“We don’t have home, there’s no place for us, where are we going now?” Homeless and hopeless this two may differ in meanings but for the others they mean the same. In reality speaking 44% of our population is homeless and that Manila holds the most number of homeless people in the whole world where almost half of this population are children our future, the little minds that will rule us tomorrow. Homeless are actually good people who dreamed of a better future, people who seeks for opportunities trying to find their luck in this tangled city, a place that embodied into someone that they shouldn’t be. In the streets you can also find lost souls, teenagers and kids that runaway from their abusive homes trying to find who they really are, what their role in this world, and people who longed for affection and care they didn’t find in their own home. But they are all the same, clueless on how cruel the life on streets was and now they are our homeless people. This problem is a worldwide issue; it is fatal and is going worst. But we have hope!

Many of us are more fortunate than others to never have been in a situation when we are abandoned and have nowhere to go, no place to sleep, and nothing to eat. It is unfair for the homeless to feel unsecured and out of place on their own country, it is unfair for them to be a prisoner of their situation, to have limits on their own freedom when they are actually living on a free country. Not only do homeless people feel displaced in society, but they consistently feel like they are being out-casted and treated unfairly just because of their status, a label that this public placed them on. Many people including us believe that being a homeless is a choice and that these people have every opportunity to be a normal citizen. Moreover, a large percentage was born into poverty – a situation that was out of their control. Yes, it is tough for people to get back on the right track, and this when they need us, they are our brothers and thus brothers help each other.

Helping does not only mean giving them money, or food, helping is giving them hope and standing before their rights. I remember this proverb “Bigyan mo ng Isda ang isang tao at kakain siya ng isang araw.turuan mong mangisda ang isang tao at kakain siya habang buhay”

Why can’t we feed them with knowledge instead of food only, why can’t we teach them how to earn money instead of giving them penny? We should give them a chance and trust them. They should gain financial stability and this is achieve if and only if they’ll be provided with employment which will only be offered when this people get training on vocational skills of their job interest and this is why they need Education. Some of this people are victims of drugs they need to be treated, to be rehabilitated and not to be scared off, they should attain productive lifestyle to meet their social responsibilities. We shouldn’t be only relying on our Government because we ourselves should make a step, we can make change if we move as one. Millennial let’s make this world a better place to leave by studying hard, let’s be motivated by this people, tomorrow when we achieve our dreams let us help them to build and reach their own, because your success is their success.

You who is reading this let our homeless brother hear this “you can do anything to lift up your life from that situation, never be embarrassed of who you are today, stand up and be motivated, believe in yourself that someday you’ll be a homeless no more” . Let us be one and let us make them feel home, we are their saviour that carries the torch to light up their lives, let us be their hope. Things happen for a reason – although we are going through a rough ride with life, we should not let it stop us from believing in our dreams and making them happen. Our status in life must not be a hindrance for us to follow our dreams. I want to end my advocacy with this saying from Desmund Tutu, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”



An Advocacy by CIV151 The Beggars Group