Condoms: Protection or Temptation

No to DOH Program for Free Distribution of Condoms to High School Students


AIDS/HIV is considered as one the most problematic issue our country is facing today. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a syndrome caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The illness alters the immune system, making people much more vulnerable to infections and diseases that causes death. This can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. From 2001 were 174 cases are diagnose up to 6,552 just for the first 10 months on 2015 listed from DOH (Department of Health), it can be conclude that many Filipinos engage to premarital sex and the larger percentage of it are the teenagers. So as a solution for it DOH propose to distribute condoms to high school students to prevent of the sickness and as a way of abstinence.


The Department of Health’s plan to distribute condoms in high schools may come from good intentions. But, come to think of it and with all due respect, it is not likely to achieve their goal; it might just turn upside down or worsen the case. In my opinion as a teenager, they’re giving the youth a reason to do the things that they shouldn’t do at their early age. From an interview on Unang Balita Secretary Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial quoted “This is a strategy that is evidence-based. Marami na pong pagsusuri sa ibang bansa, na even in Catholic schools ginawa po nila itong strategy na ito. And hindi po dumami ang nagse-sex, kung hindi kumonti ‘yung teenage pregnancies at kumonti ang nagkakaroon ng sexually-transmitted infection,”. This implies how our government takes the easy way out, this program serves as another term for “go ahead you have my approval” this only gives worse thoughts like “may condom naman eh” “Tara babe, safe tayo, May condom ako eh”. Without the consequence of their action teenagers can do anything they want. This step may only lead to future problems like divorce, rape cases and worst murder.

Because every man has the mentality, if a girl is not a virgin then there’s no reason to respect her, no reason to fall in love nor to have your own children whom you’ll support and cherish for the rest of your life.


Yes, we have a big problem in terms of teenage pregnancy and the increasing incidence of having HIV/AIDS. But distributing free condoms, is it really a solution? Are those people or high schoolers sees it as a protection or a temptation?


Answering the first question, I think it’s a temporary solution that may lead to more problems that may affect every citizen. Instead of giving out condoms, why not invest on raising awareness; come up with such eye opener awareness because knowing high school students age ranging from 13-17 are the age where these people are starting to get curious about sex, what it feel, thus it hurt and such. So by distributing condoms this action might deliver them the wrong message the will further result to bigger problems.




An Advocacy of CIV151 Carpe Team Group



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  1. Today, one of the reasons why our country is suffering from poverty is premarital sex. Unsafe sex leads to numerous problems like sex related diseases (AIDS, HIV) and early pregnancies. When someone is affected with AIDS or HIV they are unable to work hence poverty. Women, nowadays get pregnant at such early age because of their curiosity and lack of awareness in sex which leads to women unable to finish their studies and on latter part can’t find decent jobs. One’s curiosity and temptation and not lack of awareness is the main reason why people choose to have sex.
    I think Rizal will support this kind of advocacy because its like spanish era all over again. The government is sending the wrong message to the young ones like what the spaniards did to us Filipinos when they conquer our lands. Rizal hated the idea of the spaniards brainwashing his countrymen like the government giving free condoms, clearly they are only telling the teenagers to have sex and clearly Rizal would hate that kind of movement. Rizal greatly believes in the youth, with or without condoms they are the ones responsible for their well beings, its their choice if they want to discover things. In short, Rizal will support this kind of advocacy because of his saying, “Ang kabataan ay ang kinabukasan” and will only happen if the government doesn’t send the wrong message.

  2. Damn right! Thanks for reading! ?

  3. Loren Mae Sadorra
    Loren Mae Sadorra

    I admire this advocacy which opposes the free distribution of condoms to the springtime of the current generation which aims to prevent the transmission of viruses but for further thinking it’s just giving an opportunity and letting the youth to be imperturbable to freely do what they shouldn’t do at their early ages, indeed!. Our country, Philippines, was ranked 13 for having a large count of population. This caused by the growing rates of early pregnancy engaged to premarital sex which should be done at the right time with proper planning and stable life. Thus, this thought or advocacy must be widening to reach not only the concerned youth but the parents as well to become aware of their children’s development and to watch over them as they grow up. Moreover, the government must have to scale the interpretations of the concerned citizens who would hear such message.
    “The youth is the hope of our future.” – Dr. Jose Rizal. This is one of the famous quotations of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal and no doubt youth is hope and backbone of every country. If Rizal was living, he will choose support this kind of advocacy because he believes that youth is the age of struggle dream & idealism and young people are the nation builder. We should help the young ages to raise and develop the great ideas and good deeds in them not by teaching them to open their curiosity while still young with adult activities and by giving them something that would trigger them to do so.

