender at puso ngunit sila ay tapat at may paninindigan sa kanilang mga sarili. Ngunit sa mata ng ibang tao ito ay isang kasalanan sa dyos at doon ako hindi sang-ayon. Dahil ang pagmamahal ng dyos ay para sating lahat at ito’y pantay pantay.

    -Jacob A. Mangulabnan

  41. I Have friends that are Lesbian and Gay but I think its not right to discriminate them because they are human too there is nothing wrong on being a Lesbian or Gay unless they did wrong to someone but the point is they just sit and laugh to each other having fun with their friends.I think they are the ones who is Respectful than others they don’t give opinion on what you’re doing on your life.Even though they exprerieced discrimination Gays and Lesbians are more successfull its a slap on their face of someone who were discriminating them on the past.

  42. Of course every human being be it Male or Female are equal…But it depends on what you mean by gender equality. Everybody has got a duty to perform in life that’s why human beings are made differently. Women are not called “weaker vessels” for nothing. It means that unlike men, they don’t have that physical prowess to do most things that men are known for that’s why they’re more into things that involves more of thinking and being meticulous. That’s how they’re made. I personally see it as an insult when women abandon the niche that God has carved for them and gone to challenge men.

  43. By the way, I believe in gender equality. Men and women are equal. The only little difference is in physique. That being said, there are some women even more powerful than some men.When it comes to the mind, women and men are equal. When social barriers and norms are removed, men and women are virtually the same when it comes to certain cognitive issues.

    -krizhia anne pasatiempo

  44. This is just low coming from you.
    In my experience, people usually begin to attack an opponent’s character instead of his points when they start finding it
    difficult to make a rational argument.

    But you were changing positions now. . . .na wa o. You said one thing in one post then said something else later. Then you were saying something about wage discrimination not being the norm as if I ever claimed it was the norm.
    By the way its good to know you think so highly of me.

    Next time try to express your point clearly. You should have said AAUW blamed part of the 7% on inability to negotiate, instead of saying AAUW blamed the 7% on inability to negotiate becausd the latter is a general statement. You don’t have to include the word ‘entire’ in it to make it a generalization.

    Interesting. Why then did you think it was necessary to include the word “entirely” in order to make your point. Surely you know that saying something in a general sense is not the same as saying something in an absolute sense.

    Nathaniel Renegado 🙂

  45. Society just wouldn’t let this issue be put to rest. I have read and heard plenty of advocacies that promote gender equality, but it seems to me that people are still not open to accepting it wholeheartedly. Sure enough there is progress to women’s rights, but the LGBT community is still struggling to attain equal treatment. We now have an improved set of laws that addresses VAW (violence against women) and we tend to favor the victims. But what about those who have a different sexual preference? Society is taking them far too lightly. It’s already 2017 and I know of certain institutions that still do not allow their students to be openly gay/lesbian. They say they are ready for thay change but they cannot get rid of those restrictions. I say we should abstain from being biased and let all genders be free to claim their rights as long as they are not breaking any law.

    Acceptance is the key towards achieving gender equality and I am all for it. I give out my full support until such time that we achieve harmony in our communities.

  46. Diaz, James Marvin S.
    ELE 151
    Republic Act No. 0929

    An act declaring Gender Equality in the Education, Work, and for other purposes.

    SECTION 1. Short Title. — This Act shall be known as “Gender Equality Act of 2017”.

    SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. – The State shall value the dignity of every individual, enhance the development of its human resources, guarantee full respect for human rights, and uphold the dignity of every gender such as Men, Women, and LGBT group.

    SECTION 3. Principles of Human Rights of Women. — Human rights are universal and inalienable. All people in the world are entitled to them. The universality of human rights is encompassed in the words of Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that all human beings are free and equal in dignity and rights..

    All individuals are equal as human beings by virtue of the inherent dignity of each human person. No one, therefore, should suffer discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age, language, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, political, or other opinion, national, social, or geographical origin, disability, property, birth, or other status as established by human rights standards.

