Bully, Bullied, Bullies

Being bullied is the worst part that may happen in your life. It might happen in your school or in your job. The feeling of being trapped in a world where you can’t fend for yourself. The shame and depression that you feel repeatedly for long period of time. You’ll feel anxious, lonely and insecure. You’ll feel like crying a lot. You will be unable to concentrate in work or class, afraid to go to school and nervous if alone. Isolated and avoid group situations. Being bullied makes us unproductive, you will lose your confidence and become irritated this feelings makes you wish to just disappear or end the suffering by giving up.

Being bullied for a long time can lead to depression and feeling of being worthless changes appetite and makes difficulty in sleeping. May occur starting to think that maybe the insults and taunts are true and wonder if its your own fault. Those who were bullied believe it’s their fault. They think there is something wrong with them and they deserved getting picked on. These effects can last for a long time even into adulthood. A person who is bullied may become an adult who find it’s hard to trust others and will be unable to do any kinds of decision-making. He or she will lack confidence and self-worth.

Aside from the side effects of bullying, why do bullies exist? What is their reason for bullying? And why do we just allow others to get picked on? Are we entitled to bully someone? Why, why should we bully? It’s because of our selfishness because we don’t want to be put on this kind of situation so that we force others to attract attention of the many.

Bullies are the ones who are weak and cowardly. They let others experience things that should happen to themselves, they cannot afford any loss. They always find allies to those who they think that can support they’re act. And soon find a victims who they can treat misbehavior as physically and mentally. Bullies are always in a group and taking advantage on individual with less social friends. Bullies are also the master of lies. When they envy a person, they create stories or destruction to that person just to be hated by other. Bullies always stick with other bullies because they are afraid of being bullied by their own. They always makes a company with the same flock.

Bullies are a common in all kinds of society. They are everywhere and they will always secure their position. They can be your schoolmate, workmate, teachers and might be your manager. Even in family they can be your cousins, uncles, siblings and especially they might be your neighbors. Bullies are someone who intentionally makes someone else feel bad as to make themselves feel better. Bullies do bullying is that they had experienced to be bullied and they don’t want to happen that again so they do bullying to feel secure. However the bullied victims might survive in a society and make progress for themselves. Making inspired by those person mistreated them. But it doesn’t happen as always, bullied person might not be able to rise and some are keep themselves low and hide in the darkness of depression and loneliness.

Bullied people are not always the victim, bullied person might turn into a bullies and let others to feel they’re suffering. Bullied might take revenge on those who bullied them. In that case bullies who bully become bullied and bullied become bullies. The main reason why do bullies do bullying is that they had a wrong role models they may seeing violence doing by their parents. Family environment is one of cause bullying parent should be very careful at educating their child’s at the very young age. All attitudes starts at home so everything what a kid seeing at home should be a good example. Bullying is not a choice or an option for self protection. It will always be a threat and will always be a burden in the time ahead. There is only one way to stop bullying and it’s start to our self. We are all bullies and we are also being bullied. Be kind be wise stop bullying for the sake of yourself and for the children’s ahead.


An Advocacy of CIV151, Anti-B Group

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  1. I will support this advocacy because of it’s intentional campaign for us. Bullying is one of the major problems that young teens and adults have. Maybe some of us like to do bullying with someone else without knowing that if they are feel embarass and hurt in front of bunch people. Bullies think life would be a lot of better if all the people they harass would not be here. But the people who were bullied I know for a fact if they were still here. They would also have a better life if the ones who started the bullying faced several punishments. Lots of innocent people are killing themselves just because they have been bullied. Those parents don’t know about their children if what they have encounter in school, workplace or everywhere they might be possible bullied by bullies. So it’s good for me to read this article, it would be a better way for us to do something change for bullies that there are some people affected ’cause of bullying.

  2. This advocacy is needed in our country to change the future and to stop bullying. We all know that bullying affects this country especially cyber bullying in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and etc. Bulling has been an exceeding issue over the years and it is about time to make it stop. Bulling affects everyone not just the victims of bulling but, the bully’s and everyone surrounding them. The numbers of kids that are starting to become victims as well as bullies are increasing. Nobody like’s a bully and being one just makes matters worse. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. This advocacy will help our country to wake up and stand against bullying.

    I support this advocacy because I also experienced bullying by my other classmates, friends and random people who just want to trip others. 5 years ago, I walk around our subdivision and try to find my way home and there are students that are blocking the road, they looked at me and try to chase me. I was shocked and don’t know what to do. I just run and run and run very fast. After catching me, they bruised me and run fast after the guards of the subdivision came. Guards of the subdivision found out that those students are not from our subdivision. They live in the other subdivision that governments provide for those people who are homeless and that subdivision is called “pabahay”. Many of my friends warned me and tell some stories about those people who live in “pabahay”. After that incident, I feel weak, depressed and afraid to go outside. Bullying is a major problem that we haven’t been able to stop, every year more and more people become bullied at school and online, if we take a stand against bullying and not encouraged it I believe that we can put an end to it by starting to support this advocacy.