  4. This movement must have serious consideration since condoms is limited to the traditional teachings of the church which is the topic of contraception. DOH is helping us to understand that condom use is not for contraception instead preventing the risk of transmission of a potentially fatal disease which is HIV. The rise of 9 to 24-years-old Filipinos is very alarming, the government should focus on the promotion of condoms same as what they did with the package of cigarettes and the implementation of ‘Sex Education’ in High School. This will come to the idea of Lessening an Evil Act that is already occurring or “Lesser of Two Evils”. Certain action needs to be done for this is the future of our country.
    A big change will occur if correct regulation and implementation is done within this matter. As the youngest age of 9 years-old is afflicted with HIV/AIDS and through condoms there is a big possibility that the increase of people afflicted with HIV/AIDS will decrease. Condoms will be only use for safe-keeping, during emergencies and for the youth’s protection. “Sex Education’ is very advisable for High School for further acquisition of the benefits of condoms and other contraception. What important is to lessen the population of Filipinos afflicted with HIV/AIDS for the future leaders of this country.

  5. condoms are very essential thing nowadays because it is the highly effective way of protection from being infected by STDs and unwanted or unplanned pregnancy t.v reports says that number of PLHIV have increased for quite a period of time. This helps stop/prevent spread of infection to even young people .Condoms may help those curious ones to be at least protected / prevent from unwanted/ unplanned pregnancy of women which will lead to other problems of the society which are the population or abortion. Condoms may can be both useful to prevent cited problem above. As others may think , this never become a “temptation” in my perspective . Because once a teenager become curious of something , they will always wanted to get /try these things openly or discreetly and lastly ,we can also make them understand through awareness that when the time Come and have a lot of chances to engage with sex, it is better to protected doing it than regret after.
    If i were Dr.Rizal , i will support the initiative of the government regarding the free distribution of condoms even to h.s students .by the time a person reach his age to adolescent years , he will become curious of everything about sex, pleasure and love. I believe that condoms are one of the best ways to make a person protected. Dr. Rizal have the voice that can influence individuals , i will help educate children to be aware about condoms ,sex,sexuality and its relationship. I would also publish books about it so that it will not only last for this generation but in the coming ones for them to be ready and sexually responsible.

  6. janvincentnoveloso

    The society needs that because of our over population it also prevents the growing of our population here in the philippines. It can also avoid the spreading of HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus). We need that so there’s no many people will suffer HIV, also the over population in the philippines.

    I think Dr. Jose Rizal will support this advocacy because if it is for our country to become good and will help many people to avoid the HIV. Because Rizal is a helpful person and he also love his country.So I think Rizal will support and approve to this advocacy.

  7. Sa panahon kasi ngayon kailangan na tayo maging practical, bakit??? dahil modern days na ang panahon ngayon andyan ang internet, kahit sino pede mag punta sa mga pornography sites kung baga marami na ang nag kakamuwang hindi kagaya ng dati sobrang strict pag dating sa mga bagay bagay na yan, so maraming gusto sumubok ng pleasure na yan kung walang condoms edi mas dumadami ang populasyon dahil wala ehhh sige lang ng sige. Di ko rin naman sinasabi na required pero ang kailangan kasi sa panahon ngayon may knowledge na para alam ng mga youths ung tama at mali at nasa kanila na rin un kung gagawin nila ung tama, dahil di rin natin makokontrol yan syempre hanggang pinipigilan natin sila mas na tetemptate nila gawin ung mga bagay bagay na yan edi ang gawin natin ay ganyan bigyan lang ng knowlede siguro para di na rin nila i try yan. Siguro kung nabubuhay pa si rizal sa ngayon ganyan din siguro ang gagawin niya para maiwasan dumami ang populasyon or kaya ung mga Aids/HIV. Pero syempre kailangan parin ng patnubay ng magulang.
    May tama rin ginagawa ang government para di lalo lumobo ung populasyon natin dito sa pilipinas iniisip lang naman ung makakabuti para sa bawat isa.

