Blogger Spotlight: The Bae Blogs (Ms. Bae Milanes)

Blogger Spotlight featuring The Bae Blogs by Ms. Bae Milanes

Ms. Bae Milanes

A. Profile

  1. Name: Bae Milanes
  2. Occupation: Freelance writer/blogger
  3. URL:
  4. Email Address:
  5. Facebook Page URL:

B. Story

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

– Scott Adams

What started as a blog for self-expression waaaaay back in high school became something bigger than what Bae (no pun intended) had in mind.

She jumped from Tumblr to WordPress when she decided to get self-hosted.

As a self-confessed health buff, she continues to write about health and her health regimen. Writing her thoughts about health, her food intake and basically all her activities online and offline simultaneously, she later found that writing on paper became tedious as access to the internet via PC/laptop, tablets and smartphones are easier and more convenient.

So The Bae Blogs was born. It offers insights on a lot of relevant topics previously stated as well as about stuff that interests her – and there are a lot.

C. Website

 Colors: Elegant White with a touch of Gold.

Writing Style: First Person Perspective. Experiential. Bae writes as if she’s talking to you, guiding you to how her day was. It’s like talking to a long lost friend. Accomodating and exciting.

The About Me page

D. The Wrap

The Bae Blog is not just for health afficionados. It is for everyone who wishes to get more out of life, like how Bae seem to grab life by the balls (pun still not intended) and enjoy it in every stride.

Catch her daily grind here.

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