Five Ways to Save Money

I have monetized all of my passion currently but the money flow can be tricky. I have learned to balance the incoming and outgoing money trail.

Five Ways to Save Money (for you to spend more later)


I am first and foremost a writer. But I would like to try my luck in content creation. Unlike being a writer, it sucks to be a content creator. I have to spend a heap of money for gears like lenses, lights, and camera bodies. It is also undeniable that that I have to shoot and edit which takes a lot of time and effort from me. Not to mention, I must actually buy things that I can feature on my videos given that no brands would actually give free stuff for me to try.

I have monetized all of my passion currently but the money flow can be tricky. I have learned to balance the incoming and outgoing money trail.

In total, I have spent 75,000.00php on my work area, which I also use for my main job which makes it acceptable (read: less painful).


In total, I have invested 114,500php just for my camera and lenses alone.


So how do I really manage such expenses?

Here are Five Ways to Save Money (for you to spend more later)

1. Control you Expenditure

Although it needs diligence and patience, credit card research is beneficial and invaluable in the long run

2. Pay attention to your spending

Finding strategies to spend less on food while still providing for your necessities is crucial.

Advice for managing your shopping budget:
* To the possible extent, substitute branded products with generic ones.
* Purchasing in quantity enables you to pay less for each item.
* Increase your consumption of vegetarian food.
* Utilize grocery store Facebook pages (if applicable) to plan your meals
* Waste not want not. Do not be blinded by clearance sales.

3. Manage subscriptions

Check for existing paid subscriptions you hardly use. Cancel when not needed. But if you think you will often use it, opt for the yearly subscription over the monthly ones.

4. Don’t settle for a single source of income

Be open to doing side-hustles or part-time jobs that won’t disrupt your day job. Do affiliate marketing or take on online jobs at I earn from submitting some of my photography works on Adobe and Shutterstock.

5. Start selling

Declutter and let go old stuff you no longer need. Do a garage sale or sell your stuff on Carrousell or FB Marketplace. Don’t bother increasing the prices too much. Every penny will count.


If you are confused of how to keep track of all your spending and money, or you are not in the habit of taking accountability for all your expenditures, the website Savings Calculator is highly suggested. You can rapidly calculate how much money you will have saved after a certain amount of time by using the calculator (especially if you are not as mathematically gifted as I am).

With the help of this site, you can determine how much money you will have saved before income taxes, how much tax you will owe, and how much your leftover savings will be worth in real terms after inflation. Of course, I try to disregard the currency given that I don’t want to be bothered by converting USD to PHP. But otherwise, this website will really be helpful in your saving up for your next gear acquisition.

Calculations are automatically updated whenever changes is made in real-time. Use the savings goal calculators if you wish to accomplish a particular goal by a particular deadline.

It offers additional support for mathematical operations.

How to multiply interest
Interest is compounded by the calculator each time money is added. By default, interest is compounded every month. In most conventional savings accounts, the interest rate is compounded using the average monthly balance.

When contributions are added
When using the calculator to make recurring account contributions, funds are added/subtracted at the start of each set period.

How taxes on income are accounted for
Upon using the calculator on the website, I just use the percentage reflected on my pay slip. You can do a rough estimate or ask your Payroll Master for accuracy.

Saving up to buy your next desired gear (or anything for that matter) feels daunting especially with the amount of money you are already shelling just paying the bills. But with foresight, discipline in following the tips I provided, and a little help from Savings Calculator, you might just be able to buy the next thing on your wishlist in no time.



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