  3. This advocacy is needed because Bullying is frequently happening nowadays, especially in our country using Social Media sites. It inform us that each and everyone of us are all bullies and being bullied that can be the cause of our shame, depression, loneliness and insecurity. It tells us that we should stop bullying because it reflects what the future children will be. Bullies are person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. They always pulling someone down and make others suffer which only proves that bullying is a sign of weakness.

    I believe that Rizal will support and encourage this advocacy because the Youth are really important for Rizal. And most of the victims of Bullying are the youth. Even Rizal experienced bullying when he was a kid but he still manage and prove to those bullies that he can achieve his dreams without bringing him down. Rizal will support this advocacy because I know Rizal will have an idea that Bullying should stop for the sake of ourselves, for the people around us and for the youth’s ahead that might experience bullying in the future.

  4. In our society a lot of deviant actions has been doing and one example for that is bullying. I think everyone know about what is bullying since it is one of the major cause of depression. I connected this part of my social movement because this topic explains a lot and it has been latest in the previous years. A lot of things might happen here and it will always connect to anyone’s problem’s that may cause of all death. Even I have been bullied or sometimes I’ve tried to bullied person once. It is really important to know this kind of advocacy.

    I support this advocacy to continue the legacy of being free from bullies and from being a bully. Even if you are bullied or being a bully may help you understand what is the main cause of the problem. This advocacy explains a lot and gave new knowledge and values to undestand this kind of advocacy. It will continue and continue for generations that this advocacy will be useful in eveyday living.

  5. Speaking on behalf of my friends who have been bullied, I, Lymhar Gammad, supports this advocacy to stop bullying. Filipinos, especially in this generation are very concious about themselves; afraid of being called with a foul and offensive words because you don’t have what they had, you think you lack of uniqueness, lack of skills/talents, lack of friends and a lot more. They have been bullied based on characteristics, physical appearance, peers, family, education and gender. Consequently, they tend to fit in, in what this generation usually do without knowing that this will not make them any better, feel free and will stop them from doing the things they love and achieve the things that are ahead of them because they want to meet the expectations from other people. Let us spread awareness to the Filipinos especially the young ones, that it is okay to be different and don’t let people put you down because of what they are telling about you.

    I believe that Dr. Jose Rizal will support this advocacy because the fact that we were colonized was already a manifestation of a richer country bullying another country. If Rizal was alive today, he will not let his fellow Indios to bully one another. He wil definitely encourage everyone to be as one and to be a better country. Rizal is brave enough to let people know that we are all in the same level and we are no different from everyone. He showed us his love for our country, and as a young Filipino, let us respect and love one another.

  6. For me, this advocacy “Bully, Bullied, Bullies” is needed in the country. People especially youth should definitely read this advocacy in able to open their minds and understand things about bullying. Bullying usually happen with children. At their very young age, parents should know every single situation that a child is encountering so that they can educate them specifically on making decisions. This kind of act should be corrected and guided for them not to bring that attitude in the future.

    I think, Rizal would support this advocacy because he strongly believed and made the famous line “The youth is the hope of our country” I also believe that whatever a child learned could actually become their habit in living even when they get older. How can youth be the hope of the future when no one guiding and opening their minds to be a good one? Adults must be a good role model. Teach the youth the things that will bring out the best in them. Guide them to grow to be a good child, good students as well as a good citizen.

  7. I truly believe that this advocacy is needed in our country especially at this point of time wherein there are many people who are victims and are experiencing treatments that they do not deserve. Being bullied by those people whom you cherish and considered as your friends disappoints me more because you think that you can count and rely on them whenever you need them but it ended up in a different way. When I was in my sophomore year in high school, I experienced being bullied by my classmates and some of my friends which left me depressed and all my insecurities pops out in me that time. It feels like no else likes me, I reached to the point that I don’t want to go to school anymore because every time and every day that I enter our room my name was written in the blackboard and it was full of hurtful words against me. I feel hopeless and useless that time. They bullied me because of my body built and my appearance, every day they called me “kulot salot” “lampa” “malaking babae” and other words that are not true about me and words that hurts me a lot that causes me to shut people out of my life. But I remembered one time that I totally burst out all my emotions in school, I cried and confronted them all and I decided to be brave and to voice out what I really feel that time. It takes a lot of courage to face all of them by myself and it feels good to stand up and raise awareness to my classmates that being a bully and to bully someone is totally not cool and not good at all because it can cause depression, anxiety and insecurities to the victim which I believe that no one has the right to bully someone and to make them feel that they are useless.

    I believe that Jose Rizal will support this advocacy because he once said that “Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan” so that I conclude that he believes in today’s generation, he has high hopes on us that we should stand as one. If he is still alive today, he will end up disappointed because the number of victims that are being bullied increases rapidly and are popular nowadays. I think that he will probably write a poem about bullying if he’s still alive to raise awareness to other people that bullying is not a good thing, it can destroy one’s life and his/her future. We should stop bullying and mind our own life. We should strive to become a better person, be selfless at some point and also to help other people to be a better person as well. Rizal will probably put focus in solving bullying cases if he is still alive today. We should stand as one and help one another.

