Early Pregnancy

These days, it’s not new to our eyes seeing a teenager carrying his or her own child at a very young age. There are a lot of girls who had been victims of early pregnancy because of pre-marital sex brought by the fast-changing society we are in today. Early pregnancy is one of the major roots of our life-long battle with poverty. There a lot of factors that lead teenagers to this certain social issue.


Teenage pregnancy is a situation which involves female adolescents. A female can be pregnant as early as twelve or thirteen as long as they have already started their monthly period. Everyday in developing countries, 20,000 girls under 18 give birth. Philippines is one the countries that has the most number of teenage pregnancy cases around the world. Filipinos have been so much into social media and that is one of the reasons why early pregnancy is present nowadays. Teenagers are spending a lot of time surfing the net while not all the things that they see there are beneficial to them and worst, it negatively affects them. Aside from addiction to social media, there are more reasons behind it. Lack of communication and guidance from parents, too much curiosity and peer pressure are some these.


As mentioned earlier, teenage pregnancy is the reason of other social issues in our country; lower educational attainment, higher rates of poverty and other poor life outcomes in children and their young parents. These bad attributes don’t come in to their minds before doing such thing that will lead to early pregnancy. In addition, this social issue open windows for malnourishment. Young parents don’t have sufficient understanding about raising their children and as well as their financial needs. Moreover, teenage mothers also experience mental and physical changes. They become prone to suicide attempts and more likely to experience posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There are countless effects of early pregnancy that can affect both the baby and the parents. However, there are ways on how we can deal with this social problem.


According to our research, the first thing that a parent should have is the acceptance that sooner, he and she will be a father and a mother. It is also important to seek help from others and the best people that we can approach regarding this issue are our parents. We should accept the fact that they might really get angry and might not want that for you whether we like it or not. Furthermore, we teenagers should also help ourselves. One thing that we can do is to focus ourselves on our hobbies like playing sports and considering our studies as our main priority. Also, since the society is affected as well, the government has its own ways too. One is the development of our sex education. It is important because we become aware of the things that might happen to us in the future. This can make our minds more mature in a sense that we can have better decision-making skills. Others may not allow this but this is one good way. Another is by using contraceptives, like condoms and birth pills, to prevent pregnancy. The parents also play an important role. Being a responsible parent is a must. They should always talk to their children and guide them to the right path all the time. The bottom line is, everyone has their part to do in preventing this certain crisis.


Early pregnancy is one of the highest social issues in the world in our generation and it leads to other social setbacks. Being a parent at a young age may wreck the dreams that you’ve built for years for you are about to create another. However, this time, it is not only for your own good because you need to prioritize your child first. You’ll be working to earn and will be studying not for yourself but for your little one already. A baby is a blessing indeed but it has its right time: everything has its own perfect time.

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