Cycling in Manila: Key to Surging Pollution

In this fast-paced city of Manila, trucks, cars and motorcycles are roaming. Automobiles causes smoke belches that cannot be avoided. And in relation with these, the air that we are breathing mingles with the smog of the vehicles around it. Are we really going to snuffle this kind of air, or are we going to be the lungful pattern of saving Manila from the dark airborne these cars are instigating?


One of the key agent that can lessen the air struggle in the city is cycling. Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities worldwide. It is good for our health and well-being by improving our posture, lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility and strength, and etc. It also reduces risk of depression, heart disease, obesity and osteoporosis. Aside from physical health benefits, it also enhances to stabilize our mental health. According to a long term study in Alameda Country, aerobic exercise reduces the risks of psychological problems as physical activity is an active anti-depressant. It also enables us to interact socially with the “cyclists” or community of co-bikers. In Philippines, there are diverse groups and organizations that shares the same passion and interest for cycling, including Philippine Cycling Network, Padyak PH and Crest Pursuit Manila. It gives us a sense of freedom and self-esteem as we practice the cycling lifestyle.
Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly as the mode of transport as it cuts down 1500 kg greenhouse gas emissions by just cycling 10 km to your destination. The average car produces about 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air within its lifespan. It would also significantly reduce the need for petroleum and pollutants such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide. Also, bikes do not use motor oil or batteries to work. Production of such items not only causes pollution, but also releases pollution into the air when in use or when disposed. Bikes do not present these kinds of problem and choosing to ride a bike instead of driving would be a very powerful way to reduce pollution. Lastly, parking spaces would also be conserved as 20 bicycles would fit in a space of single vehicle. By encouraging more people on their bikes, we could help minimize global climate change as it is one of the most critical environmental problem worldwide.
Another reason, manufacturing bikes will take less energy than the car does. Factories make use of energy to make products and these energy is also emitted into the air. Estimates show us that tons and tons of waste and about 1.2 billion cubic yards of pollution are produced for every car made. Also, paint used on cars adds about 40 million pounds of pollutants into the air. It would also remarkably save forests as there would be less need for rubbers in production of vehicles. When you choose a bike over a car, you are choosing an option that did not emit many pollutants when it was manufactured.


One of the advantages of cycling or becoming a road racer in Manila is its price. Because bikes or road race is cheaper than motorcycles or cars. In addition to that, bikes have only few materials to make that makes it convenient to fix whenever there is an encounter of a mechanical problem. Unlike with the cars or motorcycle, you have to consider all of the parts and visit to the professional repairman in order to fix the car or motorcycle. And because bikes don’t use any fuel as stated, it can be the best substitute to the hybrid cars that produces 14,000 pounds of carbon each. Thus, one bike can reduce the production of air pollution by 14,000 pounds of carbon a day.


Cycling have a bunch of advantages such as reducing the air pollution, traffic and reduce traffic accidents when there are fewer cars. Having a lot of benefits may deliver hazards and risk cycling outdoor that will put you at mercy of nature. Weather conditions is one of the hazards and risk. Adverse weather will detract even the most enthusiastic cyclist. This will also increase the risk of having an injury. Another risk will be the cyclist’s health because of the pollution that will come from the exhaust of the cars if intended to roam around traffic hours. Children are at the greatest risk because of children not following rules such as traffic rules wearing helmet, brightly colored shirts at morning and reflective vest at night.


As for now, a team called Crest Pursuit Manila is roving around the bright streets of Manila and at the edge bound of the city straight to Rizal’s heights. A group from ages 12 and above, they are the itinerants of earning clean air to seethe while being superb at the “Padyak Maynileno” advocacy.


The thought of cycling as an everyday thing that most of us either do now or have done in the past can be a great key to refreshing Manila’s lungs.  If we can transform our towns and cities into safe and convenient places to bike, we will use less gas, become more fit, and reduce traffic congestion.  This is the kind of world we all hope for.



An Advocacy by CIV151 Team Angels

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  1. it is good to use bicyle because we all know that the world now is very polluted we should make a move to manage the pollution so that we can save the earth. for me cycling is one of the best way to reduce the global warming it not just we help the mother nature but also we are helping our self to become more healthy and also to reducing the traffic specially here in manila.

  2. As a residence of Manila and the same time a cyclist i do experience this problem and i find it as a serious problem around metro manila. This advocacy is useful indeed especially among cyclists around metro manila, promoting a pollution free city and can also be the key to lessen traffic because some will go get bikes instead of cars. I hope your advocacy will get the attention of the people for it to be succeed.

  3. An Advocacy by CIV151 Team Angels titled Cycling in Manila: Key to Surging Pollution is a great way to conserve energy and promote global warming as stated above, I as an mountaineer, a sport enthusiast and as a student, I want to support them in their advocacy by inviting people to adapt biking or cycling as a mode of transformation because it can not only benefit them physically and mentally but it can help heal the world little by little through simple actions done.