    All people have the right to participate in and access information relating to the decision-making processes that affect their lives and well-being. Rights-based approaches require a high degree of participation by communities, civil society, minorities, women, young people, indigenous peoples, and other identified groups.

    SECTION 4. The State as the Primary Duty-Bearer. — The State, as the primary duty-bearer, shall:

    (a) Refrain from discriminating against individuals and violating their rights;

    (b) Protect individuals against discrimination and from violation of their rights by private corporations, entities, and other individuals; and

    (c) Promote and fulfill the rights of individual in all spheres, including their rights to substantive equality and non-discrimination.

    SECTION 5. Penalties. – Any person who violates the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction, be penalized by imprisonment of not less than one (1) month nor more than six (6) months, or a fine of not less than Ten thousand pesos (P10,000) nor more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000), or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

  47. RA 0205

    SECTION 1. Title. – This Act shall be known and cited as the “Equality for LGBT “.
    SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. It is the basic objective of the State to promote gender equality in every sector of our country. The state should protect and respect the rights of every individual no matter what they are.
    SECTION 3. Punishment. Anyone who will violate this law by bullying a LGBT or to oppress a LGBT should be punish by 25 years of imprisonment with 1 million pesos of penalty.

  48. Guevarra, Nicole Andrei F.
    Republic Act No. 1717

    An act abolishing the use of third sex as a reference to those who belong to the LGBT Community and legalizing the use of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other preference as gender recognition in Employment, Education and Training environment.

    SECTION 1. Short Title. — This Act shall be known as “Gender Recognition Act of 2017”.

    SECTION 2. Declaration of principles – The State shall value the dignity of every individual within and outside the lands of the country, promote the development of human resources, encourage and guarantee full respect for human rights, and uphold the dignity and self entitlement of every gender such as Men, Women, and to the LGBT community.

    SECTION 3. General Provisions
    A. The use of the term third sex to refer to LGBT is hereby abolished
    B. Misuse and misrepresentation of LGBT in workplace, education and training environment shall be punishable by the following penalties
    C. Legalizing the use of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and other preference as gender recognition
    D. LGBT and other preference can be used in passports, government documents, and other necessary files and documents

    SECTION 4. Penalties. – Any person who violates the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction, be penalized by imprisonment of not less than one (1) year nor more than six (5) years, or a fine of not less than fivr hundred thousand pesos (P500,000) nor more than two million pesos (P2,000,000), or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

  49. Teñoso, Ana Jean L.
    Republika Blg. 2445

    Isang batas na nagpapaliwanag na mahalin at tigilan ang pag didiskriminasyon sa mga LGBT Community, naglaan ito para magkaisa, pagpipigil, paghadlang at pag lelegal sa mga trabaho at sa kapaligiran.

    Sec 1.: Pamagat: ANg batas na ito ay kikilanin bilang “Love LGBT Group act of 2017”

    Sec 2: Pagpapahayag ng patakaran- Kinikilala ng bansa ang kahalagahan ng respeto sa kapwa tao, pagkakaisa sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay kaayusan para sa ating bansa mapa-loob or mapa- Internasyonal, at dignidad ng isang tao.

    Sec 3: Mga Parusa: Sinumang tao na napatunayang gumaawa ng anumang pagkakasala na isinaad ay paparusahan ng pagkakabilanggo ng prision mayor o papagbabayarin ng hindi baba ng Isaang daan libong piso (PHP 100,000.00) hanggang sa maximum na halaga na katapat ng pinsalang ginawa o pagpapataw ng parehong kaparusahan (pagkakulong at pagbabayad).

  50. Repiblic Act 0714
    “Anti Discrimination on LGBT Community”

    Sec 1: This law prohibited the discrimination on any wrong doings to any member of LGBT Community. In this bill, everyone should respect everyone despite of their genders.

