Karma and Regrets

Did you have enough courage to tell someone you love them?
Were you able to show them how much you like them?

Once someone has told me that he likes me but at that time i thought that was just a lame joke he is playing on me. So i just didn’t pay much attention.

Then as time goes by it does hit me, i like this person but I am not courageous enough to let him know. Until now my knees would get weak every time i joke around about me liking him. I wanted to say it as a joke so that I wouldn’t feel so awkward or that he would just think that I am just fooling around like I always do. Because now I know he wouldn’t believe me if I say it is true. Karma hits me in the head now.

Now, he doesn’t pay any more attention to me unlike before. He wouldn’t stay up late to wait and ask me how my day went by. How am I or how’s everything at my end. The time when all you both do is talk and fight about anything. I kind of miss that. He’s there but it is different. It’s a  bittersweet feeling. Just wishing we’re still the same.

This person becomes the wind, you can feel at times but you can’t see. This person becomes the rain on a summertime, you wait for it to come but it won’t. This person becomes the sun on a rainy day, you wanted to feel it’s warmth yet all it gives was just coldness.

Am i going to let him know? I dont know. Maybe. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re going to read this note and I hope you do. Would I be out of line if I said I like you? Would things be different again this time? I know things are different already, I’m just like everybody else you see in the street, someone you wouldn’t waste your time looking at, someone who doesn’t exist in your world. I know it’s karma working its magic. I know I used to be special but I let out that one chance before when you say the things I absolutely wanted to hear. Regrets? Yes i have that for you. I regret the time I wasn’t serious enough to admit what I feel. If i can go back to that time I would probably tell you I like you too.

Maybe just maybe

You’ll be my sun on a rainy day.
You’ll be my rain on a humid day.
You’ll be my wind that blows my worries away.

Hey! You know what I would just tell it to you right now. I still like you and I will always do.

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