  4. As a residence of Manila and the same time a cyclist, i always face this problem every time i go for a bike coming from cars but majority coming from jeepneys and old motorcycle. The advocacy promotes an air pollution free around the cities and paying more attention on using bikes, This also helps to lessen traffic which is a big problem now in our country and lastly gives a healthy living for everyone because of the health benefits cause by cycling. This advocacy is very useful for among cyclist around the country and i hope people will notice this and pay more attention about the pollution coming from cars.

  5. Biking is indeed a solution to reduce air pollution and traffic in the Philippines specifically in the roads and streets of Manila. I support this advocacy in a way that this campaign will help and bring the chance to the new generation to experience breathing fresh air not polluted the air, thus it will also lessen the emission of carbon dioxide in our country which could be of good help in repairing and restoring our damaged ozone layer. Biking could also be a good help in making someone physically fit and reduce the percentage of death in our country, as it gives many help benefits.

  6. Cycling is one of the best key to lessen the pollution here in the Philippines. I support this article even more it is because I also love biking for some reasons. Cycling has been my vehicle for my everyday life, cycling gives me freedom it’s about getting outside you can do everything you want especially when I’m doing a uphill bike. Besides from cycling I’m also a mountaineer and I love to feel the fresh nature air.

  7. As a student nurse I’m very much concern in the society’s condition specially if it is health related. I agreed that one of the best way to reduce the pollution in Manila is cycling because of its benefits not just to everyone’s health but also to the environment. Being a 2 years commuter in Manila area, I noticed and experienced that cars and motorcycles had a big contribution in causing heavy traffic and accident in the Manila roads.

    I choose this topic because it is related to my course which is nursing. A health care provider should support this kind of advocacy because of its good benefits to our environment specifically in Manila, it also promotes health. In implementing this advocacy people should give attention to their safety, extra careful is required because of the reckless drivers that you might encounter.

  8. As a cyclist, I support this advocacy because it helps lessen the increasing levels of air pollution and can reduce the traffic in the Philippines as bikes aren’t as large as vehicles. I’ve encountered that problem every time when I go for a bike ride. Riding a bike can give you many benefits to your health as an easy way to stay fit but we should be careful, especially when going for a ride outside in crowded areas because we might get into an accident if we’re not observant. For your own safety, you should never ride a bike without a helmet on. Always remember to wear one.

    Being a nursing student, I cannot stress how important cycling can be in correlation to your general health. But let me tell you this: Know and remember your limits when cycling around the streets. Parks and recreational areas are completely safe, but in the streets, you shouldn’t be too aggressive while you’re with vehicles as you might crash into them without your knowledge. However, you shouldn’t stray away from doing so if you’re using the bike as a mode of transportation. Do continue using a bike and support the advocacy!

  9. As a competitive cyclist, this advocacy is the best way to lessen the air pollution and traffic in the world. In the Philippines this is also the most common problem especially here in Manila. This article will help us to have a better and a greener environment. When i was in my province I always bike going to my school and after classes I go out and trained properly but when i got to Manila for college it is very hard for me to train outdoors because of the discomfort of the air and traffic. I hope this advocacy will be supported because this will make Manila better and not only manila but also the world. Cycling has also lot of benefits especially when it comes to our health and lifestyle.

    I think Rizal will support this advocacy because pollution and traffic is the common problem that we are encountering for a long period of time already. I also think that when Rizal is still alive now he would also bike rather using cars and commute because Cycling is more faster to travel places here in manila.

  10. I strongly agree with this advocacy. Nowadays traffic is a major concern for of “motoristas” we even make shortcuts but still there is traffic on every corner of the country and we also have apps to make our driving easier but sometimes it makes things harder and it sometimes causes traffic. But in anyway that we do in the road there will always be traffic. But there are ways to minimize it and also minimize the pollution cause by heavy traffic. And the main idea for it as of now is to use bicycles to lessen the cause or heavy traffic in our country. In my opinion it would be a perfect idea because it can lessen the cause of heavy traffic and it can lessen the pollution plus it can help our body to exercise and to make our body fit and it might also cause lower price of gas. Cycling can also lessen the accidents on the road, for example at Japan the car accidents in their country is very low because of the majority of the people there are using bicycle and imagine if our country also inherited or adapted that we might have a solution for the non stop complaints of heavy traffic and pollution and it can benefit our health as well.

  11. Cycling is an alternative way to ease traffic. And at the same time we can help the earth to lessen Global warming. And i think it is a huge impact for us to solve the heavy traffic around metro manila.

  12. mas pabor ako sa pagbabike kesa magmotor. kase sa tingin ko naabuso na masyado ang mundo natin ng dahil sa pulusyon

  13. Cycling can really help prevent air pollution, I live in Manila and yes, I have encountered tons of smokes from automobiles, I am supporting this advocacy because of many reasons, It can reduce air-pollution and it will minimize traffic. However, I cannot say that I am in for it, I can’t ride a bike going to school everyday because I’m wearing a skirt. So I’ll probably get my father to give me a ride to school. But, I will try my best to avoid riding automobiles and ride a bike whenever I go out.