  8. I have been bullied once in my life. To be more specific, it happened when I was a freshman in college. The heaven above knows I didn’t expect that thing because I simply don’t deserve it. Nobody else in this world does. They make fun of me because of the way I dress (the-fancy-and-classy-attire). I also remember how they call me “bida bida” or “Jollibee” as a codename whenever I speak my mind, whenever I recite and perform attentively in all my class. I know, it’s stupid right? I don’t know if what’s wrong with me that time. My mom raised me as a strong, smart and independent young lady but when that situation came, I felt so useless. But God bless those people who helped me along the way to realize that there is nothing wrong and that I am wonderful because I am ME.

    This type of advocacy is very much relevant in our society and culture today. Thousands of people are being bullied and that also means thousands of people are being bullies. It makes our society chaotic and toxic. Bullying destroys hope and self confidence of every entity. And by the help of spreading the word, I strongly believe that it will heal humanity. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. I certainly support these advocacies because deep down in me, I want to inspire people with the same situation on how to trust and respect themselves and not look on the imperfections or mistakes of others. I believe that if we start helping each other now, we can cure this illness of our society.

  9. Surely, no one wants to be bullied since it might lead you to anxiety, depression, loss of interest in activities and other mental health issues. There are lots of victims of bullying in school, workplace and other institutions who will try to stamp out the fire from their body just to escape from being burnt. Meaning, a bully person can make your life miserable by picking up your flaws and weaknesses and the worst thing is they treated you like you’re badly different from them. I would say that this advocacy is something that we looked-for, this will help encourage those people who are abused by bullies to step out from their cage. Through this advocacy, it will help those victims get to discover the real purpose why picking them up on the ground is still important and carefully explain to them that they don’t deserve to be bullied.

    From the beginning, I think Jose Rizal will firstly support this advocacy for the reason that children and young people can be discharged from doing any harm and even committing suicide as of bullying. For Rizal, youth play an important role in our society that why he mentioned before that “Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan”. Like what he portrays, youth now are more skillful, more intelligent and always keep its desire to have a bright future. Somewhat, Rizal wants for them to always have the courage to take risk and be bold despite of its imperfections as a human. Rizal might even stand up for them by telling that never be afraid to show who you really are, for those people who were bullied.

  10. This advocacy is timely! I support this advocacy to stop bullying in our generation. There is no good benefit or result in bullying, it will just help the bullied persons to degrade themselves. Lets stop bullying as our defense mechanism to hide our insecurities, weakness and cowardness. Lets stop bullying just to make ourselves to look great or to feel better. And lets start helping each other to become a better person.


  11. Bullying happens in every minute. We don’t know it but other people suffer these struggles on their everyday life. They deal it even in their sleep. Sleepless nights, Crying before going to sleep and having nightmares that hunt them because they’re afraid to the bad things that happened to them. They are tired of everything. It’s like a walking dead body. They always guard their own to other people to avoid being hurt. To avoid what other people may think or do to them. Only notebooks and papers know what they feel because it’s the only way or way that they can trust by writing what inside in their hearts and minds while listening to a sad song. They shut their own self to reality. It’s like they took advantage to themselves by choosing this way. Taking away the happiness that they deserve.

    As a Psychology Major, I strongly support this advocacy. Because I also experienced being bullied way back in my childhood days. I can tell it has bad effect on me growing up but also have a good effect. The bad effect is that I lost my self confidence that time and have an issue trusting to other people, Until now, sometimes I remember the bully people and what they do to me. The awful things or words that they to me. But it has also a good effect I choose to be a better person. I choose to be above to them and never go down to their level and take this bad experience as my inspiration to myself and to others. It became also my inspiration to take Psychology major because in the future I want to build or help a foundation about kids having trouble to their self esteem and being bullied. So that I can relate or share what I have already experience and help them to cope with this struggles. i believe if I can do it and already done it, they can do it also.


  12. The problem of our society was that bullying is now common to our society in which it affects most of the individuals not only leaving scars to their hearts but also makes them change into someone they shouldn’t be. The number of bullies is increasing and for me, I think people becomes self-centered that they don’t care for what the other people who are being bullied would feel. Taking advantage on the weakness of other people is also a problem in the society. People nowadays are being satisfied in life or being happy by hurting other people or destroying others lives just to make them feel higher or better than the other people. Also, the problem was that people don’t usually fight for themselves and let other people hurt them because some of them thinks that if they’ll fight for themselves, they might hurt other people.

    It is important to support this advocacy because bullying does not only hurt us but also makes us feel not special and I do believe that each of us has our own uniqueness that should be respected by each other. Stopping bullying will help people in the society becomes more productive in which they will have confident to share their knowledge and abilities without fear and they would not think that they are not good enough. Instead of lowering other peoples lives and making them feel unworthy, we, the people in the society should lift others lives by helping them realize that they should be proud of what they have and help them conquer their weaknesses instead of taking advantage on it. This is an important advocacy because it usually happens during our childhood and if this kind of behavior is carried through our adulthood this will not only affect the people’s life and future but also the future of our country. We should stop making other people lives miserable for us to show the world that we are better to those who we bully instead make ourselves better by improving our behavior and life because hurting other people won’t help us be better than them instead were just showing the world that we are bullying because we know that they someone is better than us.