  8. Teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/STD are one of problems of today’s society. Most of teenagers in our generation are very curious and has a lack of awareness in sex. The teens are becoming sexually active without completely understanding the dangers of unprotected sex. Yet condom is one of the most essential contraceptives, as a teenager, I don’t think that it is appropriate to introduce condom for an early age. As what I have said earlier, teens of today’s generation are very curious. You know what will happen next.
    And by means of handling out free condoms, you’re just giving them freedom to have sex, somehow we can say it’s safe but we all know that making love or having sexual intercourse at that age is definitely not right. But of course, if you’re at the right age and responsible enough for your own good, use condom because it promote safe sex due to an extremely high rate of sexually transmitted diseases. “Kung positive sa HIV at mahal mo talaga, magcondom ka.” lol
    Never pass the wrong message. Remember, “Nasa huli ang pagsisisi”.

  9. But is distributing condoms to public high schools the solution? I think not. Rather than this knee-jerk reaction, I believe we can adapt some aspects of the documented successful programs. They targeted the young males in the equation. They utilized social marketing to educate the young men and try to change their attitudes, their outlook, and their behavior.

    Distributing condoms to public high schools will not cut it. Condoms should be available at health centers where those who need them or want them can avail of them for free. Or they can be distributed through LGUs at targeted places where the likelihood of people engaging in sexual activity is highest, such as clubs and bars. They should not be indiscriminately distributed in schools where doing so may actually give the wrong signals to hormonally charged teenagers and have a negative effect, especially in the absence of properly trained personnel to guide our youth through the tricky and tumultuous path of becoming responsible, loving adults.

  10. Proponents of in-school condom distribution pointed to the ability of condom use to prevent the spread of AIDS and other STD’s, and unwanted pregnancy as the most important reasons to support condom distribution, followed by the belief that increased condom availability will prompt more students to use them when having sexual intercourse. Distribution of condoms among high school student is not really a good solution to prevent the cases of HIV/AIDS and early pregnancies. because i think if they approved that every high school students will be given condoms, they will just be more curious about having sex. Other opponents believe that condom distribution will stimulate the incidence of sexual activity, that individuals should not have sex until they are older or married, that distributing condoms is religiously wrong, that condom distribution would be wasteful since some people do not use condoms every time they have intercourse, and that it would be embarrassing to procure condoms at school. Students in lower grades tended to be more conservative with their beliefs.

    Because as a teenager and a nursing student as well, i am very sensitive to this kind of topic/issue. i don’t support the thing that condoms will be distributed to high school students, first of all teenagers are really at the state of curiosity that’s why we have “Sex Education” for every high school students were that they will know the cause and effect of having sex early or premarital sex and having intercourse with multiple partners. we should also think that if students will have condoms in their hands, they will just think that it is okay to have sex all the time as long as you’re using condoms for protection, which is not really the purpose of this campaign, they were just giving the students an urge to do such things because they know that they have the protection.

  11. Richard Eliseeff
    Richard Eliseeff

    This advocacy is good for married people it can help the cause of sudden and unplanned pregnancy but i don’t agree on this advocacy towards teenagers and to unmarried couple because for me sex if for married couples and not for unmarried people because having a condom is never safe because it can explode inside of the females reproductive organ while having intercourse and imagine if it happened to a ” one night stand girl ” or to your “fubu” then nine months after you are now a father. Sex this days is very common not like the old day when it is really done after marriage nowadays its like a casual thing if you like a girl or a boy its not because of their traits or personality its because of their body and sex appeal then if you make “disgrasya” if the girl the worst thing that will happen is that you will end up leaving her or worse the guy will not be a liable father to their child and it will still be a cause of unexpected pregnancy. That’s why our country really needs sex education because nowadays specially for millennials sex is just like a game to them. In my opinion sex is not safe with condom it is just a cause of temptation that leads to sudden pregnancy and sometimes it leads to abortion and other things that unmarried people are not ready to have or to do. Sex is not safe with condoms but it is the safest when you have your wedding rings.

  12. Vincent Masangkay
    Vincent Masangkay

    Ang pagbibigay ng condom sa mga high school students ay tama lang kung pwede nga pati sa college students din kasi may mga students na bata pa kahit naka tungtong na ng high school at college. may mga may experience na at meron din wala pa in short na cu-curious sila kung ano ba ang feeling na nakikipagsex. dapat lang silang bigyan dahil alam naman natin na isa sa mga major issue ng ating bansa ay ang “Teenage Pregnancy” para ma iwasan yan tama lang sila na pagamitin ng condom.