  14. It is a good option instead of a motorcycle that just contributes air pollution to the world even though its small it also release smoke. Cycling somehow really can help not only on lessening the pollution but also to ease the heavy traffic in the city. It can also safer than the motorcycle that commit accidents and most of them will die on the spot sometimes because of their speeding and the way they drive their motors.
    The disadvantage of a bicycle is we will be tired of cycling when we go to far places, and our city did not have a bicycle lane for it. somehow it is good and exercising but it also have a disadvantage, not everyone can ride a bike.

  15. Executive order no. 99, s. 2017 also called bicycle nationwide day

    Part1 : Strengthening the fight against pollution and clarifying the jurisdiction and authority of concerned of agencies and people. Directing all military personnel including PNP, AFP, Security agencies and barangay offcials to secure all the public highways, expressways, and main road. I hereby declare that every first Saturday and Sunday of October is special non-working holiday for the bicycles nationwide(Batanes to Tawi-Tawi. No one should use a cars(all types of cars), jeepneys, trucks, and other fueled-vehicles. Only bikes and electric vehicle may use. Failure to oblige to this law shall:
    Have the penalty of 350,000-500,000 Pesos or have imprisonment of 12 months to 2 years.

    part 2: Directing all the LTO, MMDA, LTFRB, PNP, LGU, Barangay Officials and other agencies to strictyly implement the Change Oil policy. Every first week and third week of every month they should monitor the quality of the smoke in every car passing by. Drivers who will get and caught by the officials and get a fail quality shall:
    For 1st offense: warning 12,000 pesos; 1-2 months imprisonment.
    For 2nd offense: 30,000 Pesos; 5-10 months of imprisonment
    For: 3rd offense: 60,000-100,000 Pesos; 4-6 years imprisonment.

    To lessen the pollution in our surrounding atleast in one to two days and to promote the cycling sports here in our country.

    – Jasper Ivan C. Estimada ELE-151

  16. Republic of the Philippines
    Republic Act no. 1111114
    An act that elevates the usage of a bicycle and educates the people about it benefits.
    Section 1. Short Title. – “Bisekleta ng Masa Act 2017”.
    Section 2. This act shall elevates the usage of bicycle and educates the people about it benefits. Also, improves the road maps that will add a bike lane for those who want to ride a bicycle going to school or work.
    Section 3. The benefits of this act, will lessen the pollution in the country, also will enhanced a person’s health and lessen the traffic.
    Section 4. Every sunday, the barangay chairman will take charged on every barangays to provide a seminar to educate the people about the advantages of the bicycle.
    Section 5. Any person shall wear a protective gear when riding a bicycle at public highways. Other vehicles are prohibited on taking the bike lanes and parking on the bike lanes. Any person who shall violate this law, shall be fined by a 5 thousand for first offense, the Second offense shall fined by a 10 thousand and 3 days imprisonment, the last offense shall be imprisoned by 3 to 6 months.
    Section 6. This act shall take effect upon its approval.

    -Cortez, Nikole A.
    -ELE 151

  17. Republic Act 0225


    Section 1: This bill mandates every Filipino at the age of 18 and above to own a bicycle. The bike should be registered at the LTFRB and would be given a plate number.

    Section 2: Owners with plate numbers 1 and 2, must used their bikes during Mondays if they would travel that day. 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 0, would be permitted to use their bikes during Tuesdays, Weds, Thurs, and Fridays respectively. This is a way to reduce traffic and pollution in the country.

  18. Republic Act 4672

    Section 1. All bike owners who are 18 years old and above are obliged to join Bike-For-A-Cause Program every first Saturday of the month to boost their fitness and health and avoid pollution.
    A. All cyclist will pay 350 pesos for registration.
    B. The payment will all go to charitable institutions.
    C. Charitable Institutions shall use the money for the benefit of the people who are in need.

    Section 2. All cyclist should wear proper cycling attire with gears. Not complying with this shall pay 1500.

  19. Republic Act 12012


    Section 1: All cars are banned every last saturday of the month unless going to province from manila or vice versa.

    Section 2: This act are valid only in Manila area between 4:00 am to 10:00 am.

    Section 3: Those who violates the law shall be penalized by paying PHP 3,000 . The money that will be paid by the violator must donate to the charities.

    Dizon, Anna Rica C.

  20. Assignment FINALS FIN131 – CEBALLOS

    Advocacy: Cycling in Manila: Key to Surging Pollution

    Section 1. This Act shall be known as the “Cycling Day Act.”

    Section 2. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the State to implement and enforce Monday as the Cycling Day. As we all know in the modern World today, Monday is better known as Manic Monday due to the heavy traffic caused by long weekend vacation. Bike riding is a pollution-free mode of transport. Bikes reduce the need to build, service and dispose of cars and can also reduce traffic in the Metro.

    Section 3. All citizen which were proven guilty of not following this law shall be immediately getting noticed as the first warning. And if that said citizen violates this law again, the State shall confiscate the car for three days and they will pay the fine worth 50,000 pesos.

