Blogger Spotlight: Ms. Therese Castro from Life Coach Therese

Ms. Therese Castro

A. Profile

  1. Name: Therese Castro
  2. Occupation: Student (but is into intuitive coaching and readings, freelancing)
  3. URL: (soon)
  4. Email Address:
  5. Facebook Page URL:

B. Story

In 2015 Therese got into writing when she connected with international groups relating to inspirational discussions and lectures on social media. Despite that, she admits to having the itch for writing as early as 2012. She has been sharing her thoughts and inspiring people in need of a boost in morale via the popular social networking platform, Facebook since then.

Life Coaching has been the spot-on vocation for Therese and having entered the blogging/content writing scene allowed her to further her reach to not just that of the usual corporate clients but literally everyone who’s in need of a refreshed mindset. Touching lives is now easier and digital.

Her life coaching services were featured on Monster Radio RX 93.1 (as seen below).

C. Website

Colors: Streamlined. The Infant White with a Gray background topped with pastel Blue-Green accents make Therese’s site look majestic. 

Writing Style: First Person Perspectice. Informative. Despite her concetration toward marketing her services, Therese can ACTUALLY write! She has a knack for visually stimulating her readers with words. Appeal and passion oozes on her every word.



D. The Wrap
Whether you want to improve a certain aspect of your life, or you want to get some dose of motivation, you have to drop her a line (or an email). 

Visit her at

Someone is always ready to listen. Ready to help. Therese is an Angel Life Coach who will help you find Meaning, Clarity and Direction in your Life.