  13. Providing condoms to students in public education programs will reduce the incidence of underage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If one accepts the premise that condoms are an effective means of prevention, it stands to reason that their distribution could have a significant impact. Condoms are one of the most effective means of protecting against STDs, HIV and pregnancy. For their cost, they are easily the most cost-effective means of protecting against these threats.

    Providing students with condoms actually encourages the earlier onset of sexual activity. If young people believe they will be “safe” when using a condom they are much less likely to be deterred from engaging in dangerous and immoral behaviour.

    Parents can still instruct their children as they see fit, but parents and their elected representatives should entrust school boards with the power to supplement that instruction with informed, health-based programs and services, including condom distribution programs.

  14. I won’t concur with school appropriation of the condom. Make it accessible rather over the counter in comfort stores/typical stores at shoddy costs. Make across the country crusade and open blurbs of risks of HIV.

  15. Unwanted pregnancies, Infected by STD and HIV and over population in our country. I highly recommend using condoms for such a country like we have now, Because premarital sex was the main issue in our generation. Having the Lack of education, bad influence and teachings of the street, in this case, I’m afraid for our future generation to suffer these kinds of problem in their life at the future. Awareness against sex education is a prior for the schools to teach the young generation of the Philippines.

  16. Christian Villaruel
    Christian Villaruel

    If there’s a student that he doesn’t know how to use condom or he doesn’t know about sex, he will be curious about that this is not the solution for the youth to prevent early prenancy, This is like they’re teaching the youth how to have sex with their partners.

  17. jacinto,mark aj
    jacinto,mark aj

    An increase in reported sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, among adolescents has prompted many communities to take action to protect their youth. One proven method is to provide comprehensive sexuality education along with school based programs that make condoms available to sexually active youth. Numerous national health organizations have adopted policies in support of school condom availability as a component of comprehensive sexuality education. As a student I will this advocacy because this is the major issue for us millennial .

  18. Sa panahon ngayon para sakin mas mabuti na yung gumamit tayo ng condom para sa ikaliligtas din ng kinabuksan natin kasi marami nako nakakasalamuha na tao mga kabataan palang ginagawa na yung sex so marami yung bilang ng katabaan na bubuntis agad hindi nakapagtatapos ng pag aaral. kaya para sakin mas maganda kong gagamit tayo o kayo ng condom o trust para kung di mapigilan yung dapat hindi pa ginagawa ng bata nakakasafe sila na hindi agad sila masisira ang kinabuksan.

  19. john nicole espiritu
    john nicole espiritu

    as a gay student is both an honor and responsibility. i will use my voice to influence the youth and i would raise awareness to certain causes like hiv awareness that is timely relevant to my country the philippines.

  20. Jacob Mangulabnan
    Jacob Mangulabnan

    Sang-ayon ako sa advocacy na ito dahil mas lumalala ang HIV at STD sa panahon ngayon na dapat ng aksyunan agad. Higit sa lahat para na rin sa mga kabataang hindi natin hawak ang kanilang isipan sa paggawa ng hindi nila dapat gawin. Sa mga kabataan na ginagawang libangan na ngayon ang sagradong sex na dapat may basbas ng maykapal. Kaya sa mga hindi sumasang-ayon dito kailangan nilang mamulat sa katotohanang ito at ang mga ganitong paraan na lamang ang tanging solusyon para lumiit din ang populasyon dito sa ating bansa.

    – Jacob A. Mangulabnan

  21. nathaniel renegado
    nathaniel renegado

    Yes because…

    Providing condoms to students is the morally pragmatic thing to do. Educators need not endorse sexual activity, but they can encourage students to make wise choices if they decide to have sex. Such an approach is wise because it accepts the inevitability that some young people, regardless of the strength of an abstinence message, will still have sex.

    Providing access to birth control empowers women with more control over their bodies. Historically women have often suffered more because of restrictive policies related to reproduction (abortion laws, restrictions on birth control purchases, parental consent policies). Men often don’t have to face the consequences of their actions. Condom distribution encourages the responsibility of men and increases choices for women. It can also establish condom use as the norm, not something that women continually have to negotiate, often from a position of weakness.