  21. Republic Act 1978
    Wheel of Life Act of 2017

    Section 1 – Wherever a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a roadway, bicycle riders shall use such path and shall not use the roadway.

    Section 2 – This law prohibiting driving while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances is written so that it applies to motor vehicles and therefore does not directly apply to bicyclists. Nevertheless bicycles should not be operated while intoxicated.

    Section 3 – Anyone who violates the law will be penalized depending on the degree of their violation.

    3.1 – Those Bicyclists who don’t use the lane for bicycle will be fine amounting to P250.00.
    3.2 – People who are intoxicated and still use bicycle for whatever purposes should pay P500.00

    Section 4 – The amount to be collected at the end of the year will be used for the improvement of bicycle pathways and will be given to Charitable Institutions.


    Republic of the Philippines
    RA 42617

    Section 1: This act shall be known as “Bicycle for Healthy Living Act”

    Section 2: This act is for those people who are wants to become fit or more healthier. The public or private hospital shall implement this kind of exercise those who suffer any kind of diseased because this consuming more energy for the patient and they may live longer than others.

    Section 3: Any of Public and Private hospital that will be violate this act shall be punished amounting of thirty thousand pesos (30,000).


    Republic Act 30042

    Section 1: This act shall be known as “Less Pollution Act”

    Section 2: This act state that Government should put separate lane for bicycle and motorcycle to avoid further accidents.

    Section 3: If Government didn’t support this act they will be responsible for the expenses if there is an accident that includes bikers and will give PHP 50,000 for their healing.

  24. Sponsored by GRACILLA

    Propose Bill 7933


    Article 1 this act shall be known as “AN ACT FOR MANDATORY CYCLING EVERY SUNDAY”

    Article 2: purpose of the act
    the purpose of this act is to lessen and to contribute for the betterment of the environment all over the metro.
    Article 2 rules and regulations

    Section 1. all commuters shall use bicycle as their mode of transportation
    section 2. all bicycle riders who run 15 km have the right to choose for alternative mode of transportation.
    Section 3. all bicycle riders should wear the proper safety gears for riding any mode of transportation.
    Article 3. Penalties
    a. the violators shall be punished of 3 consecutive days imprisonment for the third offense. and a fine of 1500 pesos for the first offense.

  25. Reniva, John Carl P.
    FIN 131
    Republic Act No. 1223

    Sec 1: Pamagat: “Weekend is Bicycle Day Act of 2017”

    Sec 2: Pagpapahayag ng Patakaran- Naglalayong gumamit ng kanilang mga bisikleta saan man sila pumunta tuwing lingo. May nakalaan linya tuwing sabado at linggo ang mga gumagamit ng bisikleta upang makatulong sa pagbawas ng polusyon.

    Sec 3: Pangkalahatang Probisyon:
    A. Bawal lagpasan ng mga sasakyan ang linyang itinalaga para sa mga nagbibisikleta tuwing sabado at linggo.
    B. Kapag wala pa sa wastong gulang ang nagbibisikleta ay kailangan may kasama itong nakakatanda.
    C. Kailangan sumunod sa mga itinalagang traffic signs sa lansangan.

    Sec 4: Parusa:
    Sinuman ang mapatunayan na lumabag sa mga isinaad na mga probisyon ay pagmumultahin ng P5,000 hanggang P10,000.

  26. Republic Act 1222

    Section 1: This act shall be known as “RACK IN A ROAD”

    An act giving cyclist a free parking rack in road to captivate more people to use bicycle as their transportation in their everyday routine.

    Section 2: This act defines “free bicycle parking rack” in areas of:

    1. EDSA / National Roads – A free bicycle parking rack in every 5 kilometers from north to south of EDSA, 10 kilometers for national roads of cities and 20 kilometers for provinces.

    2. PRIVATE OWNED ESTABLISHMENT SUCH AS SCHOOLS, MALLS, HOSPITALS ETC. – They must provide with at least 10 sq.m. free area for bicycle rack

    3. PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS (Public Schools/Universities, Hospitals, Parks, or any government owned places with at least 5 kilometers distance from each other)- All public establishment must have an area of bicycle parking rack at least 30 square meters.

    Section 3: Penalties
    PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS- Government servants( Mayors, Congressmen, Governors, etc.) who will not comply with this act in their cities or provinces will be questioned in Congress provided that there is a budget for this.

    PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENTS – Any private establishment who will not comply with this act will be penalized amounting (50,000) or temporary closure of their establishment.

  27. Republic Act 302

    “Bicycle Lane Project in Manila Act 2017”

    Section 1 : This act states that there will be infrastructures for bicycle lanes in the city of Manila. This cycling infrastructures may be able to provide the users with direct, convenient routes minimizing unnecessary delay and effort in reaching their destinations, to promote and support using bicycles, and can have a significant effect on the utility and safety of cycling in Manila. This also includes the compulsory of riding a bike in the lanes provided for them.

    Section 3: Any person who shall violate this act shall be punished by confiscating his/her bicycle. In case he/she wants to get back the bicycle, he must pay an amount of not exceeding ten thousand pesos (P 10,000).