    Sec 2: Any person who violates this bill shall fine a PHP70,000 or be imprisoned for 6 months and be required to attend community service that was handled by LGBT Community.

    Castro, Pauline Joy M.
    CIV 151

  51. Caballero, Ghyrvy B.
    CIV 151
    Republika Blg. 1002

    Batas na nag bibigay pahalaga sa mga na bibiktima ng ng Gender Discrimination.

    Section 1. Pamagat: Ang batas na ito ay tatawaging “Zero Tolerance Gender Equality Act of 2017”.

    Section 2. Pagpapahayag ng patakaran: Ang lahat ay kailangan sumunod sa batas na ito, ito ay nag lalayun na supportahan at mapahalagahan ang mga naapi at na bibiktima ng Gender Discrimination. Kabilang na dito ang LGBT Community. Nakasaad din sa batas na ito ang pagtugon sa mga reklamo ng mga na biktima ng Gender Discrimination at magawan agad ng aksyon sa madaling panahon.

    Section 3. Pangkalahatang probisyon:
    A. Ang paggamit ng mga LGBT sa malalaswang commercial ay pinag babawal.
    B. Ang pananakit sa LGBT ay di dapat ipagsawalang bahala. magsumbong agad upang itoy maaksyonan
    C. Pagkakaroon ng hiwalay na Kubeta ang mga LGTB sa lahat ng public at private building.
    D. LGBT ay pwede ng gamitin sa sex reference ng mga documento gaya ng resume at social account.

    Section 4. Parusa:
    A. Ang sino mang hindi sumunod sa mga nakapaloob sa batas ay paparusahan ng suspensyon ng 3 araw sa trabaho o pagmumultahin ng(PHP 250,000.00) sa mismong araw ng paghuli.
    B. Ang sino mang mahuling manakit o mangapi ng mga LGTB ay paparusahan ng pagkakulong ng limang taon hanggang sampung taon depende pa sa bigat ng kasalanan.
    C. Ang mga taong nakasaksi at hindi nag sumbong ay pwede ring makasohan o pagmultahin ng(PHP 50,000.00).

  52. Republic Act 1705

    Section 1: This Act shall be known as “Legal Recognition of Other Gender Identities Act of 2017”.

    SECTION 2: This law states that other gender identities shall be legally recognized in our society.Giving rights for the LGBT community to have freedom, respect and to be treated equally in all aspect.

    SECTION 3: Any person who violates this Act shall be punished by a fine of not less than two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000) to one million pesos (P1,000,000), or by imprisonment not less than one (1) year nor more than six (6) years, or both, at the discretion of the court.

    SECTION 4: This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

    – Hannah Quennie Tubera
    FIN 131

  53. Catubag, Jane Marie P.
    FIN 131

    Republika blg. 1005

    Sek. 1 Pamagat: Ang batas na ito ay tatawaging “Equality (He or She Act of 2017)”.

    Sek. 2 Pagpapahayag sa patakaran: Ang lahat ay kinakailangang sumunod sa batas na ito. Ang pagpapahalaga sa mga LGBT community ay dapat kapareho lang sa mga babae at lalaki kung paano natin sila igalang at pahalagahan dapat ganun din ang kanilang tinatamasa sa mundong kanilang ginagalawan. Wala tayong karapatang saktan sila o maliitin. Ang karapatan na dapat na gawin natin sa kanila ay tanggapin tanggapin taggapin ng buong puso kung ano sila hindi ipagtabuyan.

    Sek. 3 Kung sino man ang lalabag sa batas na ito ay may karampatang parusa. Ito ay ang mga sumusunod:
    3.1 Pagdamitin ang mga lalaki ng damit pang babae o kung ang babae ang lumabag sila ay pagsusuotin ng panlalaking damit at maglilinis sa buong barangay sa loob ng isang linggo simula 8:00 ng umaga hanggang 4:00 ng hapon.
    3.2 Pagmumultahin ng limangpung libong piso (P 50,000.00)
    3.3 Kung sino man ang makita sa akto na sinasaktan ang isa sa mga LGBT community ay paparusahan ng pagkakabilanggo ng limang taon hanggang sampung taon. Dipende ito sa bigat ng kasalanan na nagawa nila.

