Failing Mark

So a student of mine made a scene at the faculty room. He demanded reason for him getting an R. I asked him, would you prefer a 0.00 instead? 
He, sadly, didn’t get my sarcasm.
And so his stupidity reached new heights with the succeeding conversation.
Why am I R?! You didn’t even teach?! You didn’t even attended our class?!

To which I reaponded,”First, you got an R because i gave you a 0 on your midterm exam due to cheating. And you didn’t take the finals exam. Next, I was only absent for three days because I was the acting dean during those times. And in those three days, I had a colleague and the college secretary visit you and give my instructions for that specific meeting. And my last “absent”, I was able to meet your class as I specifically announced that I will still attend to your class no matter what happens. So I did, and we deliberated about your section’s final requirement. And you were not around.”

So the irrate student switched gears and said, 
“If i were to complain, nobody will listen right?”

So I told him, “File a formal complaint and address it to the President thru the College Dean, but that would entitle me to file my own assault against you. First, cheating is punishable by expulsion. Next, I have all your records here with me. Your call.

Then he left my sight. The next time he popped up was behind the partition wall in front of me and said “I hope you won’t be teaching that subject again.

To which I answered, “Well, I sure don’t want to have the pleasure of failing you the second time.” 

The End.

Some dialogues were altered to make this story lively but the essence is intact. Bottomline is, where do irresponsible students get the strength and pride to approach a teacher or a professor like that? During my time, when I fail a subject, which I did – a lot. I feel hopeless but I didn’t complain nor question their decision because I know I had my shortcomings. 

Let me know your thoughts at the comments below.

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That student was feeling kampante at all thinking he can pass the subject just bec the prof wasn’t around. To that student, why not show that you deserve a grade of 1, Why not ask for a speciak project or beg to get UNO instead of complaining and asking why you got an R (which u already knew why) The professor could’ve passed you. Could’ve given you a grade of 1. But you kept on complaining and even blamed the professor for your grade. We, students, are responsible for our own grades. Our professors, they are just the ones who… Read more »

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