  13. Bullying is so prevalent in today’s generation. It’s so widespread that we have forgotten that it can hurt and leave a permanent wound or scar in a person’s life. We’ve become so selfish, we think only of ourselves. We are doing such things because of what? For fun? So that you can feel good about yourself? For you too look strong and powerful in the eyes of other people?
    Bringing someone down won’t make you stronger, in fact it only makes you weaker. We’ve became so numb to what we’re saying, we have forgotten that our words and voices can be very powerful so why don’t we use it to bring out the goodness inside every single one of us instead of using it to harm other people. We think it is time for a change. Speak up and stand up for the victims of bullying.

    I am very certain that Rizal would support and fight for this advocacy if he was still alive today. Decades ago, Filipinos, were greatly discriminated, down graded, were taken advantage of and suffered from the hands of spaniards for so many years and I can say that the way the spaniards treated our fellow filipinos back then is pretty much similar to bullying. Some Bullying victims are being humiliated for their appearances and also the filipinos, but for our skin color. Bullying victims are being down graded while we, filipinos were labeled as “indios”. Bullying victims live their everyday lives with anxiety and depression, filipinos lived like that as well for a very long time, every single day was a suffering to all victims.
    Rizal was one of the many who got tired of that life, this made him and the other heroes to speak up and fight for our freedom. Just like them, we should use our voices and abilities to speak up for the victims of bullying, let’s make the heroes of the past our inspiration for today, let’s not waste the freedom that they have given to us, just like Rizal we should keep on fighting for what us right.
    -Magracia, PRE152

  14. Bullying creates problems in society because it produces individuals with a wrong idea about themselves, their confidence and self worth. As bullying happens in all sectors of society and in all age groups and levels, the overall impact is alarming. Present day juveniles and law breakers may subconsciously be victims of bullying in their life. It may not be the direct cause of major problems in society but it can somehow or subconsciously be a part of it. Everyone in one way or another has been bullied or may have been bullies in their life. It is a vicious cycle that never ends as long as the opportunity to use it rises. It is how each and everyone looks at it that matters. Our productivity in life depends on so many factors and bullying can be an integral part of it. However, at the end of the day, we may just take it as part of our experience and should not go beyond our personalities.
    I think Rizal would support this advocacy because he believes that the youth is the hope of our nation. If at an early stage in life, in school, bullying takes place then the development of the youth will be affected so much. Their confidence, self esteem and self worth will be challenged. A badly damaged personality will produce unproductive individuals and may sometimes become liabilities when they grow old. If this happens, then the very hope of our nation will be at risk. Rizal would not want this to happen to our country so I think that he would strongly oppose bullying.

  15. The main reach of the problem why “Bullying is still one of the most discussed issue is because we tolerate it. That’s a problem that takes over the whole concept of being bullied. It’s because we don’t do something to stop it from happening. The problem of the society regarding this topic is our main goal of setting, telling people to stop bullying but we know for our selves that we may sometimes forget that we’re also one of the main causes why it keeps on happening. Think of it as an ignorant act being tolerated. It’s big right? Knowing that someone has to step up the confidence and make a move to stop it from happening over and over again. But blaming the society itself doesn’t do much, because we know for ourselves that bullying is bad.. Though we know that someone within a group is being harassed still looks normal. And to think that “It’s just something we do for fun, right?”. And that doesn’t stop there. The people affected is having this weird ideas of not going to school because of the,. It affects the persons mind.. Have you ever thought of someone that is just wanting to attend school, then someone will just pop up as a friend then treat you as low as they think you would fit in.

    I, for myself hated bullying. It’s too big to cover up the whole thing.. But it’ll do much of a shot as a prevention. I support this advocacy because I hated the whole concept of bullying.. Bullying is something that affects an individual related to his/her past and blaming it on someone entirely, with hatred, trash talks, Physical bullying, giving money and etc.. I’m supporting this advocacy to inform everybody and specially students to make a movement that results to a Bully-Free community. I want them to categorized the meaning of a joke and a personal matter at the same time. Have you ever thought of having a community without bullying? It makes you move more and feel free of not being judged and just being real to each other at limits. There’s not a single group of people that doesn’t have someone being bullied or getting fired off by everyone.. Everybody know it.. but them for their selves doesn’t know it. Please be more aware of your surroundings.. And add more strength to your confidence and step up for yourself, asking for a help wouldn’t make you look weak …

    -Guarino, NUR151

  16. this advocacy is about people where bullied and bullies . Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students, and it has everyone worried, not just the kids on its receiving end. Yet because parents, teachers, and other adults don’t always see it, they may not understand how extreme bullying can get.some of the people get people get bullied because of their physical apperance and mostly of the bullies attack persons physical by hitting and punch them infont of others to catch attention of others and make them affraid of them.

    i experiencing bullying before when im in grade school bullying take away my confidence before but my parents encourage me not to be affected of what they are saying . thats why i hate bullying . i support this advocacy to inform everyone specially to us a student to stop being bullied .