    Tanggapin na lang natin sila dahil may mga kakayahin din sila na hindi natin kayang gawin. Kaya ang mas maganda mahalin na lang natin sila kung ano mang kasarian ang meron sila.

  54. Reniva, John Carl P.
    FIN 131
    Republic Act No. 1222

    Batas na nagbibigay importansya sa mga taong kabilang sa LGBT Community

    Sec 1: Pamagat: “Approval of the Importane of LGBT Community Act of 2017”

    Sec 2: Pagpapahayag ng Patakaran- Binibigyang kahalagahan ng bansang Pilipinas ang pakikipag kapwa tao at ang pagkakapantay-pantay ng kanilang kakayahan anuman ang kanyang kasarian: Babae, Lalaki o kung siya man ay kabilang sa LGBT Community.

    Sec 3: Pangkalahatang Probisyon:
    A. Hindi magiging hadlang ang pagiging miyembro ng LGBT sa paghahanap ng trabaho
    B. Pagtanggap sa mga miyembro ng LGBT bilang isang leader ng isang organisasyon.
    C. Pagsuporta sa LGBT community sa pamamaraang pagtanggap sa kanilang kasarian

    Sec 4: Parusa:
    Sinuman ang mapatunayan na lumabag sa mga isinaad na mga probisyon ay mahahatulan ng pagkakakulong na hindi bababa sa Walong(8) buwan at pagmumultahin ng hindi bababa sa P500,000

  55. RA 169

    This republic act states that gender discrimination is not honored in the country. Therefore, gender equality should be implemented and whoever caught in the the act of discriminating gender shall be sentenced with 1-2 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to 10,000 php



    Sec. 1 This act shall be known as the “PANTAY PANTAY TAYO ACT OF 2017”.

    Sec. 2 This shall prohibit individulas on stereotyping and mocking the LGBT+ community. Thus this act aims to strengthen the love and faith within us.
    This act shall protect under aged lesbian, gay, and bisexual from bullying.

    Sec.3 Penalty:
    Any form of harm (mentally, physically and or emotionally) shall be punished:

    A. Community Service for 1,200 hours or 50 days.
    B. A fine of fifty thousand pesos 50,000.00
    C. Spend 6 days behind the metal bars.

  57. In support to Anti-Discrimination and Gender Equality, Republic Act 1548 shall be proposed as “An Act of Allowing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) in Child Adoption.” Same sex couples can’t produce an offspring of their own but if they are willing to produce their own family, their civil rights to adopt must not be denied. Just like the heterosexuals, they must also undergo the same legal process of child adoption. Homosexuals can be a good parent as the straight couple does, and it reduces the discrimination against them. The child and the parents must also enjoy the same legal benefits including the Social Security System, which is unfortunately, limited to heteros only. Violation of this law shall be fined for P150,000-P500,000 or imprisonment for 6 months-10 years.



    This bill commemorates men’s right to be equal to women. Declared by virtue of Proclamation No. 1105, s. 2017, National Men’s Day will be celebrated every 9th of June (6/9) every year to reflect on the contributions, sacrifices and progress made by men in society. Such progress includes that of men working together with women to make educational, economic, social, and technological advances in society.

  59. R.A 0228

    Sec. 1 this act shal be known as “LOVE WINS” MARCH;

    Sec. 2 where LGBT community and supporters fights against descrimination and march with pride.

    Sec. 3 LOVE WINS March will be celebrated every 28th day of february.