  22. Kyrone Laudencia
    Kyrone Laudencia

    The need to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease for those who decide to have sexual relations requires less divisiveness. Parents can still instruct their children as they see fit, but parents and their elected representatives should entrust school boards with the power to supplement that instruction with informed, health-based programs and services, including condom distribution programs. The principal message teens should receive is that their continued health and safety is key.

  23. I feel condoms does not increase sexual activity but can decrease unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. So I feel In the interest of public health, restrictions and barriers to condom use should be removed. Condom distribution cannot increase sexual activity.

  24. krizhia anne pasatiempo
    krizhia anne pasatiempo

    Sex education program including condom provision accepts the inevitability of adolescent sex and encourages students to make wise, “safe” decisions if they do have sex. It is a wise investment by the government to supply condoms for schools in that it is very expensive to address problems created by irresponsible sexual behaviors.

  25. elizara dela cruz
    elizara dela cruz

    I do understand that having this kind of solution in prevention for the spreading of HIVs/AIDS is somehow helpful because it may lessen the numbers of people having the said disease. Giving free condoms for secondary level it’s not like they promoting the youth to have sex, of course it’s a matter of their choices. There’s a free or none they will still do it, why? Cause they’re curious or sad to say they love to do it.

  26. Jerico Yvan Dones
    Jerico Yvan Dones

    Given that people have a certain perception towards sex, we all have a tendency to be curious and sometimes eager to try it out. As a result, more and more people engage in doing the act and most of them fall victim to HIV/AIDS. It has become so alarming that the government is now considering the distribution of condoms to HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. It seems inadequate since it has the potential to give those young students the wrong idea. The intentions of the government is probably good, but perhaps they could adjust their distribution to married couples or even college students who are aged 17 and above because would we really want to taint the youth’s innocence by sending them home with a pocketful of condoms? Such availability of condoms ought to give us a negative impression and they should be able to come up with a better alternative to attain a decrease in the rate of people acquiring HIV/AIDS. Maybe they can work on uplifting the moral values of the students and give an emphasis on the sacredness of making love after marriage so as to avoid incidents of having multiple sexual partners, and there are other ways to resolve this issue.

    I support this advocacy and I will be sure to take action by starting small, like discussing this issue within our circle of friends and to people who are my age. It’s 2017, sex and HIV/AIDS should not be a taboo topic anymore.

  27. Article 691738
    “Safety sex”

    section 1 : All school must teach their student about sex to avoid early pregnancy etc.

    section 2 : All baranggay must give a free condoms and advices about sex to their place.

    section 3 : Family plan program

  28. Sorry. But these are already happening (or was have happened). This will not be counted.

  29. Not counted as this is already happening.

  30. Sponsored by GRACILLA

    Propose Bill 1034


    Article 1 this act shall be known as “AN ACT FOR ACCESSIBLE CONDOMS FOR ALL THE COUPLES”

    Article 2: Purpose of the act

    the purpose of this act is to prevent the possible unwanted virus to destroy one’s life.

    Article 2 rules and regulations
    Section 1. all couples should acquire free condoms in health center in their respective municipals, barangays, and cities.
    section 2. all couples should attend the public seminars for the used and purpose of using the condoms.

    Article 3. Penalties
    a. any officials of public health centers reported of collecting money for the said free condoms shall be immediately omitted from his/her position as a public servant.

  31. To support this advocacy, I think that something like “An Act of Enhancing Comprehensive Sex Education and Inclusion of Family Planning in K-12 Curriculum.” As we can see, Sex Ed is still seen as taboo, unreligious and unconservative in PH. Primarily, it is because our menarche (first menstruation for girls) and spermarche are even earlier than Sex Ed is actually being introduced in the teenagers. As early as grades 5-6, there should be a COMPREHENSIVE introductory Sex Ed and not just some sugar-coating and “shameful” discussions about sexuality. So the purpose of this amendment on the current CSE bill is to emphasize it on the curriculum, especially the family planning topics to be introduced as early as possible. If my memory serves me right, during my High School, it was only discussed ONCE in MAPEH. It is clearly one of the most practical subjects that should be instilled in the youth, but then the government lacks the direction on its curriculum.

    Another bill that I think can help is to “An Act of Requiring Schools And Baranggay Communities to Create Sex Education Organizations.” I have joined a lot of clubs and orgs during my HS but none of them refers to the Sex Ed improvement at least once a year. The club should promote and raise awareness by conducting seminars about Sex Ed.