    – Hannah Quennie Tubera
    FIN 131

  28. Panaligan,Mark Angelo B.

    Republic Act 2408

    Section 1: pangalan ng batas “The bike mamba”

    Section 2: nakapaloob sa batas na ito na sa araw ng lunes lahat ng tao sa bansa ay pinagbabawalang gumamit ng sasakyan upang maiwasan natin kahit papano ang polusyon

    Section 3:ang sino mang lumabag sa nasabing batas ay pagmumultahin ng 10,000


    1. RA. NO 2114 (CYCLISTS ACT OF 2017)

    SECTION 1 – this act states that all cyclists in the Philippines shall have their convenient lanes in all roads for them to be able to travel safely thus preventing them from being bumped by huge vehicles.

    SECTION 2- bicycles shall be allowed to travel anywhere around the cities of Metro Manila everyday.

    SECTION 3 – any individual responsible of violating this act shall be fined for the amount of 100,000 php and his/her license shall be surrendered and suspended by the authorized personnel.

  30. RA 7893 Free bicycle ride for the senior citizen act

    Article I. this states that senior citizens will not be charge due to this matter they can enjoy bicycle ride whenever they want to. it will be lend by the government

    violation; proven guilty of not doing so will be arrested and fine 3000 pesos

    Bryll Par
    CIV 151

  31. ADDITION TO SECTION 1: motorcycles and other vehicles shall not cross the lanes intended for cyclists.

  32. Cycle mo, cycle ko, cycle natin lahat Act of 2017 ( 3C act of 2017)
    Republic act of 14110

    Section 1. Where as the following will have a bicycle:
    A. A boy that age of 12 will have a own bicycle that will be start to practice biking.
    B. A girl with age of 14 will have a own bicycle that will be start to practice biking but not mandatory
    C. All person with a Student permit or license should comply with own bicycle before release the license
    D. All PWD should have a own special made bicycle.

    Section. 2. The goverment shall implement a day for the bikers that nobody will use a vechicle. only PUB,PUV, Trains, Delivery vans/Trucks will be exempt the bikers day but the truck ban hours will be ongoing. The bikers day should be apply once a week.

    Section 3. The Goverment shall put a separate lane for the bikers mostly in major road, primary and secondary . In the biker’s day the 2-3 lane in the major,primary,secondary road shall be occupied by the bikers only and other lane for the PUB, PUV and trucks.

    Section 4. The goverment shall provide the special bike for the PWD and cater the other expenses.

    Section 5. This act help everyone to be enviroment friendly and also help everysingle person to be fit.Riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages.

    Section 6. Under the measure, those who will found guilty shall be fined penalty of the following:
    1st offense =shall pay a 500 pesos and 150 php for minors( a letter of apology)
    2nd offense= shall pay 1500 pesos and 500 for minors ( a legal counsel with parents)
    3rd offense =shall pay 3500 pesos and imprisonment of not less than 3 days but not more than 2 years,
    or both. ( for minors a penalty of 1,500 pesos and legal counselling with DSWD for 1 week.


  33. Marlowe Aveno

    SEC. 2. Declaration of Principles. – The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.
    The State shall promote and protect the global environment to attain sustainable development while recognizing the primary responsibility of local government units to deal with environmental problems.
    The State recognizes that the responsibility of cleaning the habitat and environment is primarily area-based.
    The State also recognizes the principle that “polluters must pay”.
    Finally, the State recognizes that a clean and healthy environment is for the good of all and should, therefore, be the concern of all.

    SEC. 45. Violation of Standards for Stationary Sources.- For actual exceedance of any pollution or air quality standards under this Act or its rules and regulations, the Department, through the Pollution Adjudication Board (PAB), shall impose a fine of not more than One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) for every day of violation against the owner or operator of a stationary source until such time that the standards have been complied with.
    For purposes of the application of the fines, the PAB shall prepare a fine rating system to adjust the maximum fine based on the violator’s ability to pay, degree of willfulness, degree of negligence, history of non-compliance and degree of recalcitrance: Provided, That in case of negligence, the first time offender’s ability to pay may likewise be considered by the Pollution Adjudication Board: Provided, further, That in the absence of any extenuating or aggravating circumstances, the amount of fine for negligence shall be equivalent to one-half of
    the fine for willful violation.
    The fines herein prescribed shall be increased by at least ten percent (10%), every three (3) years to compensate for inflation and to maintain the deterrent function of such fines.
    In addition to the fines, the PAB shall order closure, suspension of development, construction, or operations of the stationary sources until such time that proper environmental safeguards are put in place: Provided, That an establishment liable for a third offense shall suffer permanent closure immediately. This paragraph shall be without prejudice to the immediate issuance of an ex parte order for such closure, suspension of development or construction, or cessation of operations during the pendency of the case upon prima facie evidence that their is imminent threat to life, public health, safety or general welfare, or to plant or animal life, or whenever there is an exceedance of the emission standards set by the Department and/or the Board and/or the appropriate LGU.

