Being bullied is the worst part that may happen in your life. It might happen in your school or in your job. The feeling of being trapped in a world where you can’t fend for yourself. The shame and depression that you feel repeatedly for long period of time. You’ll feel anxious, lonely and insecure. You’ll feel like crying a lot. You will be unable to concentrate in work or class, afraid to go to school and nervous if alone. Isolated and avoid group situations. Being bullied makes us unproductive, you will lose your confidence and become irritated this feelings makes you wish to just disappear or end the suffering by giving up.

Being bullied for a long time can lead to depression and feeling of being worthless changes appetite and makes difficulty in sleeping. May occur starting to think that maybe the insults and taunts are true and wonder if its your own fault. Those who were bullied believe it’s their fault. They think there is something wrong with them and they deserved getting picked on. These effects can last for a long time even into adulthood. A person who is bullied may become an adult who find it’s hard to trust others and will be unable to do any kinds of decision-making. He or she will lack confidence and self-worth.

Aside from the side effects of bullying, why do bullies exist? What is their reason for bullying? And why do we just allow others to get picked on? Are we entitled to bully someone? Why, why should we bully? It’s because of our selfishness because we don’t want to be put on this kind of situation so that we force others to attract attention of the many.

Bullies are the ones who are weak and cowardly. They let others experience things that should happen to themselves, they cannot afford any loss. They always find allies to those who they think that can support they’re act. And soon find a victims who they can treat misbehavior as physically and mentally. Bullies are always in a group and taking advantage on individual with less social friends. Bullies are also the master of lies. When they envy a person, they create stories or destruction to that person just to be hated by other. Bullies always stick with other bullies because they are afraid of being bullied by their own. They always makes a company with the same flock.

Bullies are a common in all kinds of society. They are everywhere and they will always secure their position. They can be your schoolmate, workmate, teachers and might be your manager. Even in family they can be your cousins, uncles, siblings and especially they might be your neighbors. Bullies are someone who intentionally makes someone else feel bad as to make themselves feel better. Bullies do bullying is that they had experienced to be bullied and they don’t want to happen that again so they do bullying to feel secure. However the bullied victims might survive in a society and make progress for themselves. Making inspired by those person mistreated them. But it doesn’t happen as always, bullied person might not be able to rise and some are keep themselves low and hide in the darkness of depression and loneliness.

Bullied people are not always the victim, bullied person might turn into a bullies and let others to feel they’re suffering. Bullied might take revenge on those who bullied them. In that case bullies who bully become bullied and bullied become bullies. The main reason why do bullies do bullying is that they had a wrong role models they may seeing violence doing by their parents. Family environment is one of cause bullying parent should be very careful at educating their child’s at the very young age. All attitudes starts at home so everything what a kid seeing at home should be a good example. Bullying is not a choice or an option for self protection. It will always be a threat and will always be a burden in the time ahead. There is only one way to stop bullying and it’s start to our self. We are all bullies and we are also being bullied. Be kind be wise stop bullying for the sake of yourself and for the children’s ahead.


An Advocacy of CIV151, Anti-B Group