  60. Panaligan,Mark Angelo B.

    Republic Act 1500

    Section 1:ang pangalanan ng batas na ito ay “sheman”

    Section 2:nakapaloob sa batas ang pagkakapantay-pantay ng mga babae,lalaki,pusong lalaki,at pusong babae.

    Section 3:ang sino mang sumuway sa batas na ito ay pagmumultahin ng 25,000

  61. Republic of the Philippines
    Republic Act 10003

    Section 1: This act is also known as “LGBT recognition”
    Section 2: LGBT will be now recognize as gender and can be used for legal documents. People can now cross-dressed and allowed to enter establishments freely.
    Section 3: Establishments who failed to comply must be fined equivalent to 20% of their total sales for the 1st offense and for the following offenses the establishment will be closed.

    Dalida, Marc Christian M.

  62. LOVE WINS BILL 1969

    1. All persons are equal before and under the law in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life and in every other respect and shall enjoy equal protection of the law.
    2. All individuals shall have the duty to respect and consider their fellow beings without any form of discrimination whatsoever, and to maintain relations with them aimed at promoting, safeguarding and strengthening respect, mutual tolerance and solidarity.


    CIV 151


    This bill suggests justice for transgender women that is basically dressed in a feminine manner but then pushed to enter the masculine restroom. May it be official to the republic of the Philippines for the transgender to use the female comfort room for their own choice to lessen their affiliation in public humiliation and discrimination done by certain people.


    Section 1: This act is also known as “Legality of SAME-SEX marriage”.
    Section 2: Provides a legal marriage for people of the same sex in equal dignity in the eyes of the law.
    Section 3: This act allow the said couples to adopt children in sustaining their family.
    Section 4: They should be treated with respect in any places in accordance of protection of their dignity. Any form of discrimination against them will be punished in a form of 1 month of imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 PHP.

  65. Gender inequality is amongst us all in any given society. Although gender is not as simple as may seem. Gender comes into play along with a number of different aspects such as sex, gender and gender roles. Each of these aspects play a significant part when speaking of the different social problems encountered by men and women. Sex makes up the biological differences; of male or female. Gender is the socially learned behaviors that are attached to the sexes which create Gender Roles.

  66. Many people are discriminated against based on race, color of skin, and religion. This is a big challenge in many individual’s lives. Discrimination starts because a specific group of people want to have more power than others. The group that feels superior will start to make people from different backgrounds feel inferior. Many of the teachers I have had told a class I was in: “Don’t let stereotypes you hear about your race bring you down. You are young strong individuals that are capable of achieving anything in life.” These teachers instilled a belief in me that I am capable of breaking the cycle my people have lived in for several years: A cycle of endless poverty and street violence because of the race we come from which leads to the stereotypes said about me and my classmates. And that’s my reason that discrimination should stop because we are all human beings and should be treated equal.

  67. Gender equality does not mean that men and women become the same; only that access to opportunities and life changes is neither dependent on, nor constrained by, their sex. Achieving gender equality requires women’s empowerment to ensure that decision-making at private and public levels, and access to resources are no longer weighted in men’s favour, so that both women and men can fully participate as equal partners in productive and reproductive life.

  68. Getting rid of double standards would be nice. Men and women are born different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be different and equal, learning how to be reasonable with one another is what we should strive for. 

    Egalitarianism is better than feminism in every aspect when it comes to everyone’s issues.

  69. No one should be discriminated in our society. But I can say that in present time there are many people that are being discriminated because of their skin color, and their way of life. Most of the time those people who are financially unstable are being discriminated. Those people who discriminate other people should be put in jail to teach them their lesson. ( ELE 151)

  70. Getting rid of double standards would be nice. Men and women are born different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be different and equal, learning how to be reasonable with one another is what we should strive for. 

    Egalitarianism is better than feminism in every aspect when it comes to everyone’s issues.