  17. I support this article because of its content that will help to improve our society.First of all bullying is the most common problem in school or work it can make a person depressed or feel irritated for this reasons he cant focus on what he/she need’s to do for example a student he cant review and study hard because he think that he is not good and not able to participate in any kind of activities.In this case the person suffer from bullying cannot be productive or cannot show his/her full potential and be confident.

    I think Rizal will also support this kind of article because he said that the youth is the hope of the Nation.He want that every children and teenagers even adults to show that they are confident to do what ever they want.I support this article because I want to encourage every people that they need to be productive for there future.

  18. I am supporting a advocacy because it shows one of the serious problems in the society which is bullying. Bullying affects them victims physically and mentally. This advocacy explains a lot of psychological factors in bullying. I the side of the bullied/Victimis, it can cause lowering of self-confidence and being insecure to themselves that makes them trust others difficultly. The bullies might want to experience superiority to not let others fight against him/her. In short, he/she is a coward or afraid to others too. Bullying might also cause the victims to take revenge to the bully or to other people improves our society with respect to each other.

    I think Dr. Jose Rizal will support this advocacy becuase he whatever Filipinos to be united to achieve freedom in his time. In order us to be united, we must respect each other. Bullying other people doesn’t show respect. It shows division of people. We will not be able to achieve national development if we are not united. We must function as a whole. Things are easy if everyone is confident to work.

  19. This is important to support thus advocacy because bullying is the one of the problem in society many peoiple who are experience , treatments bullying and many people has a trauma because he/she physically bully like beaten. , we need to help the bullying who experience this situation, and we need to stop the bullying because many people affect in this case and we need to help the people who experience this and say be strong and do not yield FIGHT

    I think rizal will support this advocacy because rizal said “kabataan pagasa ng bayan”and this we need to show our confident to many people na deserve natin ito. tyaka madidiskarte ang mga kabataas ngayon maasahan tayo and always belive in yourself and encourage everyone to we have a bright future someday.

    SWM 152

  20. Bullying is an issue not foreign to all of us. It can be seen anywhere like what the article said. It can be in school, work or even in social media. Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. I support this Anti-Bullying advocacy because I was once a subject of bullying just because I do not meet the standard our judgmental society set for being beautiful. I’m lucky enough that I only experienced subtle bullying because I don’t really mind and entertain them. But still, it annoyed me and made me doubt myself before. What more to those people who are weak and really mind what people around them are saying. The worst case of bullying may lead a person to commit a suicide. And sadly, that worst case is happening now around the different part of the world. Some are experiencing physical abuse/bullying, some are through Verbal abuse/bullying and others are experiencing it through social media. The problem with the world today is that, we focus on the technology and modernization of the world we often neglect manners and our family responsibilities. Bullies were the children who weren’t guided right by their guardians and Children who are Bullied gets depressed or commit suicide because they have to guardians to share their problems with. Bullying is a serious matter needed to be eliminate in the community because of its effect to the bullies and the bullied. Bullying can happen anywhere and anytime to anyone. We can help stop bullying if we guide the children properly. there are also laws today that helps stop bullying like,”Cyber Bullying Law/Act”. In your own simple ways, you can help by providing comfort and counsel those people who are associated with bullying.

  21. I strongly support this article because this topic is mainly an issue to the society. Being bullied is not really fun sometimes it can cause the people that are being bullied to hate themselves, hurt themselves or even commit suicide. On the other hand being a bully is not a cool thing to do because you might cause some damage to people around you and there is no point being a bully it never makes our society or our life healthy. Bullying is really a main concern in our society because its like cancer we don’t have yet a cure or a solution for it. We can support this advocacy by helping the ones that are being bullied for example if your friend or family is being bullied you should make sure that you can appoint the problem to be fix and you need to give him/her guidance and help him/her to boost back his/her self esteem. We can also help the bullies too because we all have reasons why we become the person that we are now. They might be bullies because of lack of love from their family or they lack attention from their family or they themselves are being bullied also by others as well. The bottom line is we don’t want to be bullied and we don’t like bullies but still this issue cant be solved. In my opinion because i was also a bully once when i am at grade school we need to council and give guidance to bullies because it can help the bullies specially on a younger age to see what is the consequences if you don’t change the way you treat people and i still believe the power of the SORRY word is still powerful to ask an apology to those who you bully and act fast before it is all said and done.

  22. I support this advocacy because I think bullying comes from weakness. People who are bullies don’t know how to deal with other people in a constructive way. Or they bully other people because they need to think other people are less so they can think they are better. They need to think they are better because they otherwise they have to believe they are superior to be happy. Such people often have been taught by their parents to be bullies, either because they have been bullied by their parents or because they watch their parents bully other people; or maybe both. I don’t have experience in bullying but I think lot of kids out there experience it.

  23. I will support this advocacy because bullying is the one of the major problem in society. Bullying can be see in social media,actual life etc.. I support this article because of its content that will help to improve our society. Some people will jump of the cliff of death just to free from bullying. anyway there are some agenda to stop bullying. BULLY or go to JAIL! Stop bullying so everyone have freedom to enjoy their life.