  34. Cycling

    Executive order no. 229 of 2017
    Also known as bicycle for all ages

    Section 1: every filipino must have legally possesed a bicycle suggested by a 50% of the member of the family.

    Section 2: every filipino member of the family (15-60 years old) without disease, illness and considered as well -productive individual was obligued to join bicycle marathon. The distance each one travelled is defend varies on their capability, skills and designated age.

    1st Offense: 1000.00 or 3 year of imprisonment
    2nd Offense: 5000.00 or 5 year of imprisoment
    Last Offense: 10000.00 or 10 year of imprisoment.


  35. Cycling

    Executive order no. 229 of 2017
    Also known as bicycle for all ages

    Section 1: every filipino must have legally possesed a bicycle suggested by a 50% of the member of the family.

    Section 2: every filipino member of the family (15-60 years old) without disease, illness and considered as well -productive individual was obligued to join bicycle marathon. The distance each one travelled is defend varies on their capability, skills and designated age.

    1st Offense: 1000.00 or 3 year of imprisonment
    2nd Offense: 5000.00 or 5 year of imprisoment
    Last Offense: 10000.00 or 10 year of imprisoment.


    CIVI 151


    SECTION 1 – This act states that drivers affected by the daily number coding scheme shall use bicycles if they are going to travel.

    SECTION 2 – Any individual responsible for violating this act shall be fined for the amount of 30,000 php.


    CIV 151

    Section 1: This act shall be known as the “BICYCLE LANE ACT OF 2017”

    Section 2: This is to provide free parking space to all government and private owned establishments for Filipino bicyclist.

    Section 3: Failure to comply with this act entitles to pay fifthy thousand pesos (50,000)

  38. RA 13425

    Sec1. This bill states that all local government should have a bicycle club in their barangay/municipality/town/city.

    Sec2. Citizens are required to ride bike while traveling within the barangay area instead of using car execpt for person with disabilities and senior citizens

    Sec3. Individual who violates the law shall be fine of 1,000PHP

    Gonzales, Eldrin James N.

  39. Jeniña B. San Juan

    Anti-Pollution Law no. 114658
    -ang layunin ng batas na ito ay mabawasan ang polusyon ng ating bansa.
    1.) para mabawasan ito, magkakaroon sa isang taon ng limang araw, na bawal bumyahe ang mga pampublikong sasakyan.
    2.) sa bawat linggo may isang araw na bawal bumyahe ang isang uri ng pampublikong sasakyan.
    a.) tuwing martes ay walang anumang jeep
    ang dapat pumapasada.
    b.) tuwing miyerkules ay walang van na
    c.) tuwing linggo walang bus na
    3.) Magkaroon ng bike lane sa bawat kalsada.

  40. Kung sinuman ang lumabag sa batas na ito ay makukuhaan ng lisensya at magbabayad ng 10,000.

  41. Republic Act 1808

    Section 1. This act shall be known as “Burn Fat Not Oil Act”

    Section 2. This act states that the government will provide an extra lane for bikers/cyclist throughout the city of manila. Also there will be a transport strike such as jeepneys, buses, FX and privately owned car during Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday where people are only required to use a bicycle. Only MRT and LRT will operate on the said days. Aside from reducing traffics and accidents it will help reduce the growing pollution in city of manila.

    Section 3. Any person who shall violate the provisions of this act or permit thereof, shall be punished on the said penalties:
    (a) First offense. Fine of 500 pesos and such license will be confiscated by LTO and imprisonment not exceeding 5 days.
    (b) Second offense. Fine of 5000 pesos, confiscation of license and imprisonment not exceeding one month.
    (c) Third offense. Fine of 10000 pesos and your car, jeepney, bus or FX will be confiscated by the authorized agencies and will never be claimed.

  42. Mallari, Eddie Boy C. CIV 151

    Republic act 2231

    Bike for students act.

    Section1. All hight school and college schools should provide bicycles that can be use by the student for transportation. This act can help to lessen the polution and traffic problem.

    Section2. All users of the bicycle must be responsible on using it . Whenever she/he made a damage to it she/he must fix it when he will be returning it to the school or else he will need to pay 1,000 pesos as penalty.

    Section3. Goverment should make an alternative lanes that can be use by the bicycle users to avoid any accidents.

    Section4. This act is for the students who wants to go on their respective schools without any hassle and will help them to lessen their daily expenses.

  43. I support this advocacy. This advocacy help to lessen the pollution here in Manila. I hope someday there will be no pollution in metro Manila and everyone can breathe fresh air.

    Marlowe Aveno

  44. The more full answer is, inevitably, slightly mixed. Air pollution is a very real danger, with even conservative estimates gauging it prematurely kills almost 30,000 a year, making it the most deadly public health hazard apart from smoking.

  45. This is a good advocacy. Cycling can really help to lessen the pollution and traffic which cause daily hazard to manny of us. Cycling would be very effective to solve heavy traffic problem because unlike other vehicle it does’nt occupy a lot of space ,so it much easier for us to go whenever we want without consuming a lot of time.It would also help us to save money because we dont need to commute or to pay for dessel on using this kind of vehicle.