  71. Yes, it is a sin being a gay, lesbian, bisexual or whatever you call it. But maybe they should be respected as long as they respect us. And yes, it is a sin in the eye of God, but we, as a person, we commit mistakes, and it is also a sin. In everyday life, we commit mistakes just like them. We must accept them or maybe some people dont agree with their community, but they should how to respect them atleast as a person. We just need acceptance.

  72. The law of equality
    this law is for the LGBT community. this law will be punishable for ones who violate this. This is law is for the the one who discriminate and not giving human rights to the people who are part of the third sex or doing such not humanly act in the internet for destroying thier names. This act is an 10-15 years in jail and not having a bail.

    Michael John Fajarito

  73. I support this advocacy. We must have a law that whoever insults a person whose in the LGBT community should be punished by the law. It must have a fine of 100,000 pesos and be in jail for 3-6 years.

    -Ernest A . Estologa ECE-151


    REPUBLIC ACT 9710 – 1

    Section 1: This acts shall be known as “Magna Carta of all Genders”

    Section 2: This act shall be implemented to disregard any sexual status a citizen in the Philippines prefer. It is a right of an individual to be treated with respect and no order shall scorn the proper right of a Filipino based on his masculinity or feminity.

    Section 3: The state shall protect any individual, whether they belong to the third sex or not, on any form of violence as provided for in any existing laws. Agencies of government shall give priority to the defense and protection of any individual, regardless of their sexual preference against gender-based offenses and help them attain justice and healing.

    Section 4: The state shall, at all times, provide for a comprehensive, culture-sensitive, and gender-responsive health services and programs to address the causes of a third sex individual’s mortality and morbidity.

    -Agustin, Jayvee

  75. R.A. 4321 “Gender Equality Law”

    Sec.1 An Act shall be known as “Gender Equality Law”

    Sec.2 It shall be unlawful for any employer to discriminate against any woman employee with respect to terms and conditions of employment solely on account of her sex

    Sec.3 An Act strengthening the prohibition on discrimination against women with respect to terms and conditions of employment, amending for the purpose article one hundred thirty-five of the labor code, as amended.

    -Troy Gonzales

  76. R.A. 10929

    Sec.1 An Act shall be known as “Gender Equality Law”

    Sec.2 An Act strengthening the prohibition on discrimination and violence against women and their children.

    Sec.3 This law will provide protection to the LGBTQ community and its members.

    Sec.4 Violators of this said act shall suffer (3)Three to (5)Five years of imprisonment and pay the fine not less than (P100,000) One hundred Thousand pesos but not more than (P400,000) Four Hundred Thousand pesos.

    David Dalisay

  77. RA 101231
    “gender equality”
    sec. 1 An Act strengthening the prohibition on discrimination and violence against women
    sec. 2 this law provide protection for womn and also to the LGBTQ community
    sec. 3 violating this law will be inprison for 5-10 yrs and fine 100,000-500,000 pesos

  78. RA 7654
    Section 1 – This act shall be known as “Gender Equality Act of 2017”
    Section 2 – The State recognizes the role of both men and women even those belong to “LGBT” community, in nation building. The State shall ensure fundamental equality before the law of all the citizens regardless of their gender orientation.
    Section 3 – (1)The State shall ensure that any public or private institution must treat any worker or those applying for work regardless of their gender orientation equally and with accordance with the law and norms.
    (2)Any person that belongs to the LGBT community must be given equal rights in education, health, science, technology, arts, culture and sports.
    (3)Any person that belongs to the LGBT community must not be deprived of his/her life, liberty, property and dignity just because of his/her gender orientation.
    Section 4 – Any person who willfully violates this law shall suffer a fine of not less than Fifty thousand pesos (P50,000.00) or imprisonment of not less than six months.

    – Nicdao, Rochelle Anne Marie A.

  79. R.A 126104

    Section 1: This act shall be named “The Rainbow Pride Act”.

    Section 2: The LGBTQ community should be treated with respect and equally. They should not be a subject of discrimination and hate and abuse.