    Vincent Masangkay

  24. Bullying is one of the major problem our society is facing today. The problem with the people today, is that, they don’t know when to stop. I once read online “Respect people’s feeling, even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it can mean anything to them.” For example, calling someone “ugly” even if it’s a joke or not, it lowers their confidence. How do you like it if you’ve been called ugly? Plus, telling them “It’s just a joke” doesn’t change the fact that you insulted their appearance.

    I am giving my full support to this advocacy, why? Because bullying really needs to stop, I don’t know if this is true or not but bullying kills atleast 13million kids per year. Plus the feeling of being bullied is heart breaking. Whether it’s emotionally or physically. It is the major cause of depression and anxiety. A lot of kids are afraid of going to school and other places because of this issue. Yes, I know, others bully because it makes them feel good and superior, but do you really have to let others down to bring yourself up? For example, Amanda Todd, if you guys don’t know Amanda Todd, she is a girl who have been bullied online, she had to change schools at least 4 times. She have been accused, her pictures leaked online and she had been beaten up by a bunch of girls. She started cutting, she drank bleach, then her battle was over… She had loss against bullying and is now resting on the arms of God. See what bullying does to other people? It can change a life, do you know how many people cry because of bullying? Do you know how hard it is to live with all those people looking down on you? The number of supports bullying advocacies have can reach up to billions, but why is bullying still a problem today? People needs to stop speaking and starts doing, really.

  25. I am supporting this advocacy since it indicates one of the significant issues in the general public which is tormenting. Harassing influences them casualties physically and rationally.

    This sort of support is particularly important in our general public and culture today. A large number of individuals are being tormented and that likewise implies a huge number of individuals are being spooks. It makes our general public disorganized and dangerous. Harassing demolishes trust and fearlessness of each element. Furthermore, by the assistance of getting the message out, I unequivocally trust that it will recuperate mankind. It’s hard yet it’s not unimaginable. I absolutely bolster these supports since where it counts in me, I need to move individuals with a similar circumstance on the most proficient method to trust and regard themselves and not look on the flaws or oversights of others. I trust that on the off chance that we begin helping each other now, we can cure this sickness of our general public.

  26. I support this advocacy because bullying is the number one problem of some students many of them committed suicide because they cannot handle it anymore, this can affect the academics performance of a student if he or she is being bullied some of them won’t go to school because he or she is affraid to be bullied, Stop this bullying so that students can have a freedom to walk in school without fear.

  27. The word “bully” was first used in 1530 and it had a completely different meaning compared to nowadays, which is now meaning “harasser of the weak”. As you all probably know, the victims are often girls because they tend to be more emotionally sensitive than boys. Research proclaims that these girls are becoming more physical than before, almost like boys. They mostly do the bullying in a form of taunting the victims’ physical appearance, behavior, social status, or even their diligence. While on the boys’ side, the victims are most likely the non-athletic ones. And above all, a really immoral thing is when the victims are people with disabilities.

    What’s even worse is when parents are involved in the bullying. In this case, a mother acted as one of the bullies, when she made a girl named Megan Meier hang herself. Sure, parents or teachers could help to console these bullied victims at times, but mostly it doesn’t affect them much. There are many forms of bullying that we have to get rid of, such as cyberbullying, the most terribly dangerous nowadays. We definitely don’t want those students to skip school because they are afraid of being bullied. We have to protect our generation.

    Nathaniel Renegado 🙂

  28. When I hear “Bully” the first impression that comes to my mind is greedy, they greed on something fun on someone it is not right to see someone get to be bullied,nowadays some will start try to tease and have a joke on someone and became a hobby if bully saw the person he/she is trying to bully he/she will go with his/her friends and tease the bully.If you exprience bullying let yourself and stand up to them defend yourself prove it to them that you’re not what they see in.show yourself who you are and let them realize what they think of you is wrong.

  29. Republic Act 1567

    Section 1. Any person who commits bullying through written, verbal or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at another person that has the effect of actually causing a reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm shall be penalized by treating the victim a free food of his/her own choice amounting 150 and above for 2 months.

    Section 2: Failure to obey this act, the accused shall render service to any government agencies for 6 months with one of the his/her family member or confidant.


  30. Jane Marie P. Catubag
    FIN 131

    Republika blg. 1204

    Ang batas na ito ay makakatulong sa atin para magkaroon tayo ng tiwala sa ating sarili at magkaroon ng lakas ng loob.

    Sek. 1 Pamagat; Ang batas na ito ay tatawaging “Nasaktan Mo AKO Act of 2017”.

    Sek.2 Pagpapahalaga ng patakaran; Ang batas na ito ay para sa mga taong madalas mabully sa loob ng paaralan. Kung sino man ang mambubully sa kapwa nya mag aaral sa pamamaraan man yan ng pananalita, pananakit at sa pag gamit ng elektronical na bagay ay ipinagbabawal. Lalo na sa loob ng silid aralan. Karamihan sa mga nabubully ay nagkakaroon ng depression, kawalan ng tiwala sa sarili at minsan nagiging dahilan ito pag nagpapakamatay ng estudyante. Kaya kung alam mong nabubully na ang anak mo kausapin mo sya kung anong nangyayari pati na rin ang kanyang guro at ibang kamag aral.