    Cycling could also be an effective solution to lessen the polution. Polution is one of our problem specially in manila because there are so many vehicle that produce to much polution because it uses dessel in order fir it to run. Unlike cycling it it does’nt need any dessel to make it run, plus it could help you to stay fit because you are exercising whenever you use it. But we should be very careful everytime we use bike to avoid accident.

    Mallari,Eddie Boy C.
    CIV 151

  46. i truly hope that someday everyone can live a life with such peace and happiness to live a harmonious relationship with everyone even to our environment because it all start by having a sense of care, and this advocacy represents an act, an act love, care things that even us men forgotten because having this will a step to what i wanted a clean and peaceful world
    bryll par
    CIV 151

  47. As a student who lives in Rizal Province and ride public vehicles when I go gome. I can say that, pollution in our country become worsen. Having thousands of public vehicles is causing the traffic. The dirty smoke coming from the vehicles is making our community to get disease and our pollution become worse.

    I support this advocacy to less the pollution and to help the health of every people.

  48. I support this advocacy because of many reasons, first using of bicycle can help to lessen the pollution here in Manila and i believe that by using bicycle, it can also lessen the rate of accidents here. It is also a good kind of exercise so it’s good for us to use bicycle.

    Eldrin James Gonzales
    CIV 151

  49. Ra 7361

    Subject: An act to give free bicycle for everyone to lessen air pollution and promote physical fitness.

    Section 1. Short Title. – This Act shall be known as the “Isang bansa ng bisekleta.”
    Section 2. Declaration of Policy. – It is the policy of the State to maintain a healthy environment specially a safe air for us. So we should regulate the usage of private vehicles except if the vehicles will be used for business matters therefore the government should give free bicycle for every individual. By using this bicycle we are also promoting physical fitness and by the help of the government they will also provide programs and activites to make every people healthy.
    Section 3. Vehicles can only be use if the plate number ends with:
    1-2 (Monday)
    3-4 (Tuesday)
    5-6( Wednesday)
    7-8( Thursday)
    9-10 ( Friday)
    Everyone can used their vehicles every weekends but if you use bicycle you’ll get a free 50% discount for everything that you will purchase it will be provided by the government
    Section 4. If you use your vehicle when its ban these are the punishments

  50. Sir nawala po yung sa section 4 pagtingin ko ulit
    pero ito po yung kasunod
    1st offense- 10,000 pesos fine and 1 day of imprisonment
    2nd offense- 50,00 pesos fine and 3 months of imprisonment
    3rd offense – comfiscation of the vehicle and 1 year of imprisonment

  51. Rizal is short tempered and he’s having anger issues. He even had a duel with Antonio Luna just because of a woman. They almost killed each other. Not only with Filipinos, he also had a battle with a lot of Spaniards. I am better than him because I can justify and control my anger.
    Julia Florencio CIV151

  52. R.A. 40112
    This act is for the safety and protection of the cyclist.

    Section 1: This act will be known as ” Cyclist Protection Act 2017″

    Section 2: This act provides the protection for the cyclist and safety of the cyclist in the highway.

    Section 3: This act is will be punish for someone who will take or stole a bike and will be in prison for 1-3 months.

    Michael Fajarito

  53. Republic Act 10925

    This act will provide protection and insurance for cyclist.

    Sec 1: This act will be known as “Bicycle Protection“.

    Sec 2: This act provides protection against bicycle thieves provided that the owner has proof of the bicycle’s validity and abduction.

    Sec 3: Every owner of a bicycle must be sixteen years old and above and must register the bicycle as required by the Land Transportation Office (LTO), upon registering the owner will receive a government issued tracking device and will be concealed on one of the pipes of the registered bicycle.

    Sec 4: If the owner once realize that his or her bicycle was stolen he or she may report it to the LTO and will be located its were a bouts.

    Sec 5: If the LTO can’t locate the owner’s bicycle, the LTO will issue a temporary bicycle for a fixed term of 30 days.

  54. R.A. 10931

    Sec 1. This act will be known as ”Open Roads Act 2017″

    Sec 2. This act provides the protection for the cyclist and safety of the cyclist in the highway.

    Sec 3. And shall provide Bicycle Lanes to some of the major philippine roads and highways.

    Sec 4. This act shall create the “Bicycle Police Group” A police group that shall protect cyclist against careless drivers

    David Dalisay

  55. RA 6123
    Section 1 – This act shall be known as “Cycling for Clean Air Act of 2017”
    Section 2 – (1)It is declared to be the policy of the state to protect and promote good health. To enact this policy in other ways aside from establishing health institutions and etc, the State shall enact a law that will contribute to the cleanliness of the air and surroundings through bicycles.
    (2)This act shall provide bicycle lanes on all major and minor roads.
    (3)There shall be no vehicles at least once a day per week and instead bicycles, pedicabs and anything alike would be use as means of transportation.
    (4)There shall be no vehicles producing black smoke.
    Section 3 – Any person who willfully violate any provisions of this law shall suffer a fine of not less than Ten Thousand (P10,000) and not more than Fifty Thousand (P50,000) .