    Overall, Sex Ed should be more vocal and relevant to the country, instead of being just a taboo subject. We should own our sexuality.

  32. REPUBLIC ACT 3421


    This act aims to stop the distribution or selling of condoms to unmarried couple.

    Section 1.
    a. Distributors must not sell their product (condom) to buyers that is under 18 and also to the buyers that is not yet married.
    b. Buyers must bring their marriage certificate together with their spouse upon purchasing
    c. Selling of the product must be done on a private place.

    Section 1.
    a.Violators of this law will be punished of 8 months imprisonment with paying a fine of 8,000 pesos
    b. Violators upon second attempt will get married to the person he/ she used it with

  33. King richmond domingo
    King richmond domingo

    RA 360
    This law states that selling condoms are not allowed for undergraduate college students. And condoms should only be bought in any leading drugstore with prescription of a doctor.

    Domingo, king richmond B.

  34. Article no. 9898 of 2017.
    ” Also known as sake of Makabata Movement.”

    Section 1. No one specially government officials shall not delivered nor distributed any birth control materials to all filipino citizen under 18 years of age.

    Section 2. No one specially government officials shall not advertise nor publicity information that suggest the ideas for birth control materials to primary to secondary level of education.

    If one individual, foreign or local, disobey they will go on to 3-10 years of improsonment. Also for government official they will go under investigation and if they are proven they will be impeached.


  35. Quennie Estrella
    Quennie Estrella

    Republic Act 0905


    An act which advances the mission to increase awareness, access, acceptance and use of condoms.

    Section 1:
    No man or woman shall be deprived or discriminated when it comes to buying or purchasing condoms.

    Section 2:
    Condoms must be available for all ages ranging from birth-death.

    Section 3:
    Such drugstores or pharmacies who won’t abide and was proven guilty under this law must face certain charges, which includes:
    a. Termination/invalidation of the store’s license.
    b. 500,000 emotional damage fine for the complainant.
    c. The accuse must conduct a public apology.

    Proposed by: Quennie Estrella

  36. Republic act 4713
    “No to porn site”

    Section 1: All porn site in the philippines will be ban. This site may help a person to have a sexual attraction.

    Section 2: All computer shop must have a poster of “no pornography.”

    Section 3: The person who will catch visiting porn site and watching porn will be pay 20,000 pesos and 3 months to jail.

    This law may help to lessen the sexual addiction of a person. That may cause for the early pregnancy and AIDS.

    Marlowe Aveno

  37. Julia florencio
    Julia florencio

    Julia bien florencio civ151

  38. in order to preserve the purity of every woman this act serve as a mark , a mark were limitation of a relationship is set thats why i support this advocacy

  39. I support your advocay in opposing that kind of what the interview said na Strategy nila ito. I am also support the idea of what are the possible result of it. Because we all know that our country is liberated as now, so I think if we did that strategy daw, I think it may result like they said divorce raped case and I think it may result an illness like aids. It also push the teenagers to do animalistic things.

    Gloria Harvy N.

  40. Ryan Jasper MIguel Carlos
    Ryan Jasper MIguel Carlos

    RA 3211

    Subject: This is an act to help people living with AIDS

    Section 1: Short Title. — This Act shall be known as the “One love for AIDS″.
    Section 2. Declaration of Policy. — This act should help people that are victims of AIDS. The government will provide free checkups, medicine and programs that will assist them with their illness. There will also free HIV test for the people who thinks that they have AIDS. The government will also provide protections for the victims to prevent discrimination. If a person are prove to be discriminating an AIDS victims he will be punish by:
    1st offense- 5,000 pesos fine and 24 hours of imprisonment.
    2nd offense- 25,000 pesos fine and 1 month of imprisonment.
    3rd offense- 3 years of imprisonment unbailable.

  41. I can say that im better than Rizal because i did not left my religion.

    Caballero, Ghyrvy B.
    CIV 151

  42. RA 2398
    Comprehensive Sex Education Act

    Sec 1. A law that provides a more comprehensive sex education

    David Dalisay
    ECE 151

  43. What will the inclusions be? Not counted unless this is answered

  44. Sec 2. And the addition of “Sex Education” in the curricula of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Eduaction of the Philippines

    Sec 3. Sudents shall be entitled to free contraceptives if they are are in the legal age of twenty-one and must present a Government issued identification card that have the following. Name, Age, Birthdate and Gender.