    Sek. 3 Kung sino man ang lalabag sa batas na ito ay may karampatang parusa at ito ay ang mga sumusunod.
    3.1 Ang estudyanteng lumabag dito ay tatakbo sa buong campus sa loob ng apat na oras at may placard sa kanilang likuran na ang nakasulat ay “IWASAN NIYO PO AKO, AKO AY MAPAMBULLYING NA TAO” at pagtapos may apat na oras pa ulit para maglilinis sa buong campus.

  31. REPUBLIC ACT 1806: CIV151 ACT of 2017
    “Cyber bullying act of 2017”

    Section 1. any act of trolling, harassment, stalking by bad intension through using a fake account or own to a single person that order to try to provoke or offend others in order to elicit a reaction.

    Section 2. any form bashing a one person and make a fake story(s) about him/her that order affect the reputation shall be penalized by law.

    Section 3. Any form of phishing that requesting a confidential information over the internet under false pretences in order to fraudulently obtain credit card number, password, or other personal data.

    Section 4. Under the measure, those who will found guilty of CIV151 ACT of 2017 shall be fined penalty of 25,000 but not more than 100,000 and shall pay the moral damage to the victims, and imprisonment of not less than 3 motnhs butnot more than 4 years, or both.



    3. RA NO. 14062108 (GUIDANCE ACT OF 2017)

    SECTION 1 – This act states that students shall be monitored by the guidance officer by inviting them to come in the guidance office for at least twice a month. Every student shall be treated with respect. Every school must implement the value of friendship as one of their core values. No one is allowed to give any threat to students.

    SECTION 2 – any individual responsible for violating this act shall be punished to clean all the restrooms of the school and obligated to join in community service for at least 2 days.

    CIV 151

    Section 1: RA 699 This law shall be known as the “Rehabilitation center for the victims of bullying”

    Section 2: There must be a certain place for the victims of bullying especially for minors ranging 9-18 years old suffered mental and psychological anguish from the act.

    Section 3: Any person guilty of the act will be penalize with 6-12 years of imprisonment and a fine ranging between P30,000 and P50,000 depending on the court.

  34. Tiongco, Zen Jaireck M

    RA no. 66099
    “Yes to bullying”

    Ang batas na to ay nagsasabi na hindi makukulong o walang kaso ang mambully dahil kung walang bully ay walang matapang na tao. at dahil sa mga bully lumalakas ang loob natin lumaban sa mga tao at magkaron ng tiwala sa sarili. at sa batas na to nag sasabi na ang ang pag bubully ay okay lng.

  35. Jeniña B. San Juan

    “Bully mo, Balik sayo Act of 2017”
    -ang batas na ito ay nangangahulugang kapag nanakit ka ng tao na walang ginawa sayo ay doble ang balik sayo. Kung mapapatunayang tunay nga ang kanyang ginawa:
    Ang unang warning ay:
    -maglilinis ito ng kanyang silid aralan na pinasukan sa loob ng isang araw.

    Ang ikalawang warning ay:
    -maglilinis ng pampublikong palikuran ng kanyang paaralan sa loob ng tatlong araw.

    Ang ikatlong warning ay:
    1.) Hindi makakauwi sa kanyang tahanan sa loob ng isang linggo. Ngunit makakausap nya sa telepono sa loob ng 5minuto ang kanyang mga magulang upang malamang ligtas ang bata
    2.) Lugaw lamang ang kanyang kakainin.
    3.) kailangan maglinis ng pampublikong palikuran sa loob ng isang linggo.

  36. Clemente, Whendelle Joshua

    “Bully ka, Linis ka ng 1 week”

    – This law states that bullies are set to clean the school grounds and help the maintenance to clean after class.
    No warnings are given to teach students not to bully anyone if failed to comply their parents will be called and will ask to pay 1,000 pesos to the cashier and the money extracted from the bully’s parents will go to the other party.

  37. Bullying is pretty common in children who aren’t mature enough to find an outlet for their frustrations in life, thus they resort to picking on the nicer and more quiet kids. It is really sad to feel so degraded at a very young age, and yes, I have known what it was like to be bullied.

    It’s the criticizing eyes that follow you when you walk inside your classroom, the dirty looks you get from all of your classmates, and it’s also having your confidence ripped into tiny shreds. And no matter how hard you try to redeem yourself, you just end up with the lowest self-esteem. What they don’t realize is that even after all the bullying has stopped, the insecurity will never stop to consume the bullied person. It is an emotional scar that will never heal and it is very traumatic.

    I fully support advocacies against bullying because I have been through that, and up until now there is no way to recover from that kind of emotional torture. I’m still burdened by my insecurities and that’s not fine. Bullying is not fine. It’s a disease in our society that should be prevented at all costs. We should be sculpting young minds to be more accepting of other people’s flaws and ensuring them that hating others to the extent of causing them physical and emotional pain is guaranteed to be punished because it is so wrong (on so many levels). NO TO BULLYING. No to scarring people’s emotions for life.