    Nicdao, Rochelle Anne Marie A.

  56. People causes pollution. People are affected by the pollution they cause. There are different kind of pollution that is produced by human ourselves. one of the major pollution that our country faces is the air pollution. The major cause of air pollution is the waste coming from the vehicles. EDSA, being the major road the Filipinos are the only road to travel to and forth, creating vast numbers of cars. meaning if there are more cars, more pollution. A law shall be created that will help to lessen the pollution we have here in the country. this shall be named “Old Cars Disposal”. All the cars whose been circulating in the country in the last 20 years should be dispose. This will not only be beneficial to prevent more cause of air pollution but also for the security of every car owner.

    Mariz Arroyo

  57. ECE151
    Republic Act no. 727 – “Produce Energy, and Protect the Environment Act”
    In this bill, cars will be having three days color coding. Every time they are on coding, the government will encourage people to ride on bicycles. A device will be inserted onto the bicycles, this will determine the distance they’ve traveled and will gather this information to convert it to energy. There will also be once a month bike day where cars are not allowed on the streets but only bicycles. This energy will be used as another source of energy aside from petroleum and coal which can also help the environment. The government shall also ban the use of coal as a source of energy instead cars or machines will use electrical energy converted from kinetic energy produced by different forms of activities like cycling which it will also lessen the amount of pollution. mpt to ignore this act will be a serious offense and will pay a 10,000-50,000 fine or three years imprisonment as punishment.

  58. Republic of the Philippines
    Republic Act No. 1208

    Section 1 – Short Title. – This Act shall be known as “Bicycle-way act”

    Section 2 – This is an act that provides the bikeways for the cyclist, establishing bike lanes in all roads in Metro Manila.

    Section 3 – Under the 1987 Constitution: Sections 15 and 16, Article II, it is the policy of the state to protect and promote the right to health of the people and instill health consciousness among them. At the same time, it is the duty of the state to protect the environment enroute to balanced and healthful ecology.

    Section 4 – It aims to give cyclists equal rights, privileges and duties with respect to road usage.

    Section 5 – All cyclists must use the bike lanes provided for them. Violation of this law may result to penalty of 500-3,000 pesos.

  59. Surio, Sheila Ann D.
    Sociology MQ2

    this article falls under the theory of ethnocentrism it shows how can we implement cycling in our city to protect our environment and gives convenience to people.

  60. Rodenas, Toni R.
    Sociology MQ2

    ethnocentrism shows in this article because it promotes cycling in our city to protect our environment.

  61. Jolo, Marie Grace Q. MAR142

    RA 9209. “CYCLE FOR A DAY”
    – This shall prevail the importance of exercising and the good cause of it to the health, environment, and lifestyle as well.

    Section 1. Tuesdays are bicycle only day. Meaning no 4 or so wheels vehicles are allowed to cross the streets and highways around Metro Manila.
    Section 2. This law shall only be applicable from 5 am in the morning to 6 pm in the afternoon, every Tuesdays.
    Section 3. Proper gears must be wear.
    Section 4. Noncompliance with this law shall be sue and pay a penalty of P5,000.
    Section 5. There will be a penalty of P1000 for every gear that is not worn while on the road.

  62. Colico, Jester T.

    Transnational – Bicycles are created from foreign countries and the idea of using bicycles as an way on decreasing the pollution in the streets are already done by other countries. So , it is just adopted by the Philippines.

  63. Transnational – Considered as transnational because in other countries cycling is a mode of transportation even before to avoid pollution & health wise (exercise).

  64. Transnational_ This idea did not come from us, other countries has been doing this for a long time. Since it is the most eco-friendly means transportation we have. It is a big help for our nature

  65. Republic Act 1023 | Student Cycling Lanes Act of 2018


    Section 1 – This act shall be known as the University Belt Cycling Lanes Act of 2018

    Section 2 – This act orders all cities who belong to the university belt should assign a separate cycling lane open to all students and members of the educational institutions who will use their bikes in going to school and home. This also caters all universities to allocate parking spaces for students who use regular bikes only. This act helps the nation to promote good health and well-being, conserve energy, lessen the use for fossil fuels in cars and minimize pollution.

    Section 3 – This act excludes all motor bikes and electronic bikes to drive in the cycling lanes. Additional fences shall be included for protection. Water fountains and air supply shall also be installed in the different university lanes to provide convenience to the student bikers.

    Section 4 – Any person who found guilty upon disobeying the law shall pay an indemnity of 50, 000 to 150,000 for the physical damage to lanes. They shall also pay an additional 100,000 to 500,000 for the damages that the student bikers incurred. This is subject to court process and in case any death occurred, the person shall pay 1 million to 2 million pesos and/or punishable by reclusion perpetua.


  66. RA 2325

    ” Cycling Day ”

    – States here that every last day of the week there will be no cars or other vehicle that will be seen in the roads instead bicycles are used for transportation.

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