Our Horizon

Hi, have we met before? Maybe not. Maybe not yet. Either you are not yet in the horizon, or you have been just around the corner the whole time but you have not come to take notice of me in a special way.

I hope to meet you soon. I can patiently wait for that day! Kindly take your time as I shall do the same. Many a mistake I have learned my lessons in the past and just recently, so I wish us to run into each other whenever the perfect time rolls in.

Whoever you might be, I know that you are many steps ahead of me.

I have conjured up an image of you in my mind that you are a man of integrity, intellect, substance, achievement, and passion.

Are you also a fan of tennis? Do you think Rafael Nadal can beat Roger Federer in upcoming match at French Open? Win or lose, I am still rooting for Nadal.

What movie genres do you enjoy watching? I shall hatch a plan to drag you in for an American chick flick or Korean rom-com. If sci-fi is what tickles your fancy, I have a feeling that you will catch me gaze at you while you patiently explain what the screenplay glitch was, as it obviously defied the laws of physics and you cannot help but rant about it. Or we can loosen up and laugh our hearts out on marathons of South Park or Family Guy. Worry not, I shall happily press the pause button whenever you need a restroom break.

How about brain teasers and pop quizzes? Will you still like me if you are the one who wins the most rounds? What if I defeat you, will you rush to the nearest grocery store to buy me a pint of Double Dutch or Avocado ice cream? Worry not, I will share half of it with you and cheer you on for putting up a good fight.

Do you mind if I tell you that the farthest I have gone to is Baguio? I sure am interested to visit tourist attractions and heritage sites with you. We will try the best dishes and desserts every town has to offer. Do you like trekking? Catching the waves maybe? Wait up, applying sunscreen lotion is very important. Worry not, let me help you put some on your back. You ought to know I care.

Your Spotify playlist is quite amazing and oh, you like Radiohead too? What’s your favorite song and album from the band? Do you also remember the glory days of MTV and Channel V? We will cap the night by agreeing that growing up in the nineties was one of the coolest things to ever take place.

We can talk about a lot about shared interests here and there but I also want to know what your pet peeves are. What are the things that annoy you? I mean to find out. I sure will take mental notes of those. Is the background music putting you off? Is it too hot and uncomfortable in this place? Worry not, I shall grab you by the wrist and we will get out of here together.

As of writing, I am earnestly preparing to be at my best for you. I want to be the woman whom, someday in the right time, you will be at ease to discuss serious matters with — career, life visions, goals at forty, and all the struggles that come along with each aspect. We will get to that part whenever we are both ready. I realize how men dread the very idea of the things I mentioned and what you feel is natural. Worry not, I shall be your trusted bestfriend and together we will sort things out most especially if and when failure gets in the way. Your vulnerability as a human will be safe with me.

And going back to the lighter stuff, I will be your number one fan no matter what haircut you sport or cologne you use. I will be proud of your achievements, be it DIY carpentry or bagging the promotion you are working your way up for. I may get jealous with other women who profess their big crush on you. Worry not, I will be understanding enough how everyone badly wants to keep you for themselves. Same discipline applies to your male friends who want to hang out and have drinks with you.

Who are you then? What is your name? Are you also looking for me? Where will you be at? Worry not, I shall be there in the exact horizon intended for you and me.

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"You left me standing still, hence I have gone cold upon your return."

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  1. Rivamonte, Anneeka Shane B. / ARC-133 / Sociology MQ2 / Xenocentrism/ She spoke of foreign movies/music rather than the local ones.

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