  38. Julia Bien D. Florencio CIV151

    This advocacy is very timely and relevant as it presents one of the critical issues in country. Everybody can be bullied or be a bully. People of all ages, gender, races, religion and social class is affected by this advocacy. We can be the aggressive one who physically or emotionally intimidate others. Unknowingly, we might destruct them as we throw hurtful words against them. We don’t just give them physical pain, as we would also hurt their feelings. The government should also take action for the victim of bullying. We must strengthen laws and regulations in order to give justice to the offenders. Nobody deserves to suffer from this issue. Together, we must take action to end this culture of bullying.

  39. I support this advocacy because it helps to prevent bullying. Bullying might be happen for adults or children. The person who bullied may affects mentally and emotionally. Bullying happens when a person have disability, difference from others, status in their life or might be just for fun. I hope someday there will be no bully because it has bad effect to the person who bullied.

    Marlowe Aveno

  40. I support this advocacy because it raise an awareness to many people regarding bully, bullies and the effect of bullying to the victim. We should not try to put someone in a shame because it may affect his/her attitudes. We should know that bullying is not fun because it may lead to someone to commit suicide. We should also look for the side of the bullies because they may also experienced something bad , or they may also experienced to be bullied thats why they do bulliying . we must help the realized that bullying is not the right thing to do whenever they experienced something bad because we never know what would be the effect of bullying to their victim. This advocacy is very effective to reduce the victim of bullying.

    Mallari, Eddie Boy C. CIV 151

  41. R.A. 30002
    This act is for the protection of the child or person for the bullying.

    Section 1: This act will be known as ” Anti Bullying Act 2017″.

    Section 2: This act is for the protection and safety of the person who are bullied.

    Section 3: This act is an 6 months – 1 year in prison for someone who are bullying for the adults only.

    Section 4: For someone who are bullying but not already in legal age his/her must be giving a disiplinary action that be given by the judge.

    Michael Fajarito

  42. RA35401
    “anti bullying”
    sec. 1 this act is for the protection of the person who are bullied
    sec. 2 community service for the person who bully 2-3 weeks community service
    sec 3 For someone who are bullying but not already in legal age he/she must be giving a disiplinary action


    Republic Act 13247

    Section 1- This act shall be known as “No to Bullying Act”.

    Section 2- All students who are bullying their classmate will automatically kick-out from their school.

    Section 3- Students who are bullied will receive a counseling from their school.

    Section 4- Students who are bullied will take a vacation for 1 week to rest, but provided with a tutor in their house.

    Ofamen, Darryl M.

  44. R.A 0112

    Section 1: This act shall be named “Say No to Bullying Act”

    Section 2: The person who committed the act of act of bullying shall be sent to juvenile prison for 2 to 4 weeks where he or she will be given a series of disciplinary actions.

    Section 3: On the other side, the person who is a victim of bullying shall be sent to a psychological testing for a short time in order to remove the trauma they experienced.

  45. Bullying has also been a root of suicide, mental health disorder and the like. To prevent these from happening, we are implementing the R.A. 90813 – “Fight Against Bullies Act” in every school and university in the Philippines. This act will require the values education subject to give focus on how to fight against bullies without injuring them physically and mentally but by letting them feel the love and opposite of what they’re doing because bullies are just also victims who are too weak to fight back and instead, fight with someone smaller or weaker than them. Also, in this act, values education subject will be required to give different activities that will bond friendship within the youth.

  46. Republic Act of the Philippines
    Republic Act no. 1278

    Section 1 – This act shall be called “Recovery Act of 2017”.

    Section 2 – An act that will help all the victims of bullying to recover from the trauma they have experienced.

    Section 3 – Psychological testing or check-ups must be done in order to know how they affected by bullying and after that, personal counselling must be done to help the victims move on and live a normal life.

    Section 4 – All tests and counselling must be provided by the government and it must be free.

    Banday, Joeen Marie D.

  47. Republic Act of the Philippines
    Republic Act no. 55555

    Section1 .Title. – This act shall be known as “Bully no more Act of 2017”

    Section2. – Any act of trolling, harassment, stalking by bad intention through using a fake account or own to a single person that order to try to provoke or offend others in order to elicit a reaction. Any form bashing a one person and make a fake story(s) about him/her that order affect the reputation shall be penalized by law.

    Section 3 – The person that has been bullied shall undergo medical support for free.

    Section4. – Violators of this act shall be punished by the law. If he/she is still studying, he/she shall be expelled and in prison for 5(five) months. This act is non bailable.

  48. 1. Implicit
    2. It is a trait that became a tradition.
    3. Vices (Alcohol, cigarette and drug)
    It can be one good title for this one to become explicit because vices symbolizes or depicts bully people just like vices they are toxic in the society.

  49. Jan Henri T. Vigo

    R.A. No. 4563 A law for stop hurting me.

    Section 1. This act is also known as “Stop hurting me.”
    Section 2. Students or people who bullies any person inside the school are automatically undergo for investigation.
    Section 3. The person who is undergoing in investigation must be suspended at least 3 days.
    Section 4. If the investigator can proved that the person really bully the student he/she suffer the following;
    Section 4.1. He/she will automatically kick-out or suspended at least 2-3 weeks.
    Section 4.2. He/she also undergo a 50-100 hours of community service in campus.

  50. Manalastas, Joel Anjo

    National – because it talks bullying here in the philippines and how people experience being bullied

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