    Section 3: Any form of violence that caused harm to the said community will lead to arrest and the perpetrator shall be given a fine of Php 25000.

    Section 4: The community is given the right to freely exercise their rights such as their right to hold a peaceful rally. Any person caught harassing the community and disrupting the peaceful rally by screaming vulgarity and throwing stuff will be jailed for 1 week and will be doing a 120 hours community service

    Section 5: Men and Women shall be treated equally. They will given equal pay in their respective jobs. And shall not be a subject of sexual abuse. Sexual abusers will be jailed for 5 years and given a fine of 150,000.

    Patricia Cordero

  80. Gender inequality has long been an issue. People who belong in the third sex were often discriminated by the majority as they were seen as societal defect. In my own perspective, the gender of a person, accepted by the majority or not, shouldn’t serve as intrusion or rather a hindrance in any opportunity, as basis of right treatment and as requirement of acceptance by the society. Homosexuals were often a victim of unequal treatment. In line with this, I’ll make sure to keep them protected under the rule of law if I’d be able to implement one. This law shall be known as “Treatment Equality Act of 2017” or “Republic Act No. 12703”. Implementation of this law is a sign of acceptance for those who belong in the third sex category. Under this law, they will be able to take opportunities as equal as those who belong in the accepted gender category. No biases shall be tolerated in any aspects, take for example: treatment, work or organizations. It is strictly prohibited to humiliate them of gender-related issues. Upon violating this law, the transgressor will be imprisoned in the range of two to four years imprisonment.

    Cheong, Rose Marl

  81. Catcalling has been banned lately in some places in Manila. Women feel disrespected when hearing all the whistles and different catcalls. Men should also have this right, to be respected and not be sexually abused too. R.A. 1101 -“Dogcalling ban” will ban all the ladies and gays from disrespecting men sexually in words, especially in public. Disobeying this will be fined with P2000.00 after first warning.

    Astrologio, Ada R.

  82. Gender discrimination is I think one of the most relevant issues occurring not just in our country, but also in the most countries in the world. So to stop this before it gets too destructive, I am proposing the LGBTQ Comfort Room law. This will provide comfort rooms for the LGBT people, of course, separating lesbians from gays for them to have the confidence to do whatever they wish to. With this, they would not be ashamed and hurt with those piercing eyes, living a peaceful life they deserve.

    Noveda, Christian

  83. gender Equality has been very a common issue this days. Basically, this issues only aims to respect people whatever gender he/she is. people who belong in the LGBT community are often being discriminated by their gender preference. As for me, I don’t really see what is wrong in being a gay or a lesbian. As long as you are not doing anything wrong and you are happy, then do whatever it it. I will want to create a law that will stops people from discriminating any gender. this law shall be called “Gender Equality Law”. Anyone who is being discriminated can file a case against the person who discriminated him/her. A punishment of community service might be impose those who will go against the law.

    Mariz Arroyo

  84. REPUBLIC ACT 1987

    According to this act ALL of society needs to be educated on the topic. Men and women shouldn’t feel
    like different people. In the end we are all human, Being a female doesn’t make you any weaker and
    being a male doesn’t make you less emotional. We should all be able to feel the same without being called different.I don’t see anything wrong with a woman being given equal opportunities and rights as men, even if you’re men or women you’re still HUMAN. were all equal. because for me beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. it’s about knowing and accepting who you are. LET YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINE.

  85. Gender inequality is a rare problem here in the philippines. Gays,Bisexual,lesbians and etch were often discriminated by the majority here in the philippines. For me, whoever who you are, you should be respected and love the way you are because according Republic Act No. 12703 No biases shall be tolerated in any aspects, take for example: treatment, work or organizations. It is strictly prohibited to humiliate them of gender-related issues. Upon violating this law, the transgressor will be imprisoned in the range of two to four years imprisonment. So that, whatever gender you is you should be respected in the way you are because thought has no gender and even love has no gender so love always win.