  45. fortunato carl sherwin O
    fortunato carl sherwin O

    “no smoking”
    sec.1 no smoking in public
    sec. 2 there will be a smoking area for the peole who want to smoke
    sec. 3 if you were caught smoking in public youll be paying 10,000 pesos and have a community service for 1-2 weeks
    sec.4 if you are under 18 and you are caught smoking you will have a fine of 10,000 pesos and youll be having a community service for 1-2 months

    -fortunato carl sehrwin

  46. michael fajarito
    michael fajarito

    R.A. 20034
    This act will provide protection and safety for the users.

    Section 1. An Act Shall be known “Kaligtasan sa kabataan”.

    Section 2. No one shall not delivered nor distributed condoms to all filipino citizen under 17 years of age.

    Section 2. No one specially government officials shall not advertise nor publicity information that suggest the ideas for birth control materials to primary to teenager under 17 years of age.

    Section 3. Someone who will be caught for using or advertize condoms will be punish by an 2-3 months in prison according by the judge.

    Michael Fajarito

  47. Kier Vincent V Oclares
    Kier Vincent V Oclares

    Republic Act 10930

    This act will offer or give Free Contraceptives for people whom one from any issued Clinics or Pharmacies anytime and anywhere.

    Sec 1: This act shall be know as “Free Contraceptive Act “.

    Sec 2: The person is qualified to obtain a free contraceptive if he or she is Twenty-one years old and above for both gender and must present a valid government issued Identification, the identification must have the following contents: Name, Birth Date, Gender and Signature.

    Sec 3: The Clinic or Pharmacies is only qualified to give only two contraceptives per person and has the right to take his or her general profile.

    Kier Vincent V. Oclares

  48. Premarital sex became very chronic among the minor aged Filipinos and became a very big issue in this generation. This issue has been a very big contributor to the fast grow of our population. So by having R.A. 44325 – “Educate the Youth About Sex Act” implemented, instead of pushing the youth to use the contraceptives being distributed to them by the government, this act will provide the youth the reality and the effects of having sex at a very young age and open their minds about the reality and disadvantages of having premarital sex. Sex education will be taught in biology class. This will only be applicable to all highschool and college students.

    Astrologio, Ada R.

  49. I can’t even imagine giving free condoms to all high school students. Distributing codoms is not the solution for this. People should how to discipline themselves. And they should what is right and wrong. The parents must educate their child about this. -Arienne Zhel Gadiano (ELE151)

  50. *people should know how to discipline themselves. And they should know what is right and wrong.

  51. Rose Marl Cheong
    Rose Marl Cheong

    Can’t help myself but think how frivolous the proposed solution of the Department of Health to distribute a form of contraception to high school students in order to alleviate HIV cases and to be used as protection (OH REALLY, PROTECTION? NAH, I DON’T THINK SO) for emergency purposes. (I was like “WHAT WAS THAT MESSAGE FROM THE DOH SECRETARY TRYING TO IMPLY?” Instead of preventing the youth to do things they shouldn’t be doing, it seemed to me that DOH wants the youth to have early exposure on these things, piquing their curiosity. There are more appropriate ways of preventing HIV cases and clearly it should not be this distribution of condoms. Why won’t the government invest instead, on raising awareness for the youth to prevent them from engaging to pre-marital sex? We belong to a Christian country, therefore, we must keep and instill in our minds that having sex is sacred and it is exclusive only for married couples. If I’d propose a law it would be against the distribution of contraceptives, particularly, condoms, to the youth. The law shall be known as “Act Against the Illegal Acquisition of Contraceptives” or “Republic Act No. 76374”. It prohibits the youth, specifically those who belong in the age group of 21 and below, to have access on forms of contraception. Hence, only married couples will have access to those things. Violation of this law means an imprisonment of four to five years and is non bailable.