  86. ECE151
    Republic act no. 7780
    Section 1: this act will also be known as “Acceptance act”
    Section 2: if found to do discrimination towards the LGBT community will be punished to a 5000 fine and will be imprisoned to 2 years.
    Section3: For the LGBt community, the government will provide them a comfort room appropriate for their gender and other provisions which can lessen the discrimination towards them.

  87. Republic of the Philippines
    Republic Act no.12128

    Section 1 – Short Title. – This act shall be called “Friendly Environment Act of 2017”

    Section 2 – (1) This is an act that shall establish equal treatment to all kinds of gender. It shall also provide equal opportunities in work, school and in any other fields.
    (2) The state values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights (Section 11, Article II of the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines.

    Section 3 – Violating this law will result to penalty of 50,000 – 100,000 pesos.

    Banday, Joeen Marie D.

  88. Republic Act of the Philippines
    Republic Act no. 22222

    Section1 .Title. – This act shall be known as “Equality beyond differences Act of 2017”

    Section2. Declaration of Policy – The State shall recognizes the role of LGBT in nation building and shall ensure the fundamental equality. The State shall provided LGBT rights and opportunities equal to other gender.

    Section3. This is an act that shall establish equal treatment to all kinds of gender.

    Section4. People of the Philippines shall have the duty to respect and consider their fellow beings without any form of discrimination, promoting respect, mutual tolerance and solidarity.

    Section5. Violators of this said act shall suffer (1)one month to (3)three months of imprisonment and pay the fine not less than (P100,000) One hundred Thousand pesos. This act is non bailabe.

  89. Magos, Jasan Denise – MAR142
    Sociology MQ2
    This article falls under the theory of ethnocentrism because it talks about discrimination that comes from stereotyping.

  90. Surio, Sheila Ann D.
    Sociology MQ2

    The article falls under the theory of ethnocentrism as it shows how a community accepts or rejects gender equality.

  91. Ablaza, Jian Jacob S.
    Sociology MQ2
    Ethnocentrism – it is the way of the filipino how gender equality means

  92. R.A No. 6969 A law for gender equality for LGBTQ

    Section 1. This act is also known as “Acceptance and equality for LGBTQ.”
    Section 2. Giving rights for LGBTQ Community to have freedom, respect and to be treated in all aspect in the community.
    Section 3. The LGBTQ Community must have a separate Comfort Rooms in public and private buildings.
    Section 4. The LGBTQ Community must feel and experience respect, love and acceptance by the community.
    Section 5. Same Sex-marriage will be allowed to our country.
    Section 6. Hurting and disrespecting the LGBTQ are very strict.
    Section 7. The people who disobey the law about LGBTQ can punished;
    Section 7.1. They will be fine or charge at least 10,000 – 25,000 pesos.
    Section 7.2. They will undergo public shaming.
    Section 7.3. They will be punished in a form of 1-2 months imprisonment.

  93. Republic Act 14344 | LGBTQ Welfare Act for Educational Institutions


    Section 1 – This act should be known as the LGBTQ Welfare Act for Educational Institutions of 2018

    Section 2 – This act orders all educational institutions such public or private, sectarian or non-sectarian, elementary to tertiary, to provide protection for their self-identified LGBTQ employees against discrimination including verbal insults like negative arguments using religious standpoint, physical and psychological harm, denial of posts or work assignment, vertical movement and promotion, and dismissal without appropriate due process.

    Section 3 – The educational institutions shall also cover the following: regular schools, tutorial and training centers. LGBTQ members are limited only to those who are employed in a contractual, probationary and regular status as a teaching or non-teaching employee in the institutions. This also covers all posts from the lower posts to highest posts.

    Section 4 – Any person or educational institutions who are found guilty upon disobeying this act shall pay a fine of one hundred thousand pesos (100,000) to five hundred thousand (500, 000) and non-renewal of their license to operate or to teach as mandated by PRC.


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