    Cheong, Rose Marl

  52. I may sound arrogant comparing myself to our national hero but honestly that’s the question i always wanted to answer. i don’t actually know him personally yet i read his works and studied his autobiography and i can say that if there is something which i can say i’m better than Rizal it is through my profession and my passion to my work i know at my current learning i’m not close to what he has achieve but i intend to progress and improve because of my love for my chosen profession

    bryll par
    CIV 151

  53. I’m really against that the DOH will give condoms to students specifically high school. I am happy to know the purpose of the DOH that they only aim to lessen early pregnancy in the country, but I don’t think giving condoms can be a way to avoid it. Educating them is one. A person who is well educated and can understand the effect of doing sex will think twice of doing it. I must say people should be open minded, There should be a law that tackles the effect of doing sex and the aftermath of it. it shall be called “Educating Sex”. Through this, we can minimize at east the aggressive youth in line with this subject.

    Mariz Arroyo

  54. According to “Act Against the Illegal Acquisition of Contraceptives” or “Republic Act No. 76374”. it helps the youth at the age of 21 and below to have an access in contraceptives. for me as a youth also the advantage of this scheme is to reduce the incidence of underage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted’s a FACT because the youths are already exposed to dangers through early sex. many of the youths gave birth an early age. and the disadvantages of this scheme is it will contribute more to the increase of venereal disease and unwedded motherhood among teenagers than it can counteract by distributing condoms. for me as women i’m not agree to this scheme because i believe that only married men and woman should have an inspiration for making love. and also the smartest thing that a woman can only have is to never need a man. it takes a real man to give up your womanhood.

  55. ECE151
    Most teenagers involved in such a situation is mainly because of their poor family foundation that lead into having a life in disarray. The family is the basic foundation that shapes the person to be who they are. If they have poor family foundation then getting involved in similar situation is not impossible to occur. To be able to help them I would like to implement Republic Act no. 2770 also called as “Family Unification Act” will act as a prevention for early pregnancy. In this act, the government will provide seminars and counselling to families for further improvement of their relationship with each other.

    Free contraceptives such as condoms are not a better solution to reduce the increasing birth rate of a country hence, family planning and proper parenting is more advisable to prevent this kind of crisis. Sex education is not advisable to teach young children because it will grasp their curiousity which is also a form of temptation for them to try on which may also lead to more cases of early pregnancy. Family is the basic foundation of a person that shapes their personality and values. Poor family foundation is mainly the reason behind this phenomenon. Republic Act no. 2014 is also called “Against Contraceptives Act”. This act will provide seminars and family activities which helps family to build closer and deeper relationship with each other. The government shall provide education about family planning and other forms of prevention to early pregnancy, this program will be focusing more on young teenagers

  56. Republic Act of the Philippines
    Republic Act 44444

    Section1 .Title. – This act shall be known as “Right Use of Contraceptives act of 2017”.

    Section2 .Declaration of Policy. – The State recognizes and guarantees the human rights of all persons including their right to equality and nondiscrimination of these rights, the right to sustainable human development, the right to health which includes reproductive health, the right to education and information, and the right to choose and make decisions for themselves in accordance with their religious convictions, ethics, cultural beliefs, and the demands of responsible parenthood. (Republic Act No. 10354)

    Section3 –
    (1) No one shall give, delivered nor distributed contraceptives to all Filipino citizen under 20(twenty) years of age.
    (2) People of the Philippines shall present a valid government issued Identification in order to have contraceptive. The identification must have the following contents: Name, Birth Date, Gender and Signature
    (3) People of the Philippines shall not advertise nor suggest the ideas for birth control materials to primary to teenager under 18 years of age.

    Section 4.
    (1) Hospital, Clinic, Pharmacies or any citizen of Philippines shall not allowed anyone whose age is below 20(twenty) years old to buy and use contraceptive.
    (2) The Hospital, Clinic or Pharmacies is only qualified to give only 2(two) contraceptives per person and has the right to take his or her general profile. If someone needs to buy more than 2 contraceptives he/she shall have an authorization from his/her doctor and medical certificate.

    Section 5. – Violators of this act shall be imprisoned for 5(five) months to 1(one) year. This act is non bailable.

    Reyes, Jorielle Mae D.

  57. Clarice Redondo
    Clarice Redondo

    Very timely

  58. Colico, Jester T.

    Transnational – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) are some of the biggest issues the world is facing. Here in the Philippines, it becomes prevalent and the rate of acquiring this diseases is raising. This becomes a global problem to all of the countries because it spreads fasts and only inhibitors are only created yet there is no cure to this disease as of now.

  59. Manalastas, Joel Anjo

    Transnational – its transnational because condoms are used also in the other countries

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